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JB removes the cloth and faints as she looks at the blo*dy pumpkin kept in the thaal. All the ladies rush to her side. DB goes outside. She instructs a soldier to send some horse rider to Pratap’s pavilion. Tell him that Akbar dared to make such a scary joke with his Rani Ma. He leaves to fulfil this order. DB thinks that he has defeated Burga Khan but now he wont be able to stop himself. He will have to take this step of fighting directly with Akbar. This pumpkin is of great use as it will accomplish what even the big brave ones couldn’t do.

Ajabde continues to pray for Pratap. Her mom comes to inform her about Pratap’s victory. Ajbade is happy and relieved. But she doubts that her mom is lying to her so that she breaks her fast. Hansa ji declines. I too haven’t eaten anything since

I came to know about this dangal between Pratap and Burga Khan. He is like a son to me. the only difference between you and me is that being young you can say everything that is in your heart but I cannot. Ajabde hugs her mom happily. they both decide to have food finally.

Phool has understood it well that her bade daata was trying to instigate Pratap against Akbar. You know that Pratap could have taken our everything from us. He left Marwar and also gave us respect. Why did you do it with him? You have actually pushed him deeper in the pit. His army has suffered badly because of this war. How will he face Akbar this way? Maldev ji stops her from saying anything further. You very well know that I love you too much of which you have started taking undue advantage. I felt bad to see Pratap rejecting you for that simple samant girl. She recalls what had happened on the day of the play. You still have feelings for him. Pratap did what he felt was right according to him. if I was at his place then I wouldn’t have spared Mewar ever. You don’t understand politics. Political truth is that till the time Pratap is in Mewar he will keep challenging our identity in Rajputana. Plus Akbar too wont spare us. Politics says that they both should fight and die. No one will be able to face me. Phool tries to say something but he stops her. Being Marwar’s princess you should know what to say to Marwar’s Raja and when. Go and help your Rani Ma in household chores. You are not skilled enough to understand politics. She leaves from there upset.

Pratap is with his friends in his pavilion. He wants to reach inside Akbar’s room even though he has no route map or anything to guide him. it is a tough mission where our life is risk at every step. You can back out if you want to but I assure you our relations wont change. His friends are not going to leave him. Chakrapani feels that Raja Maldev is intentionally trying to instigate him against Akbar and make him fight with his like this. He wants that something happens to you and he is able to rule over the complete Rajputana independently. Pratap knows what he wants but he also knows that Akbar will continue dividing their Rajputana till he is alive. We have lost our so many friends. He cannot escape from this sin. He will have to pay for it. chakrapani is still doubtful as this has never happened before. Pratap wants to write a new page in the history. Uday Singh tells him to stop all this. Your thoughts are becoming like Mughals while fighting with them. we don’t fight like this. It isn’t smartness to get inside someone’s palace to kill him. you have already shown indiscipline in the past but now you will follow my instructions. We will fight with Mughals. First we will have to increase our army and then plan to attack him tacitly. Pratap is worried that if Akbar goes out of Alwar once and reaches Agra then it will be impossible for them to break his secured zone. This is the best time for us to attack him. Uday Singh stays put and orders him to abide by his words.

Akbar laughs as the soldier enacts how Pratap’s Rani Ma fainted as she looked at their gift. He obliges. He remarks to his Khan Baba that he has heard that Rajputani women are very brave. But Pratap’s mom fainted upon seeing a blo*dy pumpkin. Bairam Khan doesn’t support him in this act. Akbar cannot understand why he is looking for etiquettes here. He tells the soldier to repeat it and starts laughing hysterically when he does it. Bairam Khan is not happy about it.

DB has agreed with VB’s idea of letting JB be taken care of in the Kuldevi temple only. It would have been better if we would have taken her to palace. I only agreed to what you said as you are my Rana ji’s wife. VB talks about the temple’s significance. No other place would have been as beneficial for her than this. Ram Singh’s wife agrees with her. DB is actually enjoying this superstition. She is sure that Jaiwanta Jija is not going to get well here as she cannot be treated properly here.

