Mahasangam- YHM , TEI , KT, Kavach (Part 1)


Raman and Ishitha organised a party for Ruhi coming back to home and to win over her heart so they invite Rajber, paridhi , kali and yug as they are fan of Ruhaan ( Ruhi ) and they wanted to meet ruhaan once so they accepted the invitation. On the party night everyone were getting ready adi was wearing dress aliya enters the house and search for ishitha but she opens adi’s room and collide with him, he catches her they have a eye contact for a while then he starts scolding her she kisses him and says sorry and run away from there , adi smiles and starts liking her , on other side Raman forgets his clothes therefore he comes to take it ishitha sees him and screams Raman comes and closes her mouth there they have an eye contact but aliya enters the room and Raman takes clothes leaves from there Aliya also goes sadly from there thinking that ishitha amma is not ours anymore ishitha comes behind her and ask what’s the matter she says nothing and goes from there . Ishitha gets sad and goes to Ruhi room to see her but she did not get ready till now then ishitha calls pihu and ask her to tell Ruhi to get ready for party , pihu manages to convince her and they get ready and reach party hall.

Twinkle and Yuvi goes to junk house to know where he wanted to marry junk says in Delhi, they agrees and leave to pack their luggage and to get ready , They inform family about this and all get ready and reach airport with kunj and pallavi , then they reach hotel in Delhi after landing in Delhi airport. Yuvi call Raman and ask Raman that they had reached Delhi but they don’t know the best wedding hall and ask him to help him he say _______ wedding hall in the best in this city you can book for a hall he thanks Raman , Raman invites Yuvi and twinkle for Ruhi party yuvi says sure and ends call twinkle and yuvi book hall for tomorrow and leaves from there they get ready and reach Raman’s party.

After kali gets well yug informs her about Raman’s invitation and she gets up from bed and walks towards yug she slips suddenly on him he catches her and kiss her she pushes him and runs towards door , then they got ready and reach Ruhi’patry.

Rajber wakes up in morning and ask paridhi to ready as they are going to Raman’s party paridhi gets ready they reach airport and reach Raman’s party after landing in Delhi .

Ruhi slaps nidhi and ask her to leave the party , Twinkle collides with kunj , kunj says syappa queen don’t you see and walk twinkle gets shock , paridhi starts dancing as ghost makes her to dance so that she can get bad name , kali speak with some man yug sees this and gets sad.

Credit to: Radcliffe

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