Kunj somehow manage to find twinkle and yuvi with help of raman and prem and hits on yuvi which makes him bleed Kunj calls police and inform about yuvi police reaches the temple and arrest him ,Kunj sees twinkle crying and say I love you to divert her mind but twinkle believes this and say that she to love him a lot which makes Kunj realise is love for her and say I really love you twinkle and then Kunj thanks raman and prem then Kunj and twinkle leaves the temple.
Abhi and pragya blames each other for the escape of decorator then greets prem , Raman Isitha and Simar and they also leaves the temple ,

While leaving temple pathali devi attacks on Pragya ( flashback : pathali devi sees pragya with simar reaching towards car ) which was seen by the Abhi and runs towards her Pragya thinks that she is going to die and she says him the truth behind her rude behaviour thus love again starts between pragya and Abhi , Abhi reaches hospital with pragya and doctors confirms that she is out of dangerous thus they leave life happier ever .

When simar comes out of temple pathali devi posses her who sees ishitha infront of her , ishitha runs to prem to say about the simar but simar uses black magic on he which makes her fell on the rock thus ishitha loses her baby once again , Raman gets her to the hospital where doctors confirm that ishitha and baby both are died and pathali devi gets soul of the ishitha thus she becames most powerful devil on the world, simar( pathali devi ) kills prem r hus she reaches pathal lok and becomes the queen of all lok ( universe ).
Raman marry shagun again and live happy life ever .

Thanks everyone for reading my story and I would bring superb next mahasangam story until then do what ever you want but don’t trouble your mom

Credit to: Vinod

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