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Maharana Pratap 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalla gets dressed as an ordinary citizen. I will never let any foreign enemy enter in my our motherland.

Patta tells his wife not to worry about him when he is away. this is your family now. You have to take care of them too. Take Ma to Vaid ji for sure. She is crying silently. He walks up to her. I know we just got married and I have to go away from you. But Pratap needs me. Chittor, its citizens need me. my motherland is calling me to pay back its debt. He leaves. His wife cries. Patta seeks his mother’s blessings. Rawat Jagga (Patta’s father) too had thought of his motherland above anything else. Go and follow your dharma just like him. He nods. His wife brings puja thaal for him just then. She does his aarti. I have been brought up in this very land only. Nothing is greater than motherland.

It is the most blessed thing to know that my husband will be taking care of our motherland. Patta feels lucky. I will be back soon. He again turns to go when she makes a request to him. I want to go with my husband to take care of him. He wipes her tears. I have very less time. I will have to leave from here right away. You can come after us till Chittor along with Ma.

Pratap tells Jaimal to keep an eye on Mughals as they are doing the work real fast. Raja Jaimal says maybe they aren’t working so fast. Kalla dint give me any info. Pratap asks for Kalla. No one has seen him since yester night.

Kalla is standing in the queue with the other labourers. The commander compliments him on his strong built. We need such strong people only so we finish our work faster. He gives him gold coins.

Dodhiya ji tells Pratap that he was right. Two security guards are found unconscious. They realise that Kalla got inside Mughal tent without seeking anyone’s permission. He shouldn’t have been so careless. Pratap asks everyone if they trust his leadership or not. Everyone talks in affirmative. Rawat ji says we can sacrifice our lives on your one word. Your decision is the last decision for us. It is always in our welfare. Pratap is sad that their future plans are in danger now. He was thinking of going to Mughal tents when Patta would join them. I thought Kalla, Patta and I will go in there and kill those Mughals once and for all. Patta knows Farsi very well. Kalla has put himself in danger. It will be really difficult for him to get out of there safely.

US and his family resume their journey. Chand is not feeling well. Chand faints. Everyone gets worried for her. Acharya says maybe she fainted because of the heat. She will be fine soon. Chand is not waking up even when they sprinkle water on her face.

HA reaches another spot. He notices the marks around that place. It is surely the marks of the horses. We are very near. We will find our enemy very soon.

Chand finally wakes up. Amar says you will be fine if you take rest. You fainted because of the heat. Acharya tells US that they have to move forward right away. DB wants to stop for the night. US asks Chand if she is feeling well. She nods. He wants to leave asap. DB tries to request him but he cannot put other people’s lives in risk for my daughter. Chand gives her consent. I am brave enough. I will walk. I am Rana US’s daughter after all. US looks at her proudly.

Pratap too decides to go inside the Mughal tents all by himself. Ishar Das ji doesn’t want him to risk his life for an undisciplined guy like Kalla. Pratap points out that Kalla dint do it for himself. He has done it for motherland. I cannot leave him alone. He is our friend. We will attack that Mughal and defeat him once I free him. Raja Jaimal stays put. I am responsible for Kalla’s secret exit. It was my responsibility. I will go to bring him back. I will kill myself if I see any danger to our motherland. Pratap still wants to go. Ishar Das ji wants to go to rescue Kalla. Rawat ji tells them that no one will go there alone. We should all go there together to attack on that Mughal. Surely the reason of our attack is Kalla. If we look at things simply, that MUghal is not expecting any sort of attack on us as of now. The sudden attack will surprise him. He will not get any chance to be ready to fight back. They all agree.

Kalla looks at Akbar’s tent. Yaar Begh finds him standing near one of the tents drinking water. He scolds him. the water for labourers is kept on a separate side. Akbar comes out of his tent. He demands to know why the cannon ball is not shot yet. Kalla glares at him. he takes out his dagger while Yaar Begh lights the cannon. A shield falls. Akbar’s attention is diverted towards Kalla. Kalla rushes towards Akbar but his soldiers catch him in time. It was all Kalla’s imagination.

Rawat ji talks about unity. We can give up our lives for our motherland. All the Rajputs have decided to teach a lesson to that Mughal today. it is a do or die situation. That MUghal is making a sand mountain, archway just to attack us. He will surely attack us in some days. we should attack on him all of a sudden even before he plans to attack on us. Pratap decides to attack on the Mughals tomorrow morning itself. We will do it together.

Precap: One of the ladies share the news with the other ladies. Either we will win or defeat. Another lady asks her if it is time for Jauhar. The soldiers get ready to fight against the Mughals.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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