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Maharana Pratap 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap asks Maan Singh to take special care of his white horse. Maan Singh laughs. He orders the soldiers to chain the white horse first of all. A soldier holds Chetak’s rein. Pratap signals to Chetak who starts neighing and jumping. It becomes difficult for the soldier to control him. Pratap and the men get a chance to attack on the soldiers as their attention is diverted. An angry Akbar looks at them from the balcony. The men get successful in escaping from there. They take their separate ways but know the exact spot where they have decided to meet. Meanwhile, Aparna gets inside a secret hiding place. The men too assemble there only.

Shakti calls Aparna Akbar’s spy but Pratap tells him that she is their spy instead. On his way to Agra, Pratap was speaking to Acharya about Khetu’s

sister. I had promised Khetu before her death that I will give her (Dhani) her work. Acharya knew that already and takes Pratap to Dhani’s place. Pratap asks Dhani to keep a tight vigil on Akbar and his movements. You will have to keep me updated. She corrects him – Aparna. I am the most trusted spy of Maan Singh. Pratap says then you have to find out the inof that he is hiding so carefully inside him. Aparna mixes something in the food. A girl enters inside the room. She has the royal message of Akbar. The girl dies as soon as she eats the food. Dhani reads the message. Pratap tells Dhani to do what is exactly written in the letter. I think I already know what will be written in it. That only will take us inside the palace.

Pratap wonders how they will enter inside the palace now to reach Kamlawati. Dhani has brought a layout of the palace. Pratap seeks Chandrasen’s help as he has worked on many layouts before. Chandrasen politely apologizes to him for not being able to help him this time. Rani Kamlawati has been kept captive at the highest point of the palace. We will die by the hands of the soldiers if we try to climb up. Even if we reach her we wont be able to get out of the palace alive. Acharya points out about the cannons that Akbar has deployed atop the palace. Chandrasen adds that they are special cannons which focus on their targets and then don’t give up without harming them. Pratap finds it challenging and adventurous. Everyone will think of this as impossible. There is a challenge of losing your life on every step. I want us to give our best. Ekling ji will take care of the rest. I have a plan. We will make 3 groups. Chandrasen and Acharya will guide me and Dhani towards the cell. You will also make small blasts to divert the attention of the soldiers. Acharya wants them to reach the room where the gunpowder has been kept.

Akbar orders his soldiers to guard that particular room. Increase the security around the palce where Kamlawati is kept.

Shakti is told to blow all the cannons when Pratap gives him a signal. It will divert the attention of the soldiers and we will get a chance to exit from the palace. Shakti suggests blasting this palace ony. Pratap reminds him of their main mission – to rescue Kamlawati. Shakti wants to take revenge for their martyrs but Pratap tells him that this isn’t the right time.

Akbar increases security around the area where his cannons have been kept.

Acharya says the success of this mission depends on you and Dhani. Pratap calls it an almost impossible mission as Akbar would have heightened the security around Kamlawati’s cell but we have to do it. No one should be left behind or we wont leave the palace. Dhani has a doubt. The MUghal soldiers will surely follow us once we get Kamlawati. Acharya says we will blast gunpowder at the exit gate so the soldiers stay inside. Dhani is relieved. Shakti appreciates her for asking a good question. Everyone looks at him.

The spy appreciates Aparna for her smart work. Shehanshah has sent gold coins for you for the work that you have done. He moves forward and finds her dead. If she is dead then who is the one who took Aparna inside the palace? He immediately runs and tells Akbar about the same. The girl who came as Aparna is actually Pratap’s spy.

Chandrasen and Acharya are near the room where gunpowder has been kept. Many soldiers stand outside as guard. Acharya proposes to hide in a place where they wont be expecting them – inside this very room!

Shakti Singh looks at the cannons. I have got a very big chance to kill all of you by getting a chance to blast these cannons. I wont spare you today, Mughals!

Pratap and Dhani are near the stairs but it is heavily guarded. Maan Singh is pacing there only. He orders the soldiers to be extra careful. No one should take the stairs that lead to Kamlawati’s cell. Kill anyone who tries to take the stairs. The soldiers nod. Dhani steps back but her sword falls in the process. Pratap picks it. Maan has heard the noise though. Dhani apologizes to Pratap. Maan moves around to see who is there. Pratap holds his dagger and gets ready to attack.

Precap: Maan Singh announces that he has Shakti Singh. Come out before I count 10 or we will kill him. Pratap and everyone else is with Kamlawati at the moment. They all hear the announcement. Akbar is sure Pratap wont be able to escape now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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