Uday Singh praises his soldiers for their bravery. Soldier brings DB’s message for Pratap. Uday Singh tells him to share it with him as Pratap isn’t around. pratap hears this from outside and is angry. Even Uday Singh is angry at Akbar. Mamrak ji agrees that Akbar has crossed all his limits now. we must give him a fitting reply. Uday Singh still wants to wait till the right time. He tells everyone to make sure Pratap doesn’t get to know about this. He has finally agreed to come to Mewar with us. He might lose his cool once again if he gets to know about it.

Maldev is looking at himself in the mirror. He has dyed his hairs and compliments himself. I look all the more young now. Dhaman Singh agrees with him. Maldev wants Pratap and Akbar to fight so that he can rule over Rajputana till a very long period of time. Phool hears this and is worried for Pratap.

Pratap and his friends set out to take revenge from Akbar. You have done an unforgiveable crime today by making that cruel joke with my Rani Ma. Try to save yourself if you can. Rawat ji notices them all leaving together. He gets to know from the soldiers that he has left for Alwar. He too mounts on his horse and follows them.

DB is happy to see JB’s condition. You look so good to me when your eyes are closed. Uma Devi asks her as to what she is thinking. DB tries to avoid but Uma Devi knows it all. VB is keeping the thaal back when a diya falls down. Everyone thinks of it to be a bad omen but she is still positive about it. It is a blessing from Kuldevi Ma.

Soldier tells Uday Singh that Pratap has left for Alwar with his friends. Uday Singh is shocked. He wants to go after Pratap and every injured soldier wants to join him too. He agrees but tells that he will go first while they all can come over with weapons. He leaves with Rao Mamrak.

Ajabde and Hansa pray before eating. Just when Hansa ji is about to feed the first bite to Ajabde, a daasi comes to tell them that Pratap has left for Alwar to attack on Akbar. They are shocked to know it.

Akbar is playing / sword fighting with a pumpkin.

Pratap is angry as he imagines what his Rani Ma might have gone through while trying to look at what’s in the thaal. Rawat ji feels that he shouldn’t have taught Pratap horse riding in his childhood. I can lag behind but I know the routes here too well. I will cover up the distance. Rawat ji indeed covers the distance. He warns Pratap that it can be dangerous for him to enter ALwar at this moment but Pratap wants to make Akbar pay for his follies. He has made a cruel joke with my Rani Ma and has killed so many of our brave soldiers. He will have to pay for it. its between me and Mughals now. Rawat ji tells him to calm down. We all want revenge from him so we should all go together (hinting at their army, Rana ji and everyone). Pratap isn’t ready to let go. he has hurt my Rani Ma this time so he will have to bear the consequences. Rawat ji tells him to kill him first and then go. I wont let you go till I am alive. Pratap in turn takes out his sword warning him not to stop him this time. It is Rawat ji’s dharma to save Mewar’s heir. Pratap cannot kill him and he cannot even return. You too come with us as it will strengthen our mission if you are with us. I know you too want to take your revenge for what that Mughal has done with us. You can either come with us or return back. He and his friends continue on their path. Rawat ji has no option but to go with them.

Uday Singh recalls Pratap’s reaction on his wanting to fight with Akbar in Alwar only as he rides his horse. He talks to himself (or rather JB in his mind). I cannot handle Pratapp anymore.

VB wants to make JB jija drink some chaste water. DB doesn’t trust her and so does Uma Devi. VB tells them not to stop her. she has to do it. she goes to JB and makes her drink that water using a leaf. DB tells daasi to call their physician. I wont let you stay in the palace if anything happens to JIja. JB wakes up coughing. Physician tells them that Maharani is safe now as she has got Kuldevi Ma’s blessings. He leaves from there.

