MahaSangham Special (A Story of Love and Revenge+KKB-Love Always Wins) {Special Episode}

Thanks siddhi,lucky,RS,Ramya.Riya,Monesha, Rajesh,Prathi,B_Ani, Jasmine and all for reading and giving love to my fan fictions; A story of Love and Revenge(Naagin+Kawach) and KKB-Love Always Wins.
and yes please note that shakti from kawach is not in my fan fiction. Hope you will accept this.

Its MahaSangham type special Episode of My fan fictions; KKB- love always win and A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) and I hope you’ll like it! Let’s start.

Recap: Aaliya and Purab’s Marriage, Shivanya tells Shesa about Manjauliaka, Bulbul comes, Pari vows to go shiv mandir.

The episode starts in Abhi’s residence. Bulbul says what happened jeejoo? Is all right? Abhi says Nothing is right. Purab says what happened, abhi, why are you acting like this?’Abhi says Nikhil has kidnap Pragya. Bulbul says Why, why it happened when I come here, all was happening good but because of me…. Bulbul starts crying. Sarla consoles her and say it’s only circumstance, Don’t cry, Me daughter. Abhi says I’ll not spare that Nikhil. Aaliya gets a call. She picks. Nikhil says come here, otherwise I’ll shoot your Pragya bhabi! Aaliya says What? It can’t happen. Pragya bhabi is in Hall. Nikhil says once a minute, I send you her Photo. He sends photo. Aaliya sees and is shocked. Nikhil says now you’ll come here or I…. Aaliya say no! Do nothing to Bhabi I’m coming and leaves. Aaliya goes downstairs. Abhi says where are you going? Aaliya thinks all are happy for bulbul coming back, I’ve not to spoil their happiness. Its better for them, I don’t tell them and says I’ve an urgent work, I’ll tell you when I come back. Abhi thinks what to do, tell her or not, no, no, she is already stressed, I’ve not to give her more stress and say OK! Aaliya leaves.

Screen shifts to Raheja house. Shivanya says I call her. Shivanya says Rainaa! A bee comes near Shivanya. Bee turns into human(played by Devoleena Bhattacharjee ). Shivanya says thanks Rainaa for coming! Rainaa says thanks to you, due to you, I’m alive now, FB starts….
A bee is seen flying in Fields. Some men spray. She turns into human and calls for help. Shivanya sees her and thinks however, she is my enemy. But I’ve to help her. She saves Rainna. Rainaa thanks and says due to you, I’m alive today, I promise you, whenever you’ll call me, I’ll come to you. FB ends.
Rainaa says But why you call me. Shesa tells her. Rainaa says do worry, yo can go easily, I’m ichadari makhi and can take anyone’s form. She turns into Shivanya and says you go, I’ll manage. Shivanya thanks her and turns into snake. Shivanya and Shesa leaves.

Manjauliaka comes here and says see, your two hours are complete, and tries to enter Rainaa/Shivanya’s body but can’t. Rainaa/Shivanya says just keep trying , you can’t do anything to me. Manjauliaka says not to you but what of your family! I’ll kill your father-in-law and leaves. Rainaa/Shivanya thinks I’ve to save this family.
Yamini says I’m going to kitchen as there is no water in jug.She leaves taking jug. Manjauliaka comes and appears in front of ankush. Ankush comes to her and tries to romance with her….Manjauliaka puts her hand on anky’s neck and says what you think I’m a girl, no, I’m a evil soul. She lifts her in air. Anky shouts. Manjauliaka says no-one can hear. Rainaa comes in her bee form. Rainaa changes into human and says leave him. She throws a ball type fire on Manjauliaka from her mouth. Manjauliaka lifts Ankush in Between an fire ball comes on him. She throws him. Booth start fight with their powers.

Rainaa spells something and a knife comes in her hand. She throws it on Manjauliaka. Manjauliaka stops knife and take knife in her hand. She says today, he will die. She throws knife on anky. Knife goes in Anky’s heart side. He outs. Manjauliaka hears someone steps’ sound and smirks and leaves. Rainaa turns into bee and leaves. Yamini comes and shouts. Aangad,Divya,Tanvi and Amrita comes. Yamini thinks naagin will take revenge , she will not spare anyone,who kills her parents.
Rithik with Shivanya/Rainaa. Rainaa/Shivanya says papa is no more, we’ve to live without him.

