Maharana Pratap 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 9th October 2013 Written Update

Jayvanta asks permission from Udai Singh to leave the palace and stay with Pratap. He refuses .He wants Jayvanta to experience the same pain of not being near to their beloved son like him. Jayvanta is adamant she makes know her intent to disregard were the king to issue such an order. Udia misunderstands Jayvanta’s intent has being one of distancing father and son forever by establishing her sole influence over Pratap. An angry Udai snatches all the privileges of being the chief queen from her and also breaks his relationship of being man and wife with her in response.. Though for the world they would still be a married couple but not in their hearts or in intent.

Bhatiyani witnesses the entire incident with pleasure and reminds Jayvanta bai to make sure Pratap leads a normal life and not of an hero..

Pratap is planning his strategy with the villagers to kill the tiger when Jayvanta arrives and dismisses the gathering.. She makes known he desire to be with Pratap henceforth and decide what would decide Pratap’s future course of action. Pratap is ordered to stay indoors till Jayvanta feels he should go out. She is not ready to hear his protests or pleas on this issue.

Bairam Khan is unable to digest his humiliation at the hands of Pratap. He orders for a village to be burnt on his way back from Mewar.. Infact he himself torches it… The cries and wails of hapless villagers sooth his humiliated self.

Pratap is unable to sleep as he dreams of the man eater beingalive and scot free. He escapes the house and instructs his faithful friend chakrapani to take his place and fool his mother in believing he is inside the residential quarters. Chakrapani reluctantly agrees as Pratap is very persuasive with his arguments.

In the dead of the night a brave Pratap enters te forest with the intention of slaying the man eating tiger.

Precap: Pratap encounters the Bheel tribe once again and their leader does not want Pratap to interfere in his land.Pratap promises Chakrapani to kill the tiger next dy or be killed by him.. Pratap gets caught in a moat trap and hears the growl of the tiger coming nearer.

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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