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Maharana Pratap 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both the sides continue shooting cannons. Mughals stop in their way for a second when the cannon ball kills many soldiers but they charge again. Afghani soldiers continue to shhot them when they are in their range. Pratap tells IK to continue attacking from above the fort. I will handle them from here. I will send those Mughals back from our motherland. No Mughal will be able to corss us. It is time to send them to hell. Mughal soldiers enter inside from the opening. Mewar soldiers angage in a fight with them. Mughals kill a lot many Mewar soldiers who are guiding the other gate under Kalla and Rawat ji’s leadership. Akbar tells his commander to load all the cannons atop the sand mountain. I will give them an answer myself. The soldiers begin to follow his orders. Lot many Mewar soldiers die because

of the cannon balls. IK too continues to aim and kill many Mughal soldiers. Many Afghani soldiers die because of the Mughal soldiers attacking them with guns.

Akbar observes the cannon which is killing Mughal soldiers. He turns the side of the cannon towards IK. IK too observes him and twists the position of his cannon as well. They both shoot cannon at the same time. IK orders his soldiers to save themselves. IK’s cannon is twisted. Lot many Afghan soldiers die in the process. Pratap is shocked to see it. IK is alive but very much wounded. Pratap rushes to his side. Ishar Das ji too comes up but Pratap sends him downstairs. Pratap wants IK to get treated first but IK still stays put. The soldiers continue with their fight. Pratap and IK put the cannon back in its place. IK holds it from a side as the wheel is broken. Akbar is amazed at their strength but is in no mood to give up. I will see till when these Rajputs continue to fight! IK continues attacking the Mughal camp base.

Akbar sends his other troop of men in the war too. Show them that no one can stand a chance before Mughals. Rajputs are fighting back but victory should be ours! We should not give up. The soldiers head towards the fort.

Pratap is going to the other side. IK notices a cannon coming right in his direction. He warns Pratap who jumps off from the fort. The fights continue. Chetak joins Pratap. He too starts attacking the Mughal soldiers with his paws. Pratap proudly looks at him. Many soldiers try to control Chetak but he pushes all of them. The Mughal soldiers retreat from the fort. They are scared of their lives. They all start heading back towards their camp base. HK is shocked to see them returning. Akbar too observes it. He starts shooting at his own soldiers. He orders his soldiers to kill all of the soldiers who are returning. IK notices this. Akbar is such a bad ruler that he is killing his own soldiers! HK stops his soldiers. You will anyways die if you return from the war. It is better to die in the war. The soldiers take a U-turn.

IK’s next cannon lands at the exact spot where Akbar was standing. He moves aside in the nick of time but most of the soldiers standing next to him die.

The war resumes. Akbar is still alive. He looks at the state of his dead soldiers. He orders his soldiers to get his special gun. IK refuses to sit down. Akbar aims at IK. The bullet hits his soldier instead. He dies. IK vows not to spare anyone. He loads another cannon while Akbar aims at him yet again. IK keeps shooting at the Mughal soldiers on the ground. Pratap notices Akbar pointing his gun at IK. He runs up to save IK. Akbar shoots and the bullet hits IK right in his chest. Pratap holds him. IK breathes his last. Akbar knows that Rajputs are weak now that this Afghan died. Stop the war for now as it is evening. Make preps for the bigger war. Pratap is shocked by IK’s death.

Precap: Pratap tells his courtesans that Mughal knows their situation very well. We have only one option now – Saka! Akbar says I knew I will never get Mewar but it is mine now after your death. He sits on the throne.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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