MahaSangam Half Marriage & Agnifera 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu, Arjun and others save many lives

Half Marriage 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Mahasangam episode of Half Marriage and Agnifera starts with Anurag and Ragini on the song hum india wale. Everyone claps. Chandani and Shristi asks woman not to be scared and says Police will come and diffuse this bomb. Woman asks them to be far away. Shristi says we are witness that you are innocent. Woman says it is too late now. Terrorists come there and asks woman to go, and hold Chandani and Shristi on gun point. Arjun and Vishu think to search their wives. Chandani says you are not a man to make woman as human bomb. Goon slaps her and threatens to shoot her. Vishu collides with the woman and sees bomb. He tells Arjun. The goons are about to shoot Chandani and Shristi, when Arjun and Vishu come there and beats them.

Vishu makes the woman fall down. Arjun beats the terrorists. He

makes her sit. Shristi says Police will come. Vishu says there is less time left. Teacher takes students near stage. Chandani cries. Arjun comforts her. Shristi tells Vishu that it is a bomb and not a gadget. Vishu says he has to do it. Shristi shows faith on him and says I am sure you can do this. Vishu cuts the wire just before the bomb is about to blast.

He says one more wire is left and cuts it. Timer stops. Vishu says it is disconnected. He manages to cut all the wires. Woman takes a sigh of relief. Arjun –Chandani, and Shristi-Vishu hug each other. Arjun tells Chandani that he saw death closely. Chandani says Maa was right. Arjun says they came to stop this. Anurag gives rose to Ragini. Ragini takes it.

Dulari sees Anurag and Ragini romancing and calls revathi. Revathi asks what happened? Anurag says he has a boring partner and that’s why dance was boring. They pretend to argue and leave.

Ragini collides with the terrorists and looks on. Anurag looks for Ragini. Suryaprakash says she must be here. Arjun and Chandini comes there. Anurag asks if everything alright. Chandani tells him everything. Anurag hugs Vishu and feels proud of him. Shristi says he has saved many lives. Terrorist calls Chandani and says he is Kaal. He says there is one more bomb there and asks her to see the video message. Chandani sees many kids, Ragini and Saheb ji kept captive by the terrorist. Anurag says I will go and search Ragini. Arjun says first they have to find the bomb there. They run to woman and ask her to think where they have planted the bombs. Woman says she doesn’t know and starts crying for her son. Arjun recalls seeing the boy and tells Mannu. He asks Anurag to go and save Ragini and kids. He will go and search the bombs. Revathi tries to stop Anurag, but he goes. Vidhwan tells that he is a responsible citizen and a husband.

Ragini tries to free her hands. Saheb ji is tensed and tries to free his hands. Arjun and Chandani search for the bombs. Vidhwan and Manohar makes people vacate the place. Surya Prakash also joins them. Kaal says my game will start now. Ragini asks him to leave the innocent kids. Saheb ji asks him to leave him and says I am Saheb ji. Anurag and Chandani check for the bomb separately. Ragini asks Saheb ji to count the number of terrorists. He counts and tell him. Saheb ji says I will give you money. Kaal says he don’t want money and asks him to be thankful as he is giving him chance to die as martyr. Ragini calls him coward and says we are Indian and will not bend infront of you. He slaps her and walks out.

Chandani checks the video again and thinks this is Sanskar sena’s store room. She calls Anurag and says I know where they are? Kaal says just 9.5 mins is left. Arjun checks beneath the table and finds Aman sitting there and crying. He asks if you are fine. Woman asks her son where is the bomb. Aman is too scared. Ragini manages to free her hands. Chandani and Anurag come there. Aman looks backstage. Arjun checks the bomb. Terrorist comes there. Ragini hits him. Saheb ji asks her to open his hand. She says 1 min and goes to free kids first. Kaal hits Chandani and she falls.

Saheb ji shouts Chandani. Chandani throws sand in his eyes and he falls. Chandani frees Saheb ji’s hands and says nothing will happen to him. Anurag and Ragini fight with the terrorists. Ragini plays…Kaal keeps knife on Ragini. Ragini asks him to shoot at his forehead. Anurag aims gun at him. Arjun finds the bomb. Anurag shoots at Kaal’s leg. Police comes and arrests them. Ragini appreciates Anurag. Arjun thinks just 30 second is left and thinks he has to do something. He picks the bouquet having bomb. Chandani is shocked. Arjun asks her to tell Sulochana that he is fine and runs. Chandani says no and runs behind him. Suddenly bomb blasts. Chandani shouts Arjun. Everyone gets shocked. Chandani sits down in shock and recalls her moments with him. Arjun walks inside. Everyone gets happy to see him. Woman hugs her son Aman. Arjun comes to Chandani. Chandani hugs him and cries. She says are you fine? Arjun says my life is successful. Chandani calls him brave. Vishu tells shristi that everyone is fine.. Shristi appreciates him for diffiusing the bomb. They hug each other. Ragini also hugs Anurag and says today you became gun man also. Anurag says I love you. Revathi hears them.


Agnifera: Revathi tells Anurag and Ragini that they did brave work and punishes them. Later Anurag threatens to jump off from balcony.

Half Marriage: Reva and Suryaprakash gets engaged. Later Reva goes to meet Suryaprakash and then calls Arjun or Chandani and tells that he is a bad guy. She runs on road while Suryaprakash follows her, and a truck hits someone. Chandani also comes there and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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