Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Shaurya that i will throw everything you brought here, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her and pulls her closer to him, he hugs her from behind, Mahek tries to move away, Shaurya says you looks very hot when you are angry thats why i make you angry, Mahek tries to break his hold on her waist, Shaurya let her go, Mahek says what do you think of yourself? dont touch me, you have no right to touch me. Shaurya pulls her closer, Shaurya says i will touch you, i will touch you thousand times, Mahek tries to leave his grasp, she turns to leave but Shaurya grabs her from behind and tucks her hair behind her ear, Mahek loses control and turns to look at him, she gets lost in his eyes, Shaurya holds her hand and kisses her knuckles.. Mein toh bas teri Chahat mrin chahon rehna sada plays..

Shaurya caresses her face, Shaurya grabs her waist and pulls her closer, flushing her body with his body, Shaurya leans in and intimately kisses her jawline, Mahek close her eyes in sensation, Shaurya moves back and looks deeply in her eyes, Mahek is lost in him. Mahek comes back to her senses, she pushes Shaurya away but he pulls her back, he says you can lie to me as much as you want but i know only i have right to touch you, i wont listen to you now, everything is a mess because of listening to you, you asked me to not be stubborn, to be nice, but what happened? your Kanta chachi tried to make you marry forcefully, i did mistakes but I apologized thousand times, i begged to your family infront of whole world but what happened after that? nothing, i did everything your family wanted but nobody like me being nice, everyone started trying to separate me from you but its enough, now i am going to marry you at any cost and i will see who can stop me, let alone your family but not even God can stop me from marrying you, its only you, only you can stop me from marrying you, look in my eyes and say you dont love me, say that you hate me, can do it? Mahek looks away and says I hate you, i said it now, Shaurya pulls her towards him and says say it once again, Mahek looks down and says I hate you, i want to you leave my life, go far away from me and never comeback to me, Shaurya caresses her face and says say it again, please. Mahek looks at him and says please Shaurya.. Shaurya puts finger on her lips and says now dont say anything, get ready tonight, its our sangeet, he leans in and kisses her forehead, he moves away and says go inside otherwise your family will say that i kidnapped you, he smiles and leaves, Mahek is flustered.

Kanta calls someone and says come here fast, we are waiting for you, she ends call.
On Mahek’s house street, Vicky is doing decorations. Shaurya comes there and board which has ‘Shaurya weds Mahek’ written on it, he caresses board and says to Jeevan that lets have selfie, he pulls Jeevan but he scoffs and leave. Kanta comes there, Shaurya says where were you mother in law? Some goons come there, Kanta says we were waiting for you. Goon puts hand on Shaurya’s shoulder and says will you leave or want to leave on stature? Goon shows him thick rod. Kanta says this is my sister’s son, i didnt want this stage to come but you only listen to beating thats why i call Gurpreet(goon), he was emptying land thats was forcefully taken but he came here. Gurpreet punches Shaurya weds Mahek board, it falls down, shaurya is about to charge at him but Mahek says no Shaurya. Vicky says to Shaurya that dont mess with him, we will get beaten. Kanta says now i will see how you enter my street. Shaurya says i will have to come as its Sangeet in evening, Kanta says most welcome. Shaurya smiles to Mahek and says i will meet you in evening, i love you, Mahek is stunned at his blunt his confession, Shaurya leaves.

Gurpreet and his goons are eating in Jeevan’s house, Jeevan says to Kanta that they are eating so much, they ate of around 500/-, Kanta says they will not take any fees as they are our family, Gurpreet said just give him and his friends lunch and he will take care of everything, now i will how Shaurya will be able to enter house tonight. Mahek gets tensed hearing it. Nehal gives phone to Mahek. Mahek sees Shaurya on call, she takes call and says why you are doing it? Kanta chachi have decided that you cant enter house tonight, Shaurya says she should know i dont listen to myself if i decide to do something, i love you a lot and dont worry baby, i am coming tonight, we will have dance and fun as its our sangeet night, he ends call, Mahak is tensed.

Scene 2
Vicky says to Shaurya that i have an idea, you can wear joker dress and can go there. Shaurya says you have cheap ideas, we will go there with head held high, i have loved not stolen anything of anyone that i should be ashamed, there is no fear in love, lets go.

