Mahek 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Kanta that dont take emotional decisions, Kanta says when did you become practical? Mahek says when Shaurya did that with my family, when he made my family suffer so much, when he insulted me, it made me so angry, i have never been this much angry, Kanta says thats why i am worried, he can do anything.
Vaitlana mistakenly throws shake on Shurti, Shurti gets angry, Vaitlana says i wanted to throw it at your face but i spared you, you think your husband and my son is fool but if he starts using his brain then there will be no place for you in this house, he would see your cheap antics and throw you out of house, Shurti says dont burn your blood for me,i would find a new boy but what will you? your ex boy left you and one is in jail, you should worry about your future,when

this botox stop working then you would be going to charity house,she leaves.
door bell rings, Mahek opens door and sees Shaurya, she says you? he asks if can come inside, Balwant comes and says i know to set people right like you.Kanta comes there and says how dare you come here? did you get enough after destroying our Diwali? Shaurya says Chachi.. Kanta says i am not your chachi. Ravi and Jeevan comes there,Ravi says its good that you came, i will break your legs today, Jeevan asks him to calm down. Shaurya says let me talk please,i am sorry to destroy your Diwali, Jeevan says we have forgiven you,leave now, Shaurya says give me two minutes, Balwant says you would cook noodles in two minutes Mr.Supercook? PD says he is guest, let him come and sit. Shaurya comes inside and says i liked food when i came here earlier. His driver brings sweets there, Kanta says whats this drama?shaurya says these are sweets for Diwali,Ravi asks if there is poison in it you cheap man? Shaurya says i am sorry for sending you to jail but you people broke rule by printing pamphlets and if i didnt take action then people would have thought that i am favoring Mahek for some reasons, i am sure you wouldnt want people to associate her with me, i have even scolded inspector who raised hand on you people, Ravi says we dont believe you, Shaurya says its okay,i had to do it, i am glad to see strength of Mahek, she came to my house and stopped my car and challenged me too,Kanta stares her, Shaurya says i thought for a minute that she would win contest, he asks if she didnt tell her Chachi about challenge? Jeevan says what is this Mahek?Shaurya says let me finish, seeing Mahek’s spirit,i have taken decision that next round of show will happen away from Delhi, in Agra, city of love, specialty of this round will be that only contestants will go there and they wont be able to call their families too, they will get luxuries there but it will be like jail, they will be cut off from outside world,the pressure will be different, i hope Mahek will be able to cope up with that challenge, Kanta says Mahek has nothing to do with this contest from now on and it will be better if we go back to our boring routines and Shaurya Sir, its your goodness that you came here and said sorry but we people are not used to so much attention, we dont have big house or big cars but we had to get insulted on Diwali night, we wont be able to bear more so Mahek wont take part in contest anymore nor she will go to Agra, Shaurya says what are you saying? Mahek is performing so well and contest has just heated up, viewers will like to see how contestants will survive without family, anyways i should leave, i am sorry, you people had to bear so much because of me, he passesby Mahek but stops and turns to look at Mahek, he whispers to Mahek that i hope your challenge was not just about words but had will in it, he leaves while Mahek looks on.
Nehal calls Ajay and says i feel like there is something going on between Shaurya and Mahek.\

Scene 2
Jeevan says to Ravi that you shouldnt have got so angry on Shaurya, he could break your teeth, Ravi says i would have broken his legs if you allowed me. Kanta says dont know what he wants, Balwant says he is going crazy for Mahek, he is head over heels in love with Mahek, Pd says keep my Mahek away from all this, Kanta says he always bring storm in our lives, Mahek is in tears and leaves from there.
Mahek is in her room and says i would fail infront of him, i would look like coward and fool, i challenged him and now this, she thinks and says Karela king, he is my last hope. she checks her phone and messages him. Shaurya is calling Rajiv and says i am sure, you can ready Agra for show in one hour, he sees Mahek’s message and replies her. Mahek messages him. Shaurya says to Rajiv that your wild card entry has runaway from show. He sees Mahek’s message that i dont want to go against my family but i dont want to loose too, mind and heart is torn. Shaurya messages her that heart just pump blood, you should think from mind, you have whole night to decide so think and then decide.

PRECAP- Its morning, PD asks Kanta to call Mahek from her room. Kanta comes to Mahek’s room and sees there is no Mahek there, she sees letter, its from mahek, it says ‘I am sorry Kanta Chachi, i am going against you for first time but its about my self respect so i have to go to Agra, please forgive me’.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well done mehek ,we hope your family will forgive you but you can’t back down from Shaurya.

  2. ???????????????

  3. Moni7

    Hai frnds… athya ishu rayna arshi vavachi bbb latha rayna n all my frnds…..oh god wat the hell is happening…she s going Agra… for sure something gonna happen…..he s damn smart…..breaking mahek confidence….one more doubt wen she s going to slap shaurya’s ????M waiting for that ??shaurya said Agra city of love…it sounds like a lead for their love part???…just my guess….

    1. Latha

      Hai Moni dear…I think after winning the super cook title she will slap and I hope ur guess will become true _ Agra love part

      1. Moni7

        Hai latha dear……s khadoos kumar similing whenever he got a msg frm ms….. fingers crossed?

  4. Moni7

    How cheaply he acted today in mahek house…he s impressed with mehak performance…v r nt fool to believe him…. khadoos kumar???wat he want frm mehak…it is disgusting…

  5. Wow nice …. tomorrow ll b a best …I’m waiting ???

  6. I love this show it’s different from the rest off the shows I hope it’s around for a long time

  7. Interesting storyline. I like the serial.

  8. Hello everyone i think ghar waale mahek se naaraz ho jaaygy but bad m maaf kr degy . Ye shaurya k dimaak m pataani kya chal rha h.

  9. Aahana

    may the love between shaurya and mahek bloosm in Agra, the city Love♥

  10. Latha

    Interesting and I too feel that there is something going between Shaurya and Mehak.

  11. Latha

    Whenever Mehak chats with our kadoos kk his face was bright and there was a cute smile also.

  12. This is a totally different one…in love dis serial…n hope it will not deviate like other serials from its current plot

  13. Latha

    I think Shaurya making Mehak more stronger and come on Mehak u had taken right decision to go to Agra aur jeetega super cook title.

  14. It’s gonna interesting day by day…..n how smart shaurya is?……….waiting for their romantic moments in city of love?

  15. Love you shaurie soooooooooooo much…….you’re damn smart baby?

  16. In love with the show , Mahek is superb ,

  17. I think there is no computation in Agra by me it is kk plan so mahek will slap him

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