Screen shifts to Bundela house. Pari says to Rajbeer The time for which I was waiting, is almost come. Rajri tune plays. Pari says I’ll come soon after yogi Raj helps me. They hug. Pari leaves.
Pari is seen going on road. Saudamini comes and Swalika too comes and starts torturing her. Pari says you can’t do anything to me as shiv Ji and hanuman Ji is with me. Vamp tune plays. Swalika says keep thinking, I’ll show your lords help you? Pari says show me, I’ve trust on them! Swalika start using her powers. Pari suddenly lifts in air and starts fighting with them. Swalika and Saudamini are shocked. Swalika says How can it possible? Saudamini says today is great day for them, today is the night when truth wins. We’ve to avoid them. Pari lifts on land and thinks how it happens? I’ve to go to yogi Raj soon. Saudamini say let’s see where is e going? They start following her.

Screen shifts to Factory. Nikhil see. at Pragya and Aaliya comes and says i come, please leave her. Nikhil says I think of first to shoot her but then thinks how much good it if I shoot her in front of her sister-in-law. Someone hits Aaliya double time. Aaliya falls unconscious. She sid none other than tanu.

Tanu says work is done. Nikhil calls abhi and put phone in pocket. Abhi receives and says hello! Tanu changes her voice and says no-one can think that I’m with you. Aaliya Mehra can’t change. I’ll kill that Pragya Arora today. Nikhil says of course, I’ll complete this today! Tanu says let inform bahi and take care that you don’t call my name even by mistake! Abhi hears. Nikhil take takes out his phone and says what is this, how can it happen? I’ve called abhi! Tanu says in any situation, he have not to know that we are in that factory which was closed previous year. Stop this! Nikhil says what happened to this phone now? I thinking hanged! Tanu says give me and throws phone. Phone breaks. Both smile evily.
Abhi thinks I’ll not spare Aaliya but I’ve to save Pragya too. I know in which factory, they are! He says come Purab, I know where is Pragya? Bulbul says I’ll too come. Purab says OK! Abhi and Rabaul leaves.

Shivanya and Shesa pass by factory. Shivanya turns into human and Shesa too! Shivanya says someone is in trouble inside, let’s go and help them. They go inside. Nikhil says Bye! Purab Ji! He puts Pragya at gunpoint. Tanu says Bye Pragya! A lot will happen after your death, that innocent Aaliya will be blame for your murder,….
Nikhil was t shot Pragya but someone pushes him. She is none other than Shivanya. Shivanya says when evil comes, truth too comes. Tanu says get lost, its none of your business. Shesa says oh! so you’re master of this plan. Shesa changes into snake and bites tanu. Tanu falls. Nikhil is shocked. Shivanya says like she dead , your death will too come!

Shivanya throws fire on Nikhil. Naagin ki shakti plays. Nikhil starts shouting. Tanu stands and says I don’t die so easily like you thinking. Evil will win. Shesa says its your miss understanding. Tanu takes guns and shoots Pragya. Tanu sees at Aaliya and shoots. Gun goes into Aaliya’s head. She falls. Shesa sees at Pragya and Aaliya and says what to do Shivanya? Nikhil dies.

Shesa and Shivanya comes out. We’ve save both now, can we leave for shiv mandir now? Abhi comes and shouts Pragya! Both change into naagin and leaves. Abhi comes inside with Purab and Bulbul. Trio are shocked. Purab says what’s this? and checks Nikhil’s heartbeat and says he is dead. Bulbul goes to Pragya and starts crying And says wake up
, di! Abhi calls ambulance.