Gurpreet and his friends are doing body building, Jeevan is impressed with their muscles.
Vicky and Shaurya comes to Mahek’s street, they hide and see Gurpreet and his friends. Vicky says we can die today, you have muscles made in gym but they are goons type, we should leave, Shaurya says enough, i have sangeet at 7PM and i cant be late, i am going.

Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house street. Gurpreet and his friends stop him, shaurya says its my sangeet, i am going in house, stop me if you can. Shaurya pushes goon aside who is blocking his path. Gurpreet comes to him and punches him. Nehal comes there and sees Shaurya getting punches. Goons starts punching repeatedly. Nehal calls everyone out of house. goons throw Shaurya on ground. Mahek comes there and is shocked. Shaurya smiles at Mahek, goons grab him and beats him more, iss lamhe kiya kar jaon.. meri bebasi ka biyan hai plays.. goons keep kicking and beating him, Vicky tries to stop them but they push him away, Shaurya keep smiling, Mahek starts crying seeing Shaurya get beaten repeatedly, she closes her eyes and goon punches him. goons grab Shaurya’s hands to stop him. Shaurya doesnt stop and keep going to Mahek but goons pull him and throws him away, Shaurya hits head on wall, his head oozes with blood, he falls on ground, Mahak is pained to see his state, she tries to run to him but Kanta holds her back, Shaurya keep looking at her as goons beat him. Mahek says Chachi please stop it, Shaurya is a fool, he will leave, Kanta says he is getting paid for his foolishness, Mahek tries to free herself, she struggles but Kanta keep holding her back forcefully.

PRECAP- Shaurya pulls Mahek closer to him, he is dressed in sangeet dress but has wounds and injuries on face. Whole society is dancing in their sangeet, PD and Nehal are dancing too. Kanta comes there and turns off music, she turns to spot Shaurya and Mahek but they are gone, She says where did they go?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It is disgusting .I request to the makers of zkm please don’t ever ever make a mistake like this. We donot want anymore beating of shaurya….enough…We want mehrya love moments not the drama of Chantal Chachi. Disgusting …..No more words….Full upset…

    1. Really I can’t able to digest…How can they do with Shaurya like this…

    2. shaurya is paying for his deeds.just becoz woh abhi mahek se pyaar aur shaadi karna chahta hai doesn’t make him right. he should first calm the angeriness of family members towards him and then marry mahek.

  2. Awesome episode.hai everyone.i am commenting first time.may i join here to share my views.i am waiting eagerly for ur reply.

    1. Chaaya

      Hello, Sameeksha. Welcome. You entered at a time of high emotions. Sorry, but today is difficult for us to see our beloved bad boy, good man beaten up.

    2. heartly welcome sameeksha …..

  3. Awesome episode.hai everyone.i am commenting first time.may i join here to share my views.

    1. Raniboudy

      Hey Sameeksha you are highly welcome abd feel free in this family! Hello to y’all, well these days I am too thrilled to comment, let me just say this, Kanta chachi is just desperate but she will not win. Just waiting for how it unfolds!! Love y’all!!

  4. Awesome episode.hai everyone.i am commenting first time.may i join here to share my views.

  5. Its a power packed episode with romance,comedy,action.Hai everyone.i am a silent reader .may i join here to share my views.

    1. hai ur very correct

    2. Latha

      Welcome sameeksha no need to ask yaar this is open forum to all keep commenting.

  6. beating shaurya is not gud .kanta shud understand his immense love for mahek.

  7. is she mad…. Kantha chachi…! she is losing her dignity yaar…. shaurya is becoming nice and she will handle him goons….. Mehak also supporting her…. Please don’t hurt shaurya….

  8. Today episode starting really awesome mind blowing but end last 5 minutes scences I am freeyed really I am shocked how dare you beat ours handsome shaurya. …. I thought tomorrow mehek express feeling to him …. chachi you doing soooooooooooo much irritating. .. please stop this nonsense. .. Hai friends how are you to all my dear friends … how’s your familys…

    1. hai frd all the best for exam don’t worry marriage track will take long time now only action track going

  9. Chaaya

    I can’t wait until Kanta does something and she is thrown into jail. She is the head thug of low class behaviour. This is what hate, revenge and bitterness looks like, and Mahek is following that beast of a woman.

