Intro of characters in MAHASANGAM

Raman – YHM
Ishitha – YHM
Abhi – KB
Pragya – KB
Kunj – TEI
Twinkle – TEI
Prem – SSK
Simar – SSK

(Other characters are related to the respective shows)

Raman and Ishitha along with simar and prem enter KB and TEI to bring closer the lead characters which leads to love confession in TEI and KB.

Raman and Ishitha goes for the temple for thanking god as doctor once again checks Ishitha and say that she can become mother again, where Pragya has reached with Abhi in search of decorator as someone calls Pragya and says that they say decorator vijay at the same temple , Twinkle is once again kidnapped by yuvi and had been taken to same temple to marry her whom followed by Kunj secretly , Prem brings possessed simar forcefully to the same temple when simar touches the steps of temple the ghost run away from her whom is patali devi .

Raman sees Abhi at the temple gets happy , Kunj with help of prem and Raman hits yuvi, simar comes out of the temple again she gets possessed .

Credit to: Vinod

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  1. Nice is it starting or u will end wirh 2 r 3episods

  2. nice episode plz continue

  3. Nye episode plz conti

  4. Nice yaar

  5. Thanks friends for your valuable and most encouraging comments , I think the story will go much a head as I thought to include naagin, swaragini, iss pyaar ko kya naam dooh, NBTNMKK ( MEGHAN ) , Promoting of new new movies will be done here too

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