Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya is at his home and sees police outside his house. Vicky says to him that Mahek is going to leave city in 10minutes, what should we do? you cant leave house, you will get arrested, Shaurya smirks and leaves.
In Sharma house, Jeevan says to Kanta that there is strong curfew of police outside Shaurya’s house and he wont be able to come out of his house, you and Mahek can leave. Kanta says to Mahek that lets leave fast, Mahek hugs everyone and starts to leave but they hear wedding band playing outside their house, Kanta opens door, Shaurya comes inside wearing tuxedo with red bow tie, all are stunned. Kanta says what is this drama? Shaurya says hi, you didnt tell me so i came myself to say bye. Kanta says just wait, she takes out her phone, Shaurya says if you are calling police

then dont, i have already taken care of it, you took advantage of my innocence and right acts so i decided to stubborn and a jerk, Kanta says leave. Shaurya doesnt listen to her, Shaurya comes to PD, she blesses him, he says to PD that i will be getting married with your Laddo(Mahek) in seven days and I have come with invitation card to your family, he asks family to come there please. Shaurya says to Kanta that can you leave after 7days? its your daughter’s wedding after 7days, you will be needed for rituals but if you want to leave then i have to tell you that i am biggest stubborn of this city and certified mental too, i can do anything in crazy state, he gives her wedding card and says think before going. Shaurya says to Mahek that only 7days are remaining, you want it or not but we will be together forever and always, Mahek looks at him in shock, Shaurya says please all come to my wedding. Shaurya claps with band playing wedding music, Nehal snickers. Shaurya points at Mahek indicting she will be his, he smiles and leaves. Mahek is tensed, Kanta reads wedding card and says to family that you still think everything will be fine? if me and Mahek doesnt leave this city then this wedding card will be truth and we will become drama, she tears card. Balwant says if you take Mahek away then Shaurya can go mad, dont you remember he brought bulldozer, Kanta says you want me to beg and cry to him? Jeevan says we wont beg or we wont runaway, this is our house, Mahek is our daughter so we will protect her, we will fight Shaurya, like he took actions to break our house, we will break his ego, he can be goon but we wont allow him to do anything, he can powerful man of this city but we wont take Mahek away from food truck or home. Mahek says Kanta he is right, we shouldnt runaway from his fear, Shaurya is my problem so i wont put whole family in pain because of it, I will do anything you ask me to do but we wont leave our family.

Vicky is waiting for Shaurya come back home, he hears Karona coming to Shaurya’s room. He hides in his bed, Karona comes there and says Shaurya? are you sleeping? inspector has come to meet you. Karona takes off comforter and sees Vicky, she asks where is Shaurya? Vicky says he has gone to meet Mahek. Karona gets tensed. She comes in lounge and asks inspector to wait, Shaurya is changing clothes in his room, inspector says you are making us doubt Shaurya more, are you hiding him? let us go in. Inspector comes in Shaurya’s room, Shaurya suddenly comes out of washroom, he says to inspector that why did you come in my room? you can enter anywhere like that? inspector says i am sorry, we had to check, Kanta called us, Shaurya says you will listen to everything she says? leave my room now, inspector leaves, Shaurya have sigh of relief.

Kanta is making tea in kitchen, she recalls Shaurya’s claim that he will marry Mahek in 7days, she gets tensed.

In morning, Sonal gets Shaurya’s message, he asks how was surprise? Sonal shows message to Mahek. Mohit is tensed seeing newspaper. Jeevan sees Mohit shivering and asks what happened? Mohit gets tensed seeing newspaper. Jeevan takes newspaper from him and reads news about Shaurya and Mahek, he is stunned. Ravi reads news that Do come in handsome Shaurya and old Delhi’s girl Mahek’s wedding. Mansi says even neighbours are congratulating me.
Shaurya messages Sonal that if Mahek liked surprise then call me and if Mahek didnt like it then message me. Balwant says our honor will be gone in thin air now. Sonal gets Shaurya’s message, Mahek snatches phone from her and leaves.

