(characters are related to their respective show)

Kunj organises a grand party at his home in which he invites Abhi and Pragya , Kunj and twinkle decorate party area while Kunj was decorating with flower on the stairs suddenly it falls on twinkle , twinkle say Kunj you did it for sake right Kunj say do you think I don’t have any other work rather then disturbing you syappa queen then twinkle say baabaji please rescue me from him later Kunj goes for taking bath in between bathing suddenly water gets stop then Kunj calls his mom , gets some water but twinkle hears that get some water then she brings it from downstairs and go directly to the bathroom where she sees Kunj without any dress but in shorts , both shouts then twinkle slips as see step on soap Kunj catches her and hugs her both gets wet there they get a eye lock for a minute Kunj tries to kiss twinkle but twinkle pushes him and runs .( sajna ve songs plays in background )
Both twinkle and Kunj gets ready for party who were looking like hottest couple of the world. Twinkle and kunj comes down takes blessing of babee and welcomes where one to the party.

Tanu ask Abhi where are you going with Pragya , Abhi say Kunj called me as they have organised for a party he also invited Pragya for the party but tanu say I will come with you , these three reaches Kunj house gets in to the house whom were welcomed by the Kunj and twinkle .

Raman ansd ishitha plans to go for the Amritsar temple takes rohit with them reaches airport and takes flight and reaches amritsar, Raman and ishitha enters temple where rohit gets kidnapped by someone, raman and ishitha search rohit everywhere time was 9:00 then kidnapper is shown who reaches Kunj house which was seen by ishitha , Raman and ishitha gets into the house.

Sivanya gets hurt as Kabir hurts her , Raman and ishitha greets kunj and twinkle and leaves Abhi and pragya leaves the house ……

Credit to: Vinod

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  1. Looks like u like mahasangams a lot, I also like them but not like every week 😛 like once or twice a month but what is best there is 4 shows from 3 different channels 😛 that’s why I liked it a lot

  2. superbb but too short

  3. Is this real when it come

  4. Its so foolishly shown in Dream Girl ek ladki suhaani si. First it started from Lakshmi a girl from rajasthan who came to Mumbai for being an actress where she became the great fan of an actress Ayesha Sareen. The story of Lakshmi suddenly turned to be the story of Ayesha sareen herself. Now the episode is running like the twin sisters ayesha and aarthi are quarelling among themselves for raghu (their love). Where the story started ? where is it ending ? and it is so foolish that Arathi has cahnged her face to remain unknown but in the middle she herself revealed everything to Ayesha before she could get successin her plan.

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