Shivanya and Shesa turns into human. Shivanya says look Shesa, how much humans love each other! Shesa says Don’t forget! these humans are murderers of your parents. Shivanya says if there is evil then truth too is there! Shesa says you’re falling in lobe with Rithik, Am I right? Shivanya says nothing is between us! Shesa thinks you’ve said to me that but how will you console your heart that you’re in love with Rithik! Shivanya thinks I’ve said to Shesa that there is nothing between me and Rithik but why I feeling so strange about Rithik like I’m in love with Rithik and smiles.
Shivanya sees Saudamini and Swalika following Pari. Shivanya say we’ve to help that woman! Shesa say but who are these? Shivanya says I don’t know but are looking like Manjauliaka is and I think they want to harm that woman. Saudamini spells and blows smoke towards Pari. Shesa saves Pari. Shivanya says why you’re doing this, who are you? Saudamini says oh! so you’re that in which my daughter enters, Shesa and Shivanya are shocked!
Saudamini says let’s a fight but you’ve no powers like us. She shouts Manjauliaka! Manjauliaka comes. She is shocked to see Shivanya. She says you! Who was she that was there? Saudamini says Stop and what are you saying How could be she in two places. Shivanya turns into half human and half naagin. Shivanya says let’s a fight. Saudamini says there will be fun to fight with someone,like me. Shivanya says Now see. She calls Shesa and Pari. Shesa and Purvi comes. All join their hands. Saudamini says two are naagins and one is human. Suddenly, Light falls on Pari. Pari’s skin starts changing into snake skin. Shesa ,Shivanya, Manjauliaka, Swalika and Saudamini sees at Pari and are shocked. Shivanya says only naagvanshi can change their form. Shesa says who are you? Shivanya says Shesa, today is night when nightlight falls on naags and naagins, their skin change into snake skin. Pari is shock. Saudamini says o much fun, 3 Naagins vs 3 evil spirits.
Saudamini spells and a knife come in her hand. She says this knife is full of poison and will kill someone among you. She throws knife on Shivanya. Pari thinks if today I lost my life , I’ve no pain of losting life! only they both can save all from them. Pari comes in between and knife goes into her snake skin. Pari takes out knife and says I don’t know why I don’t die but know this that evil will lose today. Trio join their hands and start fighting with them. Swalika says our powers are weak, let’s leave. They leave.
Pari says let’s go shiv mandir because our destination is one. They turn into snake and leave. They enter shiv mandir. Yogi Raj comes with Guru Dev. Guru Dev says you all. They turn into humans.

Screen shifts to Hospital. Abhi is seen. Purab says abhi! Dr is treating them, hope they trio will be save. Bulbul comes and says I’ve informed all family members, they are coming. Purab says Abhi, think one more, Aaliya is changed. I’ve see her positive side, if she wants to do something, she can do that time. why she have to wait? I trust her. She can’t do this. Bulbul says Abhi Jeejoo! Purab is saying right.I don’t trust her when I come but when Purab tell me, I’ve to believe that. See with our point of view. Dr comes and says your wife is out of danger and your child is save too. We’ve give antidote to tanushree mehta and Aaliya Mehra’s condition is critical. You can meet Tanushree. Abhi goes to Tanu.
Tanu wakes and reminds of factory’s incident. She thinks I can use it in my favour. She sees Abhi. He says what happened there, tell me truth!Tanu says Aaliya calls me and ask me to come in factory. I reach and see Nikhil was to shoot Pragya. I push him and throws petrol on him and burn him. He dies. Aaliya come and sees me. she takes gun and was to shoot Pragya She shoots her. I hit her and take gun from her and shoot her. I don’t know how a snake come here and bites me! She starts crying. Al family members come hospital. Tanu thinks this time I’ll take all Abhi’s property. While Aaliya and Pragya are seen in their rooms. Pragya opens r eyes. Screen freezes on Abhigya, Aaliya, Pari, Shesa, Shivanya, tanu and Rabul.

Precap: Yogi Raj to reveal pari’s truth in front of her. Abhi and Pragya hugs.

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  1. Hey ! That RS was me . I loved the episode .

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  3. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see devoleena as bee raina who took shivanya’s form 2 help her.manjaulika cudnt enter her body as she was only shivanya’s look alike.funny.her fight with manjaulika was thrilling,ankush got killed by manjaulika.but he deserved it.loved shivanya n sesha coming 2 save pragya.sad that aliya got shot n the whole blame is put on her head.hope d truth comes out thru pragya as she is out of danger now.nikhil is dead,so relieved.hope aliya too gets saved.tanu is still plotting.want her 2 get exposed n get punished.sesja,shivanya n paridhi fighting with vamps was interesting.But pari too naagin?how did she become supernatural?
    hats off 2 u 4 writing such a long mahasangham episode.1st time i’m reading mahasangham epi of ffs

    1. Shakaib

      I’ve not decided yet how to reveal Pari. But will decide soon.thanks jasmine for comment as well.

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  4. Awesome episode yaar n it’s really a super interesting ff yaar…

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  5. Awesome and waiting for Abhigya hug and Park’s truth. Rocking….

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