Svetlana shows newspaper to Shaurya and says you have started your low class acts again? Shaurya says buy new dresses, i am getting married, we will do everything. Shaurya gets call, he asks Svetlana to leave, i have to prepare for wedding, Svetlana thinks that Shaurya can try anything but he wont get happiness so easily, she leaves. Shaurya sees Mahek calling him, he takes call. Mahek says what you want? you call it love? what you did infront of my family was not love. Shaurya says kissing you is love for me, i didnt want to do it, your Kanta chachi made me do it, if i didnt do it then you would have married Sandeep, Mahek says you think you can threaten me? you think you can marry me like this? i wont ever marry you. Shaurya says if you hate me so much then you can easily meet me, i am coming to meet you, when i come there, look in my eyes and say that you dont love me, that you hate me, you dont want to marry me, if you are able to say it then i will leave your life, i will go away from your family, Mahek tries to say something but Shaurya cuts call. Vicky comes to Shaurya and policemen outside our house was feeling hate so i gave them juice which made them all sleep, now you can leave, Shaurya thinks.
Mahek sits in her room dejectedly, she recalls Shaurya’s confessions, his wedding proposal, his kiss, Darmiyan.. kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyan plays.. she silently cries.

Scene 2
Vicky is distributing gifts in Mahek’s area. vicky says its our culture to gift people in weddings. Ravi comes there and scolds people that are doing arrangement of function there, Ravi shouts why are putting flowers outside his house? Shaurya comes there and greets Ravi. Ravi says get lost. Jeevan says i am going to call police. Shaurya says police is going to come in wedding directly to dance. Jeevan tries to calm Ravi, Shaurya says leave Ravi, he is going to hug me, Ravi says i am going to strangle you. Jeevan says Shaurya you cant do wedding forcefully, you cant marry Mahek like this so leave. Shaurya says my bride is so beautiful so why this street so bland? i came to decorate it. Shaurya says to Kanta that today is sangeet, we will dance a lot. Shaurya says to Jeevan that father in law, where is Mahek? Ravi and Jeevan are fuming in anger seeing him there. Shaurya says to musician that today is my sangeet, make music so loud that make whole old Delhi wake up. Mahek comes there, she grabs his wrist and drags him away. Mahek brings Shaurya to isolated corner, she looks at him in irritation while he sweetly smiles at her. Mahek says i told you that i dont want to talk to you, to meet you then why you are doing this? i asked you to not come here, Mahek keep blabbering and blasting on him while Shaurya just tunes out her scolding and keep smiling at her. Mahek says this is your love? what i ask you, you do opposite of that, i asked you to not come here but you did exact opposite, people think about others in love, this is not love but stubbornness and selfishness, are you even listening? he just keep smiling at her, Mahek says i will throw everything you brought, i will see who stops me. Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that what you think of yourself? dont touch me, you have know right, Shaurya says i will touch you, i will touch you thousand times, Shaurya grabs her waist and pulls her closer, flushing her body with his body, Shaurya leans in and intimately kisses her jawline, Mahek close her eyes in sensation, Shaurya moves back and looks deeply in her eyes, Mahek is lost in him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In today episode Karan Vohra nailed the show. I loved the expression given by him when Mahek is talking to him.

    1. Same here!!! I also like his face expressions

    2. Latha

      Yes Swetha me too loved his expression and that smile …….

  2. Hai friends how are to all and how your family…. I really missed two days guys today episode really awesome day to day zkm is more interesting and recap more exciting also wowwwwww now shaurya new name romantic shauriiii. …. I can’t wait tomorrow episode ohhhhh god my exam also coming 18 this month I can’t concentrate my study director uncle awesome. .keep it up uncle hai latha dear and moni chellam ….

    1. Saxenasapna

      r8 geeta diii….
      This is my exams time…..
      And i also can’t focus on my exams…..

      Aaj bhi mera exam tha… Or mera mind bar bar zkm or ki trf ja rha tha…

    2. We all are fine dear geetha. Concentrate on your studies dear. studies are more important than serial yaar. Good night. sweet dreams

      1. I ķnow dhanya exam more important to serial but I can’t concentrate my studyies. ……… ok dear I try to concentrate my studies baby

    3. Latha

      Hi Geetha ……

  3. Saxenasapna

    Like seriously…..
    Why why why……
    Precap excited evry time….

    Zkm director sir…….

    Love u sir…. Your whole zkm team….