    1. Chaaya

      Notice Shaurya did not fight back. He allowed himself to be beaten up. I really hope Kanta is tied up and beaten up by her own thugs. I beginning to dislike Mahek. She needs the beating. I guess she did not learn from the lesson she had with Ajay and Rohit. Shaurya saved her, not just she saving him. If they had killed Shaurya Mahek’s fate would not be so nice. I am getting fedup now.

  10. Chaaya

    Inthinkmit is good for Mahek bronzed how her own family truly is . . . .I am glad that Mahek sees the violence played out herself. She hates him so much, then she should be happy. Definitely the police will get involved.

    1. Chaaya

      I think – sorry for my quick typing number words.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Did you mean Mahek learned what her family is? No!! She is part of the problem because she is lying. I think she sould marry Sandeep. Then after the wedding night run away because she made a horrible error, then gets a divorce and Shaurya rejects her for a better woman, and the producers should cast the real deal, the true love for real, Karan’s wife, starring as his wife. That’s a better love story. Personally, I am getting more upset with Samiksha Jaiswal’s acting. It’s getting tired (or maybe she is overtaxxed using these repeated emotions again and again). . . . . .They need to expand her role as a smarter woman. Making women go from smart to dumb, an unable to fight for her own space in the world. Empower her character a bit.

      1. ChandaMaya

        . . . and unable to fight.

  11. What all this,,,,, this dumb mahek she can’t stop the goons,,, and this kanta chachi,,, she just cross her limit now,,,, and shaurya is right,, when he trying to be good the sarma family treated him very badly,, so he deal very well by his this character,, and again what a pre cap,,, where are maherya gone,,,????

  12. chachi we want to kill u

    1. Chaaya


    2. you right dear

  13. Welcome sameeksha dear,,,!!!!!!

  14. Arundhati

    Wow starting was so nice and romantic but that kanta chachi spoiled every thing , evil lady?.
    Sad to see Shaurya being beaten by those goons?? . But as always precap was fabulous . Waiting for tomorrows episode , were is our lovely couple MehRya keep searching guys ??.
    love you MehRya????.

  15. Can I ask two questions for the author of the show ZKM?????
    1. Why the fb chating of MS & Karela King isn’t continued?????
    2. When Saurya & Mehek know that they are the friend if Face Book networking system???????

    1. Chaaya

      I suggest you ask that question to the director, producers, cast and crew. You asked that question already at the last uodate. A few of us attempted give you some personal options, so you can go back and read the responses, or if you get have done that already done that and you are not satisfied, don’t belabor the point here, go to the source and ask the question to the ZKM producers.

  16. Saxenasapna

    Hiii… Gys…..
    H r u alll

    I don’t understand how can I m focus on my exams…….

    Bcoz my heart and my mind only…..
    Remember ??????? mehrya

    Tuday episode ???????????????in started ???????????

    And the end ?????????????????????

    And Precap ???????????????☺☺☺??????????????????????????????????☺? love it…..

    1. Chaaya

      Dear please concentrate on your exams! ZKM is only fantasy. Keep your focus.

      1. Saxenasapna

        Yes chaaya diii….

        I will try my best….
        Bcoz tomorrow ?????????? my exams

  17. Thanks for welcoming me tania.i support shaurya but how can a girl believe him if he ditched her more than he’s doing things in his own to get mehek back.he said the truth today behind his actions.if he behave nicely with everyone no one will believe that process he may loose mehek as kanta is highly determined to take mehek away from him.

    1. Chaaya

      Do you know the meaning of forgiveness? Forgiveness and truth is all part of the greater thing called love.

  18. ChandaMaya

    Very fedup with that Mahek and her brood. Disgusting! It shows that “Chachkala dill pickle head”, bull face? oink, oink, oink, snot nose, pigmee, masculine face ?sick, mad cow moo moo aunt, is a demon?. At the next Rishtey Awards, definitely the producers made sure she won’t get most beloved aunt/mother awards; it will be villain aunt award!!?That character in a a battle-ax! I have no more words in any dictionary that is decent enough to describe her. I can only think of profanities. As for Mahek, she is a way passed being foolish. Kanta should marry her to all three goons!

