Mahek 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek is dead

Mahek 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prachi throws Mahek in lake. Shaurya turns and sees Mahek drowning in lake. He runs to bridge and shouts for Mahek. Prachi says oh my God, she is your wife? dont jump, water is flowing too fast, she wanted to take selfie on bridge and fell down, she slipped and fell. Shaurya sees Mahek drowning in water, he shouts for help. Prachi says I will call police, she leaves. Shaurya keeps shouting for Mahek and sees her hand in water. Guards start searching for Mahek in water. shaurya is on shore and shouting for Mahek. Life guard brings out a body of a girl and put cloth on her face. Shaurya turns to that body and is in tears. Police takes Shaurya bear body. Shaurya says this cant be Mahek. Shaurya drops near the body and is in daze. He takes of sheet from her face with shaky hand and sees that its

Mahek only. He is shocked to see her dead. He recalls how Mahek said that she will always be with him and even if go away, then he will feel her near him. Shaurya screams and hugs her body. He asks her to wake up.. he cries and caresses her face. Prachi tries to control him. Shaurya kisses Mahek’s hand. Kanta calls Shaurya. He takes call. Kanta hears everything and drops phone in shock, she faints hearing about Mahek. All run to Kanta and asks what happened? they sprinkle water on her face, Mohit asks what happened Maa? Ravi takes her phone, shaurya is on call. He takes phone and hears about Mahek too. He starts crying. Mansi asks what happened? Ravi says Mahek.. Jeevan asks what happened? Ravi cries and says.. Mahek left us, she is dead.. all are shocked. Sonal cries.

Mahek’s last rituals start. Sharma and Khanna family is there. Mahek’s face is shown as Shaurya starts doing her death rituals. Karona cries and gives him sindoor. Shaurya applies it on her forehead. Shaurya cries and hugs Karona. Mahek is dressed as bride. Shaurya covers her body with woodsticks except her face is shown. Shaurya takes rounds around her body with water pot and breaks it. He starts fire to her cemetery and Mahek’s cemetery is burned, all cries.

Scene 2
Shaurya comes by the lake with Mahek’s ashes, judai plays as Shaurya recalls his first meeting with Mahek, his fights with Mahek over Mahek’s food, their meetings in cooking competition, their love confession, their marriage, their romantic moments. Shaurya clutches Mahek’s ashes and cries recalling his moments with her on their honeymoon. Shaurya pours her ashes in lake sobbing silently.

1 year later..
Shaurya is nearby lake and is doing pooja with caravan of people. Festival is going on. One woman is sitting on roof with a boy, she is in veil. Boy says if moon comes out and father doesnt come then you wont eat? she is fasting and waiting for her husband. She sees moon in sky and looks at through net. Girl says I will wait for him (her face not shown but voice of Mahek). She takes off her veil and turns around, her face is shown and its Mahek. Shaurya is nearby lake and cries, he thinks Mahek its been an year since you left, I hope you are happy wherever you are.

PRECAP- Shaurya is standing nearby lake and praying. Mahek is nearby lake too. She looks at moon through net, her son/boy is showing her a picture on phone so she can look at it and break her fast. Mahek looks at moon then turns and sees Shaurya standing there, she looks at him through her net and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hai my dear friends afterlong time i text how are you to all i hope you are all good … tody episode its fully emotional episode i never expected this much twist…. and after one year its amazing mehek entry in a show its reallly goood news…… i hope now trp will growing higher leve… take care guys good night

  2. Hi..every one..after seeing meheks dead body..i cried very badly..i can’t see shaurya like this.from today onwards I will stop seeing serial .I can’t bear any more..pls end it…we can’t see the pain..we don’t want duplicate mehek…

  3. Sarah2

    Totally heart breaking episode???????? but this new twist is looking interesting I hope vandna is mehak…..

  4. Sasha

    I don’t know what the f**k is going on… Cha Serial was going so awesome… I think the CV’s couldn’t tolerate our happiness… So they totally spoiled the show…

    1. i guess …it wud be one of the typical mellodrama serial….

  5. Candiva007

    Umm…from what I am reading the boy cannot be her son if it is Mehek because it’s been a year and she would have a baby wouldn’t she? I’ll have to see this tonight when I get home and I hope the previews show.

  6. Chaaya

    Totally upset with this . . .maybe Samiksha is moving on?

  7. Chaaya

    I get it now!!)

  8. ChandaMaya

    Torture . . .but we will soon see the mystery unravelling.

  9. How ironic is it that the show is called “Zindagi ko Mehek” but the main female character, Mehek, who the show is named after, is dead? Very ironic. I am over this. Why can’t Zee TV just end a show happily? What more was there to the story? They could have ended this on a happy note but no they have to drag it until it’s unbearable to watch and then end it when the TRP shots to the ground.

  10. Is mahek seriously died????

  11. This serial had to be stop in previous week.
    f**king serial.. and endless story

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