  4. hai mehriya fans welcome to new comers

    lovely episode …☺☺☺☺☺

  5. shauriya u r looking stylish and handsome killing girls fans da

  6. Can I ask two questions for the author of the show ZKM?????
    1. Why the fb chating of MS & Karela King isn’t continued?????
    2. When Shaurya & Mehek know that they are the friend of Face Book networking system???????

  7. Today’s episode was awesome waiting for tomorrow

  8. hi friends
    dear geetha concentrate on your study n best of luck for your exam.
    Swetharaja,, i also like that. Serial is becoming so intresting day by day. I eagerly want to see the day when meherya’s marriage will happen.

    1. Thank you soooooooooooo much dear

  9. lovely episode

  10. vicky when u changed this much positive love guru of shauriya. wr is that vampire shruthi

  11. Chaaya

    In the ancient world, elite men and educated males mainly were well versed, regarding the rules of engagement (I mean to engage in the sense of enticing, teasing, flirting, interacting etc.) and the laws of attraction was an art, as well as the various art(s) of attaining the object, and interest of their desires and their love, by studying and practising the arts and laws of the Kama Sutra. Sometimes, when a woman says no, regardless of her words, her eyes, and body language says yes. This is what is really playing out. All the societal nirms, etc. Does not matter because attraction and love has its own path of realisation.?

    1. Chaaya

      Oops, meant societal norms, not nirms.

  12. Hi my dear friends. special hi to latha kutty.,moni chellam,chanda dii,chayadii,Rani,,dolly akka,geetha. This one for moni”கற்பனை மேகங்களுளள் ஒளிந்து கொள்!கவிஞனாவாய்”How is it moni

    1. Latha

      Hi dhans how r u my friend…

    2. Chaaya

      ? . . .?. . .More coffee for ☕. It’s going to be a long 7 days.

      Hi dhanya!!!!!!☺

  13. Wawww Shaurya you rock the show today. You are awesome. My boy my boy I love you soooooo much. Hi moni di, Chanda, chaaya and all others.

    1. Chaaya

      Shaurya is playing the right game now. The Sharma’s are so caught of with their small, little name. I guess the Sharma family cannot see through Shaurya minor flaws of arrogance be see that he is great, and how much good he brought to them despite the struggle with him. The Sharma family cannot fight their own peers like Sheetal and Pammi. I think Kanta should have beaten up by her fake friends, Sheetal and Pammi.

  14. Are yaar ye shourya khanna to Emran hasmi banta jaa raha hai????
    Hehehe kp it up shourii?

  15. Chaaya

    Hi all the wonderful, dear Mehryans. Hello to Moni,Geeta, Geetha, Dhanya, Priya, Rani, Chanda . . . and to all the lovers of ZKM.

    Just an observation, but did anyone notice that our Ladoo is looking like she put some weight on?

  16. Latha

    Today the episode was awesome and shauri how adorable u r yaar and u nailed today’s episode. I like ur attitude. Mehak whether u want to marry shauri or not. Karan u r just Killing us with ur killer smile awwww love u????? and ur dialogues “certified pagal’ liked it very much. Vicky u r amazing and i think shauri will bring back hidden feelings of mehak. Precap so romantic and I think shauri doesn’t get one more slap. Enjoyed the show very much.

  17. Oh my God..Great job Shaurie. I really liked it..If you wait for Mahek according to their families wish then you will grew old along with Mahek

  18. Mahek wont do anything against kanta. In what hope shaurya is doing this ? She
    Will marry a beggar for kanta , not shaurya against kanta. Poor shaurya he will become devadas!!!!!

    1. Chaaya

      Marry a beggar for Kanta???really funny!! A beggar, yes: the girl is blind with her so called identity caught up with her petty family image. It’s ShZurya who is making a name for them!!

      1. Chaaya

        ?? Oh my poor typo!! Sh Zurya. . .I think I’m the certified mental case?! Tomorrow is the real kiss, not by the way. Hope Kanta does not interfere.

        I still think Mahek needs to be spanked!?

  19. i want to join u all n to be friend of yours. Plz add me as friend.
    Talk with me plz plz plz.

  20. Moni7

    Hai everyone… Chaaya sis chanda sis geetha geeta swetha dhanya and all my friends…..

    Dhanya nice one liner thank you dear?

    Coming to the episode…Yes chaaya sis exactly my thoughts … Thanks for.. Nothing more to explain….