    1. Chaaya

      Whoa!!!!?? You really said a lot!! ???Wow, was not expecting such descriptive language!!! ??????oink ? Oink!!!!!?????

      1. ChandaMaya

        Lol!!! I was crying and cursing that oink lady!!!??

    2. Saxenasapna

      Hii chanda dii….

      Why u not talking to me…

      U upset with me…..

      Plz forgive me….

      I miss u so much…. ?????????

      1. ChandaMaya

        No, dear. Just too busy being upset. Hope you have a great exams. All the best.

  19. May i introduce my self.if u people r interested then i’ll introduce my self.

    1. Chaaya

      I guess you want to announce yourself to us, feel free, dear.

  20. You’re right chaaya. I really hate this mehek. Very dumb she is. Shaurya didn’t fight back. I think he was waiting for mehek reaction. Uncle director stop this whole thing please. Shaurya and mehek love each other. Let them marriage. And bring kanta chachi to jail.

  21. ChandaMaya

    ? Shaurya hascthe real muscles. Those goons, thugs, were just big and flabby. Kanta has a ugly past. I think we are going to learn some things about her soon. Pammi and Sheetal need to beat her up in the streets. ?

  22. I can understand mehek’s situation but while dealing with shaurya she should tell him what she want in a proper way .he wont hear her words if she keep on shouting at him.before things getting worse she should convience her family and shaurya.

  23. Hi friends can I join u all I’m daily viewer of this serial

    1. most welcome smiley dear

  24. Really upset with this episode, in Sharma family no male lead Spain less fellows. Fed up with kantha’s overacting and dumb Mehak pls show our old Mehak she fought for her right and all this track is really irritating we want to see mehak as successful business women with help of Shoreya pls cv pls change the track we all see this serial for a different theme from others but u really disappointed us deeply

  25. Hi every one , i agree with you Chaaya Mehek if it were not for .SK where would your honour have been,Chachi has more arrogance .shameless behaviour .

  26. Chaaya

    Good Night, all . . . ☕ enjoy!

  27. Full on bollywood masala episode…felt really bad for shaurya but he is hero n if he does’nt get a bit beating for his heroine dan its a incomplete love story….meherya rocked…..hope dis chachi drama ends soon n shaurya mehek tie their knots but dis should also happen in filmy style after all shaurya has become a it’ll be gr8 if he does marriage in a filmy style too…love the story d way its proceeding…keep going like dis….

  28. Sharma family didnt like a police entering their house but now not only police but also kundow s also staying in their house. Their identity gone. Thank director for not showing that kanta called gurpeet as mehak bridegroon.
    Shaurya gain sympathy from his lover and succeed in his sangeet.
    Mehak character is like 80′ woman. Now a days women r bold to speak and clever to achieve their goal.

    1. ChandaMaya

      So true Negative, but women in the early past, were warriors, and they chose their husbands. Check out the story of Rukmini and Krishna. it’s beautiful. She was going to be married off and her letter to Lord Krishna begged him to rescue her from the man her uncle was going to marry her to. A messenger was sent to Krishna and he kidnapped her.

  29. Raniboudy

    hey lovely ones! just me again, this is just Shaurya doing exactly what Mehek did when he ditched her at the altar, only that Shaurya is more determined and ready to face everything even if it means getting thrashed by goons!! CHanda dear breathe calmly, I remember when I almost had a heart attack you calmed me down, so take it cool, In fact we should all take it cool, evil never wins in these situations so we just need to be patient and wait for the directors to deal accordingly with Kanta chachi. on this note I wish you all the best in your endeavours, those writing exams and others in their various activities!!

  30. Sorry everyone i am jayanthi,my aunt’s name is aruna .i posted my comments using both names yesterday but i didnt get a reply.then i commented using the lovely name sameeksha to be frank i dont like my name.i am 17 yrs old and from andhra.i will continue as sameeksha.

    1. Raniboudy

      Hi Jayanthi, nice to know you. I think you should register and keep just a name. Be proud of your name, it’s yours, embrace it and flaunt it!! Your english is good to me, and keep on commenting!!

