Mahek 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is standing outside house and is weeping. Guard comes to her and says sit in my cabin, its cold outside here, Mahek says no thank you, you do your duty but can you bring my scooty from inside? guards brings it, Mahek sits on her scooty, she straps helmet with determination and drives away.
Shaurya is walking back and forth, limping on foot, he says i did mistake, i should have pushed her down on floor like i fell before throwing her out of house, she thinks she is clever and i wouldnt know her tricks, i am Shaurya Khanna and its not easy to win against me. Shaurya comes terrace and calls guard, he asks where is Mahek? guard says she left, Shaurya says not so easily, she will try to enter in house again but if enters then you will lose your job, guard says dont worry, she left.

says to family members that get ready fact, we are going to pooja. Nehal comes there and says since Mahek, i have to do her share of work, Kanta says i can see how much work you do. Door knocks, Nehal opens it and sees Mahek standing there, she says di you? she hugs Mahek and says see who is here. Kanta and Mansi comes there, they hug her. Kanta says but you here alone without even purse? is everything fine? Mahek says Shaurya threw me out of his house, i want to talk to Kanta chachi, she takes her into room. Mahek closes door.
Svetlana, Shurti and Vicky shares drink, Svetlana says we should celebrate, we will even dance today, put on music Vicky, Shurti says you are happy like you won crown of delhi, Svetlana says i wont over Khanna house, i didnt know it was easy to throw Mahek Sharma out of house.
Kanta says to Mahek that i cant do it, you are running behind a man that threw you out of house? Mahek says i am not encouraging his wrong doings, what he did was wrong but someone else was behind his mistake. Kanta says are you doing research on him? i dont care if it was his mistake or not, you have ounce of self respect in you? Mahek says you are right, just give me one month, only one month and then i will do whatever you ask me to do.
Svetlana and Shurti are drunk, Shurti says Mahek is a liar, you did great by throwing her out of house, Svetlana says love you darling, they all drink wine and dance on Ghulabo song. Svetlana says Vicky what your father couldnt do, i did it, Vicky says you are great mom.
Kanta says to Mahek that you will go back there, he is mad man, he can do anything, he can hurt you and attack you, i wont listen to you anymore. Mahek says just listen to me once, just listen carefully, Shaurya is really nice from heart but bad people lives around him, they filled so much hatred in him since childhood that even his mother couldnt pull him through, after years my love started affecting him but he couldnt even accept it, i want to break his walls, i want to make him believe that what he did with me and you was totally wrong, he cant move on so easily, i wont lose till i dont make him believe about his disrespects, about him kicking away my love, listen to me one last time, dont you trust your Mahek? if i move back now then Shaurya would win and those people who are against him would win too, please. Kanta says you have started to become habituated to win and i have started to lose to you, tell me what i have to do? Mahek tells her plan which is muted.
Karona asks Shaurya where is Mahek? he says she was missing her family so left to meet them. Karona says i know Mahek is not like girl who would leave her injured husband, what you did with her? Shaurya says you dont believe your son over that girl? Karona says once trust is broken then it cant be mended, i will find out where Mahek, she calls Mahek but Mahek doesnt pick-up.
Mahek is riding scooty with Kanta sitting behind her.

Scene 2
Svetlana is drunk and says i dont know why run behind my ex-husbands when i am so good myself, i made Shaurya and Mahek get separated easily. Shaurya in his room lies on bed. He hears some women chanting against Shaurya Khanna. Shaurya says last time i heard chanting against me was when i wanted to start hotel, whom did i offend now? Shaurya comes terrace and sees Mahek, Nehal and Kanta with some women who are chanting against Shaurya and demanding to send him to jail. Body guards dont allow them to go in house, Kanta says let us go easily, Nehal says otherwise we will call police and will beat you people. Body gaurds says listen aunties.. Mansi says how dare you call us aunties? guard says we cant allow you to go inside, if you try to raise hand on us then we will forget that you are women, Nehal says we will take you down without even raising hands. Women start throwing tomatoes on guards, they beat them with tomatoes, guards open door of house and let women comes inside. All chant against Shaurya. Shaurya comes there and shouts that stop it, if you people dont leave my property then i will call police and will ask them for charge. Women starts throwing tomatoes on him, Shaurya says i will have to call commissioner, Kanta says call whom you want, call even minister and i will expose you to everyone otherwise my name is not Kanta, wife of Jeevan Sharma. Kanta says to welfare women that he is Shaurya Khanna, he is arrogant about his money thats why he threw his wife Mahek out of house. Mahek starts acting and says dont say this, he is my husband, he can do anything with me, he can throw me out, Nahel says girls innocent like you encourage people like him to become animal, Karona says you threw her out of house? Shaurya says cant you see what drama he is doing? Mahek says dont say this pati dev, he can do anything, he is really nice, Kanta says he curses her out and she is praising him? women chant against him, Shaurya says stop this drama or else.. Woman says if you try to hurt her then i will file FIR of domestic violence against you and you will remain in jail for a long time, Shaurya looks on. Svetlana comes there drunk and asks who goons are they? we wont allow them to go inside. Kanta says she is the evil aunt of Shaurya, because of her Shaurya do evil deeds, woman says we will set her right, Mahek says no no, i dont want anything against my family, i just want my right, Shaurya says what drama is this? Maa stop them. Karona says Shaurya i told you to not raise hand on your wife, this is not the age where you can hit wife and she will feed you back, Karona stifles laughs and smiles at Mahek. Shaurya says to Karona that make them understand that Mahek is not even my wife then how would i raise hand on her? Mahek sits on her knees and holds Shaurya’s hand, she says Ramnath(God), you can slap me or scold me but dont question our relation like this, she dramatically pleads to him. Shaurya glares her.

PRECAP- Shaurya says you all leave out of house or else i will throw you people out especially this Mahek. One woman says if you try to lay hand on her Shaurya Khanna then i will twist you out like ganna(Sugarcane). All are inside Shaurya’s house. One woman asks Shaurya to sign papers which says to treat Mahek well in house, Shaurya says but that will happen when she will be in my house which she is not, woman says she is already in your house now, sign papers or we will call media and police, sign now, Mahek innocently looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Love you Mehrya♡♡♡♡ ( Karan – Sameeksha)
    Waiting for nxt epi….

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