Mahek 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sonal tells Sharma family that I got my salary in advance and Nehal will get it at the end of month. PD blesses her. Mohit sees money in his hands that he brought to give them. Mahek comes there and gives money to PD too, she says this is my today’s profit share and if this goes on then Jeevan and Ravi can start working soon, all smile. Jeevan blesses his daughters. Jeevan says these are our daughters, they handle us and house in difficult situations. Sheetal says to Mohit that see go and help them, Mahek wont let you win their love ever. Kanta hugs Mahek and says they are my daughters afterall, she hugs Sonal and Nehal,she says now our Nehal has started working too, all laugh, Mohit angrily leaves, Shetal smirks.
Mohit comes in his room and is angry. Sheetal says even if you bring

stars for this house, Mahek will bring moon with her husband’s money and wont let you have high standard, Mohit says I need Sonal and I will do anything to get my family back. Sheetal says for that you have to break Mahek and bring her on her knees, will you be able to do it? Mohit looks on.

At night, Priya asks Shaurya to discuss menu with her, Shaurya says menu is your boss Mahek’s department, I handle front end now, Shaurya says to Priya that tomorrow’s party day is very important, everything should be top class and over the moon, Priya nods, they leave restaurant. Someone is in restaurant in veil and comes to inventory, that person tricks with inventory and leaves.

In morning, mahek comes to white chilies, she prays to lord for white chilies’ important day. Sonal and Nehal comes there, Nehal says Kanta said you need help, tell us and then we will go to job. Mahek says I am sorry, you have to work in this condition, Sonal says you handle restaurant and everything in so much trouble and tension then I can handle this, tell me the work, Mahek says I have got best friends in my sisters. Sonal and Nehal promotes Zee Tv’s new show. Nehal says lets get to work.
Sonal, Mahek, Nehal and all others are working in kitchen. Mahek is assisting all chefs. Mahek asks Priya to mix saffron in this dish, Priya says its in pantry, Mahek says I will bring it.
Mahek comes to pantry,she starts collecting ingredients she needs. A rat walks over Mahek’s feet, Mahek feels something but doesnt see rat in pantry.
Sonal comes to Mahek and says we are going to job, Jeevan said that he would do job too till they settle for business. Mahek says thats good, thank you for helping, Nehal says give such performance that Shaurya roam around you saying thank you endless times, they leave. Shaurya comes there and sees Mahek working.

Ravi and Jeevan comes to electronic shop, Jeevan asks if they will get job? Ravi says we have business experience, we will get it. Jeevan says we cant keep using Mahek’s money. Ravi comes to receptionist and says we want to meet your boss for job. Receptionist asks them to wait. Jeevan and Ravi sees small mandir there and prays. Mohit and Sheetal comes there. Guard greets him as sir.

Mahek says to Niki that we will serve dishes after every two minutes, Niki says I will share list of wines with Shaurya. Niki comes to Shaurya, Shaurya is scolding workers. Niki says you should try yoga,you are so alert like you are on border, she shows him list of wines, Shaurya says everything should be fine, I cant afford more setbacks. Niki says chill, we have Mahek too now with us. Shaurya says thats why I am worried. Mahek is working in kitchen, she says where is Niki? She comes in lounge and sees Niki hugging Shaurya and Shaurya laughing. She gets jealous. Mahek comes in kitchen and starts slamming things on table, Shaurya smirks.

Jeevan asks receptionist if their boss has arrived? he says yes. Mohit is in office of shop, he says to Sheetal that I will go in shop, Sheetal says you shouldnt mingle with normal workers, you have meeting with cable people so go there, Mohit nods and leaves. Ravi and Jeevan are in shop. Jeevan says we used to give jobs to people and now we are searching for one, servant brings tea for them. Mohit leaves shop without seeing them. Sheetal sees them in shop and says what are they doing here? she calls receptionist.

Mahek is working in kitchen, she sees Shaurya and Niki standing close to each other and talking. Shaurya says Niki I trust you on wine taste more than me, she whispers really? Shaurya says remember our hangout in London, you said drink wine,its an experience and I finished whole wine bottle, it was so delicious, Niki is uncomfortable with his talk. Mahek hears everything and is angry. Niki says to Shaurya that dont be cheap, you slept whole night that day after drinking two glasses only, she leaves. Mahek is huffing in anger, Shaurya sees her and laughs. Niki comes to corner and calls someone, she says investors are coming soon, be ready to work as per plan, she ends call and looks at Shaurya who is busy at staring Mahek.

Scene 2
Sheetal asks receptionist who are in shop? Receptionist says they have come here for salesman job. Sheetal says I have job for them. Give them peon’s job and throw the existing peon out, their work will be to give tea, serve people and clean shop, ask them to come on time tomorrow and clean shop before boss comes here. Receptionist goes to Ravi and Jeevan with peon’s dress, Ravi gets angry on him and starts scolding him but Jeevan stops him and takes dress from receptionist accepting peon’s job. Sheetal smirks seeing it, she says now its going to be fun.

Investors come to white chilies. Shaurya thanks them for joining in celebrating restaurant’s victory, all clap. Niki congratulates Mahek for working hard. Mahek asks Priya to work with coordination and if you have doubt then ask me, Priya sure sister in law. Shaurya says to investors that lets have food. Chefs serve them food, they start eating. Shaurya looks on. Investors start eating food, head investor says its really nice food, good job Shaurya. Shaurya smiles proudly and gives a sideway glance to Mahek. One of the investors opens food basket and finds alive rat inside, he pushes it away and says oh God rat! Mahek is stunned and says something is wrong, she comes in lounge and sees rat in basket

PRECAP- Head investor gets angry and says Shaurya cheap rats were your unhygienic food vision and cheap plan? I am not going to invest in your business instead I am going to complain about you, Shaurya gets tensed and dejected. One investor says to Mahek that if you are going to keep cooking like this then all awards should be snatched from you, Mahek is worried, other investor says I am from FDA and we have to arrest for you low food quality, you have to come with us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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