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Maharana Pratap 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Multan Khan (MK) heads to the area where the Bheels are supposedly hiding. The BHeels keep changing their location as the soldiers cross by. They also kill the Mughal soldiers who are passing by from there.

Akbar wants MK to do something. You cannot let our soldiers die! The ball is still in our court. I have faith in MK. He will do something. Maan Singh tells Akbar that Pratap is back in the palace. Akbar is angry. How could he return alive? He was not carrying any weapon. Maan Singh says Pratap’s loyal people reached there before our guy could harm Pratap. He got killed. Akbar questions Maan Singh. How did this happen? Maan Singh repeats that he will stick to his words as he is a true Rajput. I want to resign from my post. Please accept it. Akbar wants him to try one more time to prove

his loyalty to him. Maan Singh nods.

One of a top Bheel gets hurt. One of the guys is carrying a herb which can cure any pain. He sends the younger guy to help Rana Punja. He has been fighting alone since so long. The guy leaves. The wounded Bheel pours something on the walls around him. The soldiers reach that spot. MK stops the soldiers from attacking that particular guy.

Pratap and all the soldiers get ready. Doda ji shares that Chandrasen’s brother, Ram Singh, refused to help his brother. Pratap has been expecting it already. Doda ji adds that Amar has proved himself to be the rightful successor of the throne. He kept guiding us. Pratap agrees but says he is still young. Doda ji says Phool also tried to tell him the same, but he dint listen to her. Pratap goes to talk to him.

Amar thinks of his dying mother as he rides on his horse. Hakim Khan orders his soldier to get the cart right asap. He notices Amar. He tries to call out for Amar, to stop him. I find something wrong. He begins to follow Amar.

MK asks that BHeel to take them out of this confusing area. I will kill you otherwise. The guy agrees. I will take you out of here, and where the Bheels are hiding. You will have to promise me that you will take me to my family. MK laughs. I heard so much about the Bheels. They are very brave but you appear otherwise. The guy says I was against this war since beginning. I told our leader that this war is between Mughals and Mewar. Why should we get into it? MK laughs. The guy begins to lead them.

Akbar applauds MK’s tactic. One should use their brains at the right time. Hope you (Maan Singh) will be able to use your sword now. Maan Singh agrees.

HK continues to follow Amar.

The Bheel guy reaches exactly the spot where Rana Punja and the other men are hiding. He walks past that area though. The younger guy tells Rana Punja that Kaka is taking them to death. He is taking them to where the herbs are kept by our ancestors. He will also lose his life. Rana Punja stops him. The Mughal soldiers find no other Bheel there. The Bheel laughs at them. Finally you know! He clashes stones together. A loud bang is heard. He says Har Har Mahadev as he dies. Rana Punja comforts the younger guy. It is time for revenge. We have to give meaning to his sacrifice. The Mughal soldiers are unable to breathe. Rana Punja and his men cover their mouths. They rush to that area and kill all the Mughal soldiers.

CK assures Phool that Amar will be back. We have sent soldiers after him. Phool panics. I made a mistake. He was angry with me. I should have made him understand. DB tells her to tell the truth to Pratap. Pratap asks the ladies about Amar. Where is he? DB says he got a lot restless after you left. Phool tried to make him understand but she has no experience. She has no kid of her own. It isn’t her fault. Pratap asks Phool this time. Phool stammers. He went on his horse to fight along with the Bheels. Pratap is taken aback. You all let him go? DB says Phool took all the responsibility after Ajabde. I never thought that Phool is incapable of doing so. CK questions her mother how she could speak like that in this situation. Pratap reprimands his sisters for not being careful. Phool tries to say something but he tells her to stop. Forget about Ajabde, you are not even worth Ajabde’s shadow!

Precap: MK and the soldiers catch hold of Amar. MK asks the Bheels to surrender to them or the future of Mewar will go in dark. Rana Punja steps forward when MK picks up his sword to hurt Amar!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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