Mahasangam Bhootu and Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suchi saves Pihu

Bhootu 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu enjoys a roller ride while Suchi cheers her up. Aarav reaches there. Fire catches roller ride. Aarav and Suchi try to set off fire and get children out. Pihu gets stuck. Suchi tries to run towards roller coaster to help Pihu. Aarav says there is no one there. Suchi says her Bhootu, Anadita’s daughter. Aarav says she is dead. Suchi says she is dead and became bhooth and stays with her, she is the biggest secret of her life which she wanted to tell him. He asks to stop acting mad. Suchi runs towards roller coaster. Gopal smiles and blesses. Suchi lifts Pihu out of ride and saves her. Aarav scolds her what if something had happened to her. Suchi consoles Pihu and asks her to stop right here till she returns, and leaves with Aarav.

Adhiraj passes by store room and seeing rat on floor walks into store room afraid. Devi taunts him how did he come in, he is not accustomed to be with rats. He angrily twists her hand. She confronts and says someone tried to kill him with poison. He says Maasa was given poison instead. Discussoin continues. Devi consumes poison and says she will see if he will save her or not. He shouts if she has gone mad. She asks him not to worry, she did not consume poison and was testing him.

Aarav walks on road and clashes with a man, scolds him, then apologizes. Man asks if he is fine. Aarav says he is searching a doctor and searches photo in his pocket, but does not find it. Mansi’s goon catch doctor who is disguised as joker and try to kill him. Doctor over phone pleads Mansi not to kill him, he will not tell anything to anyone. Goons see police in mela and inform Mansi that they cannot kill doctor now.

Suchi clases with Adhiraj in mela and identifies him as her friend Devi’s husband. She suggests him that when he loves his wife so much, he should also express his love for her and stand by her side. At Adhiraj’s house, Manan and Kesar are locked in their room. Manan thinks he will not touch her and gulps alcohol. Kesar tries to seduce him and hugs him from behind with Ang agade re…song..playing in the background..


Update Credit to: MA

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    This might be the funniest news I’ve read today. What a justification!!!

    I know as viewers we only watch a show for 30 minutes but the creators have to consider a lot of things. So, I don’t expect them to show tracks according to our wishes all the time & yes, there might be significant changes.
    But revamping the show for kids as they have shown plenty of romance!!!! Are you frigging kidding me???

    Even the best of the best shows can’t develop every aspect of its story simultaneously.
    If you ask me, the only undeveloped portion of BHOOTU has been AarHi’s relationship. Aarav’s character was introduced a long time ago but nothing significant has happened between them. To me, it always looked like one sided. One sided irritation from Aarav, one sided realization of his mistake of suspecting Suchi & then his one sided love & lastly his one sided revenge for his sister. When did they actually showed some development? It’s only recent that Suchi has finally come out of her shell & started reciprocating Aarav’s feelings.

    The show has always focused on the kid – her relationship with her mother & later how she changed Suchi’s life.
    I would actually like to thank the writer for the transformation he has shown in Suchi’s character with Pihu’s presence & how unknowingly she has become her mother.
    And now suddenly you think it’s an adult show so you must exclude every crucial character???? For God’s sake watch your own show first & then decide.

    Even the original show revolved around a family if I’m not wrong. Then would it kill them to retain AarHi & showing their own family????

    Anyways the decision has been made, so we have nothing to say. Had to vent my frustration somehow.

    I just wish that, the way they had developed PiChi’s story, they give it a proper ending so that some of us can get a closure. This so called MAHASANGRAM & Suman’s accident were really shocking that now I have a doubt whether the writer will take some time to give a proper ending or he will just destroy everything & start the revamped show.

  2. Yey!!!!!!!!! Suman is alive!!!!! Since Gulgule also knows the truth, hope Suchi will be able to save her chotima :/ But poor kid, watched his mother in such a state & got slapped also. Although I am confused why did Mansi save Suman when she got to know the truth??? Is she trying to use her as a bait against Suchi???

    Today I felt really sorry for Aarav. His expression said it all. Poor guy!!! All he wanted was to prove his sister right but got to know truth & realized how wrong he has been the whole time. I hope Mansi’s chapter ends ASAP.

  3. At last,the truth has come out ,both Pihu’s and Manasi’s.I thought Aarav won’t believe the doctor’s words like he refused to believe in Pihu’s presence.Thanks to the writers for not dragging this further and I hope Manasi’s track is really over and done with and she will be thrown behind the bars or given death sentence as she truly deserves that.OR is there anything that is still left over like Babli defending her daughter and blaming Suchi for brainwashing Aarav.
    Niharika,any idea how the writers are planning to end Aarav and Suchi’s characters?As you said in your previous comment the story will be reaching the point of saturation when Pihu’s killer pays for her sins and Anandita is told about her daughter.That is enough for Pihu to attain salvation and that should the end of the story with Aarav and Suchi getting married and leading a happy life..nowadays medical science is so advanced that it won’t be difficult for Suchi to become a mother and our little Bhootu reincarnates and gets united with her Yashoda MA.Ofcourse this is all our wishful thinking,let us see what the writers have in store for us.Thank god they have n’t killed Suchi in that fire today when she goes to save Pihu.and along with her Aarav….I was really crossing my fingers.

    1. I was actually thinking the same. I do feel sorry for Anandita but after what Subodh has done, I don’t really want her to get back to him & after what Suchi has gone through, she deserves to have Pihu in her life.

      If it was in my hand, I would want to connect all the dots. Many times Gopal even Sarla on New Year’s eve said Pihu will be the one uniting AarHi. I would like to watch a positive ending where finally Pihu would meet Anandita & give her some peace. It would be satisfying if Pihu does AarHi’s GATBANDHAN & enters the house with them – as it was predicted earlier. Then they could show her getting Moksha & to be born again as AarHi’s daughter. That would be the ending I am hoping for.

      I wish they end AarHi’s chapter like this or in a similar way. This story has had a wonderful development. I would like to watch a wonderful ending also.

      In this way, the revamped version will look like another season or a spinoff & wouldn’t really dishearten the diehard fans of PiChi & AarHi 🙂

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