Mahasangam Bhootu and Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu beats goons

Bhootu 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adhiraj raj sadly expresses his concern that he wanted a heir in this house, but Devi broke his dream. Maasi asks not to worry Kesar and Manan will give him heir. Manan drops juice glass hearing that. Maasa says it is a good sign. Devi enters and says she is back and will give their legal heir. Maasi warns her to not enter house. Devi walks in. Adhiraj shouts if she has gone mad. Devi says she has right to stay in this house for 1 month and give them legal heir.

Goons catch someone and try to kill him. Pihu stops goons and beats them. Goons are shocked seing an invisible person beating them. Aarav and Suchi also reach there. Suchi asks Arav if he found Dr. Shukla. Aarav says he did not find yet. Pihu says only her mamma can find Dr. Shukla, now even Gopal is not helping her.

Adhiraj asks Devi will she stay. Devi says where her heart stays, where she lived a lot, where she finds peace, kaal kothri. Adhiraj continues shouting at her. Devi then reaches mela where Pihu asks if she came to help find doctor. Devi agrees to help her.\\

Pihu insists Suchi to sit in a ride. Suchi tries to convince her, but she gets adamant. Suchi asks operator if she can sit. Operator says it is for kids. Suchi then buys a doll and asks operator to let it sit, she will give double money. Opeator agrees. Suchi signals Pihu to run and sit with doll. Pihu happily does. Dv reaches Suchi and asks her to tell truth to Aarav that she has someone in life, Pihu, and tell everything about Pihu. Suchi agrees.

Maasa fumes in front of Urmi’s mother that she does not like Devi, but she returns back repeatedly even after so much planning. Urmi’s mother tells about Sadhu baba in town who can help her. Sadhu comes home. He washes his hair in water and asks to sprinkle water all over house. Devi comes and touches his feet. He blesses her. Maasa says Devi is a guest here and signals Kesar to touch feet. Kesar touches Baba’s feet. Baba suggests to do maha shiv pooja if they want baby in this house. Devi hears that and does pooja..


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  1. I am not a fan of such Mahasangram & this might be the most illogical fusion I’ve ever seen.

    No way the cast of one serial are helping the others. Devi was not needed to tell Pihu to irritate Mansi as she herself does it frequently.

    Aarav could be given the advice of trusting his love by anyone. Devi wasn’t needed at all. Then why this fusion?

    Rather it has destroyed the continuity as Pihu would never be this happy & enthusiastic regarding a fair when her mom has left & Suchi would never waste time in getting ready neither Aarav would start dancing with a Banjaran even if he’s drunk.

    Such a waste!!!

  2. OK writers, we got it that you were dying to revamp the story. But by killing Suman!!!!!

    Fantastic (y) Aisi Creativity Dekhi Nahi Kahi.

    Now do one thing. Kill Suchi, Aarav & Gulgule too. That way there will be no other complications.

  3. It is unbelievable that Manasi,to save her skin ,went to the extent of eliminating her younger brother and if not for Bhootu,she would have succeeded as well.Very smart of Suchi’s kaki to follow Manasi and record her real colors on her mobile .Very unfortunate that she couldn’t escape from Manasi in time and met with an accident .But she had done what Suchi couldn’t do and forwarded the crucial evidence to Aarav.Hope this is the end of Manasi.
    Since Aarav and Suchi’s characters wiill be ending shortly,I wonder how the writers have planned to end them…will Suchi and Aarav handover Pihu to her parents ,get married and leave OR Manasi ,before going to jail ,eliminate everyone including Subodh,Aarav and Suchi?I have read somewhere that they are going to retain only Gopal and Pihu’s characters and do away with the supporting actors .The producers and the channel must be thinking that they are doing something novel and experimental but I am sure this decision of theirs will cost them dearly.

    1. Totally agree with you Lakshmi Ji. This is one hell of a ridiculous decision made by the channel & creator.

      The original version was super hit in West Bengal. 6:30pm is not a prime slot that they are expecting rave response.

      Now by eliminating every crucial character – I don’t know how they are expecting to create a storm among viewers.

      Even ace actors fail to save a show when the story is spoiled. Here they are depending on two child actors no offense to them. I must say they are either very brave to take such a risk or completely delusional.

      And yes, Suman’s move was really smart. I was wishing Suchi to do the same thing but they had to show her dumb & Mansi all powerful :/

    2. The problem with the revamp Lakshmi is that kids grow up, Pihu is going to grow loose teeth grow adult ones…and Gopal will also change which really doesn’t matter but still. LOL, i couldn’t find out why the other characters are leaving, is it just a story change or did everyone quit like in ADDN?

      1. On point Cathy. That was the main reason for wrapping up the Bengali version of Bhootu as Arshiya was growing up. To be frank, Bhootu has reached its saturation point as Pihu will get moksha once her killer is punished & her mother sees her.

        If only the creators had shown a happy ending & then AarHi getting married & starting a family of their own – where they could retain Arshiya as their daughter – that would be amazing. Even Arshiya growing up wouldn’t look abnormal.

        It’s not really impossible as women can have uterus transplantation & can give birth through C-section. As much as I am aware, in 2017, in India itself, the first uterus transplantation has taken place. So it wouldn’t be out of place if Suchi would give birth to a daughter & Pihu reincarnates as AarHi’s daughter with Gopal’s grace. Plus it would also help in raising awareness about such treatment being available.

        But it seems the writers are hell bent on killing every character along with the story.

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