JB asks about Pratap. DB tells her that Pratap has defeated Burga Khan. JB thanks their Kuldevi Ma while DB looks on evilly. He has gone to fight with Akbar now. Who will save him there?

Rawat ji stops Pratap. They all get down from their horses and observe Alwar’s palace. They hide their horses and notice the guards all around the palace. Security seems to be very tight. Rawat ji tells him that these guards are especially talented in all kinds of fights, weapons, etc. It wont be possible for us to fight with them like this. Pratap wants to wait in the jungle till it is night time. We will try to enter here at night only. Rawat ji likes the idea. There is a cave nearby where we can wait I hope you have some well thought out plan to enter inside the palace.

Akbar calls for Haji Khan who comes there all chained. Haji Khan wants him to kill him. what’s the use of this life when I have no right on my own breaths? Akbar has called him here to tell him something that he has thought. He shows him the highest place of his palace on a dummy of Alwar’s palace. One can see till miles by standing here. I will set up my Mughal empire here in the centre of Rajputana only. No one would have imagined it ever..

Akbar’s soldiers place their emblem (big sized) in a big trunk after covering it up with a cloth.

Akbar has chosen Alwar out of all the other Rajputana states. This will tell that I haven’t come here to go back but to stay here. Haji Khan starts laughing loudly which doesn’t make Akbar happy. Haji Khan calls him a kid. It is just your dream if you think that you have won over the whole Rajputana by merely taking over some palace or by writing something over any of its wall. You cannot win over Rajpuatan till there is Mewar or even Mewar till Pratap is there. Akbar tells him to mind his tongue but Haji Khan says you cannot change the truth. You too have tried to kill Pratap many times but you have been unsuccessful in all your endeavours. I know you are going back to Agra empty handed. I can bet that Pratap will burn your Mughal emblem.

Pratap and his men light torch in the cave so that they can see.

Akbar laughs at Haji Khan. Keep this mad guy alive. No one should dare to even touch him. I want him to see it with his own eyes when I defeat / kill Pratap and win Mewar. I want him to witness it and die then only. Haji Khan cannot wait for forever as he knows that this can never happen till Pratap is alive. Akbar promises him that he will defeat Pratap in Chittor only or else he is ready to forsake everything that’s his. This is my promise to you.

Rawat ji is curious how Pratap will kill Akbar as he wants to attack him from front. He has full proof security around him. pratap only wants to get inside the palace. I will look for the place where Haji Khan has been held captive. This palace is his so he can easily guide me to Akbar’s room. Once I reach there then it will only be between me and him. I have seen him fighting last time and I agree that he has improved a lot. It will be an equal match for me. I have full faith that I will kill him in the end. Till the time I kill him you all will make sure that Bairam Khan or no other Mughal tries to interrupt them. Rawat ji likes his planning but he cannot see it happening for real. So many Mughal soldiers are guarding it. Plus so many Mughal fighters will be inside that palace at the moment. They can attack us any minute. We should wait for Rana ji and our army to reach here as he would have gotten to know about our being here. I am sure he wont come without his army. Pratap doesn’t want to exert his already tired army. We don’t have time to wait for them which is actually a 50-50 situation. That Mughal can leave for Agra anytime. I wont let him go from here.

An informer comes there. He doesn’t know when Akbar is going back. But I came to know that Akbar’s very invaluable stuff is about to reach here soon. akbar is waiting desperately for it. till it comes here he will stay here. Pratap wonders what it is for which Akbar is waiting anxiously. He turns to Rawat ji. Guess we have got our answer as to how will we enter inside Alwar’s palace. Epi ends on Akbar and Pratap’s split screen.

Precap: Akbar tells Bairam Khan that he wants to show everyone that he can win over Mewar too just like he has won over all the other states too. My victory is incomplete without it. We will leave for Mewar right away. Pratap kills almost all the soldiers who are taking Akbar’s important thing to his palace. The man who is leading is shocked to see him. Pratap tells him to simply follow his orders if he wants to stay alive.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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