    Still… To be Simple.. Shaurya playing with mehak’s feelings… Making her lovestruck by showing intense intimacy which very girl likes when a boy try to get close …. Nothing wrong in it… He’s a good player know how to deal mahek…

    Mehak’s weakness is Shaurya’s closeness…Very simple…

    It’s one step ahead than love but at the same time not equal to lust… Something in-between which make her crazy wen she sees him to close…. Not oly she every girl will felt the same way… Lol??????

    Apart from this…I’m upset with karan’s behavior… We plp flooding FC page his personal page with positive vibes…But he’s showing any response…

    One girl sry aunty Jenny fan of ZKM both Karan and Bella following her.. Dunno why.. they liking her post comments but not ours…

    So I share my disappoint with zkm FC page admin…But her answer shocks me we are not asking anyone to put positive response.. Everyone is supporting him..It’s ur plp wish if you want put or else no need…

    I’m hurt badly…

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Moni. . . . Just checking and read comments. Don’t be too hurt, please. Karan and Bella probably knows that fan personally. As for the administrator, maybe she is just plane, old rude!! Karan did reply to you personally a couple of times, so maybe because would again. Is a lot of people, and sometimes not possible to answer everyone. When you think of it all, everyone are strangers indirectly connecting and we don’t really get very to see the true behind the scenes occurences, who knows who, etc. Definitelty, the admin was rude because that is part of her job, most likely.

  21. dear moni 7, why r u sad i can not understand clearly from your comment.
    Plz explain it simply.

    What is FC?
    Who r liking whose comments?
    Whom everyone is supporting?
    Please dear moni 7 , answer me.

    1. Moni7

      Welcome mama ….Keep commenting ..

      FC means fan page… ZKM official FC in Instagram wer whole serial cast and crew are following… We share our opinion ..

      They all show some response to fans also.. but Karan started following one lady fan Jenny..Dunno the reason she’s also fan like us..But he liking her photos liking her comments…But we plp not getting any response … He’s in online still liking photos of his own , sketches of his own..He’s not ready to show some amount of response…

      When. I shared my disappointment with fan page admin… She shocked me with her reply … So many fans are there for support him and praises him after that incident which was he created 4 days before in Instagram…. He post a photo with hash tag love you my haters….

      Still we plp supported him… We are your fans we all love you….

      After that incident…He replied us I’m not forcing anyone to stay in my page it’s my personal page not zkm official site… If you plp want free to unfollow me.. I’m not here to promote show… Regarding ZKM updates kindly refer FC not my page….

      Still we show our love … Without any expectations…Wen we saw he liking Jenny comments and post we all are heart broken …. We also fans…

  22. Awesome episode.hi moni di.i like ur comments alot.some r hilarious. I used to watch tellyupdates for reading your comments but not only yours i liked others comments too. Hi chanda sis ,chaaaya sis .i like your comments too.may i join here to share my views regarding zkm? If u people interested then i will introduce myself.

  23. Awesome episode .hi moni di i like ur comments .hi chanda sis,chaaya sis .i used to read ur comments but never tried to comment .may i join here to share my views regarding zkm.if u r interested then i will introduce myself.iam waiting for urs reply eagerly.

  24. Awesome episode.hi moni di,chanda sis,chaaya sis i like ur comments .if u r interested then i will introduce myself

  25. Iam a despo i commented thrice.sorry .i thought something went wrong thats why i commented thrice.i cant speak english fluently.if i commit any mistake in writing text in english tell me my problem

  26. thank u dear moni 7.
    Do u mean” karan means karan vohra(shaurya khanna of zkm).
    Don’t be sad dear. It is not important that pov of all fans r right. Some r also wrong. U should not loss your happiness for some stupid comments.
    Keep smiling.
    Now u have to smile for me if u consider me as friend.

  27. Can i join you all….I am a silent reader and i am from kerala..

    1. Chaaya

      Sure, Anika, you are welcome.

  28. hi,regarding zindagi ki mehak now shaadi ka drama if you see in this serial everything seems to be a repeated scene like first shaurya went to mehaks house then mehak went to shaurya house now shaurya marriage effort now mehak will run away from shaurya from mandap……..they will not give what we expect seems to be repeated and will bring one more gal for shauryas jelousy track…..

    1. ChandaMaya

      LOL!!! You got it correctly ll

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