  31. I used to watch serials from my childhood with my grandma but felt bored as everyone was according to my zkm is different. Everyday i assume tomorrow this will happen for sure but nothing will happen as i assumed before because of this i like zkm.i am talking alot i know but bear with me atleast for today.i am good at telugu,hindi and i dont think i am good at english .

    1. Shaguu

      my class topper name is also sameeksha…so be proud of ur name yaar..and she is a very strong girl..firstly I thought that u are the same sameeksha from my class.but when I read ur intro..I get to know that u are not that not one sameeksha…

  32. Moni7

    Hai my lovely ladies.. sry for not mentioning any name……

    M putting the same Instagram comments sry for that…

    karma is a boomerang??… Coming to Vicky today also he make me laugh.. Such a humble celebrity…
    Thanks for liking my comment Sid sir..Even we aren’t tagging still he’s showing response to the fans..???.. so kind of you sir.. at everyone will not be same..Happy to see such a down to earth celebrity.. not only your performance , we all like your humbled nature… ?…

    It’s so mean to us.. wen we are knowing that our comments too

    1. Saxenasapna

      Right yrrr monii diii….

      He is very good portion…
      He also like my comment and pics….

      And not only he…
      Other zkm team members like my comment and pics….

      Like… Kiara diii…. Radha mam….. Babla sir….
      Vijaymeenu mam…. And shiny also….

      They all like my comment and my pics….

      And also replying my msg…..

      Infecte meenu mam always rply my msg……

    2. hai moni chellam how are you ma

  33. hiii guys.
    U r most welcome sameeksha and anika.
    Episode is so romantic bt last part is worst.
    I think, kanta chachi don’t want for meherya’s marriage bcz shaurya has behaved like this before n atlast he cheated them n she also thinks that he can do it again. We know that he will not repeat his mistake bt chachi don’t understand it.

  34. Moni7

    Welcoming all new comers….

    Shaurya is just paying for his deeds Nothing else….. Sry guys I’m not interested in praising or supporting karan and samishka any more… The reason you all know….

    Yeah it’s serial still I too have feeling.. Vicky aka Siddharth.. Actually that boy is down to earth celebrity…No words. To describe his nature…

    If birds are alive ,it eats ants ,if birds are dead,ants eats it…. Time and circumstances change at anytime… Don’t devalue or hurt anyone…You may be a celebrity now…But time changes…. Sakshi dhoni….

    I’m dedicating that to shaurya khanna…Now it’s time changes…Let him learn…Once he rejected her love….Hurt her…Hate her….Now coming and telling I’m in love with you… If I would have in mehak place…I won’t accept his proposal agree he changed a lot .. Whatever it’s still that scar remains forever….

    Sry guys I’m not in a mood…Hope you all understand

    1. ChandaMaya

      Moni, dear, you are very sincere but the world of actors and actresses are very superficial, so pay no mind to self centeredness. So happy Siddharta was very nice. Cheer up. Yes, it is a only serial, and it will end one day.

  35. Moni di feel for those who care for u are in mood off condition there Karan is doing nagin dance.i know u r a fan of him may be but don’t feel sad.sorry if I involved in ur matter but I like ur comments.i always read ur comments .They made me happy everyday.It’s true.i want those hilarious comments from u di.

  36. Hii all my friend /………Now day episode is awesome like love story Mahek and shaurya but kanta chachi …… disgusting ,,,,,,,,,,,Why not understand shaurya love mehak very much………

  37. yaar seriously i mean shaurya is weird , I don’t like his weird behaviour . I know kanta chachi isn’t doing right but its all because of Shaurya’s old deeds

  38. Saxenasapna

    They all like my comment and pics…

    Except karan sir and Samiksha mam….

    Both are so much bssy…. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  39. hi friends.
    Do u know about ouat exam and how to prepare for this exam?
    If u know ,then please answer me.

  40. hi,regarding zkm they keep on repeating ,like first shaurya went to mehak home then mehak went and now marriage track like shaurya mehak will run from the mandap then jealousy track for mehak ,shaurya will get a new gal then again mehak goes… viewers dont have any expectation…..very good marriage sequence they have spoiled the same way they will do this.for this only many time they have mentioned dialogue like only mehak can stop,mehak loves her family than shaurya…..again this boring fyt and nok jok will carry on…..

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