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DHaman Singh holds Jagmal’s feet. The gun falls in the process. They both try to get a hold of it and are rolling in the ground. A bullet gets fired. Pratap, Patta and HK hear the shot and are alert. Pratap gets worried for Jagmal. Patta begins to go but Pratap stops him. I don’t want ZS to know about this. I don’t want to drag him in all this. stay here, I will go and check.

Jagmal blames Dhaman Singh for what has happened with him. I had told you not to interfere in my plans. You lost your life for no reason. Dhaman Singh breathes his last. Jagmal is surprised as he realises that he is indeed dead. How can someone be so sincere? His happiness doesn’t last as he hears Pratap calling out for him. he panics. I think Dada bhai heard the gunshot. What should I do now? Pratap

is walking in his direction only. Jagmal thinks of hurting himself or Dada bhai wont spare him. he turns the gun towards himself but his hands are shaking badly. He fires but the bullet misses him. HK is concerned for Pratap but Patta wants to abide by Pratap’s words. Jagmal loads the gun again. Pratap reaches there just then. Jagmal recalls getting beaten by Pratap. Pratap notices Dhaman Singh lying dead on the ground. He assures Jagmal that he will understand his point of view. Calm down first. Jagmal differs as no one will understand him. He still aims the gun at himself. I know you wont understand it too. I will kill myself. There is nothing left in this life anyways. I will kill myself. Pratap holds his hand so as to stop him but the bullet gets fired in the process. Jagmal gets shot in his chest.

Hakim Khan and Patta hear the third gunshot. HK is restless. We cannot wait anymore. What if Pratap is in some danger?

Pratap is shocked. He holds Jagmal. Jagmal tries to shoot himself one more time as he thinks he will anyways die because of his one wound. Dhaman Singh had come here to kill you. He thought you had shot Rani Ma. I had to shoot him to save you. You had saved me so I had to save you as well. But I have committed the same mistake twice. If I would have told you this then neither would you have believed me nor would have father. This is why I hurt myself. Pratap assures him that he will save him. This is not just your blood but mine too. I am your elder brother, it is my dharma to protect you. I wont let anything happen to you. How will I face Rani Ma and father if something happens to you? HK and Patta reach there. They are surprised to see Dhaman Singh dead and Jagmal in that condition. Jagmal notices them and starts acting. I don’t want to die. I beg you to save me please. Pratap sends Patta to get Vaid Ji. He also asks HK to do the last rites of the brave Dhaman Singh with all due respect. HK nods. Pratap takes Jagmal with him.

Vaid ji dresses Jagmal’s wound. He tells Pratap that there is nothing to worry now. He leaves. Pratap sits beside him. He recalls the scene when Jagmal got shot. Patta comes there. Do you want to practise tonight before your fight with ZS? Pratap postpones the fight for tomorrow night as he wants to do Dhaman Singh’s last rites today.

Patta tells ZS’s soldier that he has a message for ZS. Soldier goes inside. Patta is waiting outside when someone holds him from his neck from behind. It is HK. You must return now. I will talk to ZS as I have to repay the debt of Pratap’s friendship. He might have begun this fight but I will end it. Patta denies as he knows Pratap will never agree to it. HK stays put.

ZS comes out and finds HK. HK tells him that he will fight with him tonight. This is Pratap’s message for you. ZS smirks.

Pratap holds a burning stick in his hand as he looks at Dhaman Singh’s dead body which is wrapped in a white cloth. I wish you were alive today so that I could have explained things to you. I pray to God that may your soul rest in peace. He lights the pyre. Patta comes there just then. He tells him that HK has gone to fight with ZS. I tried to stop him but in vain. Pratap tells him to take care of Jagmal. I will help HK.

Jagmal is having a disturbed sleep as the gunshots repeat in his head. He wakes up with a start.

HK and ZS come face to face for their fight. ZS says I had vowed to defeat Pratap. What will happen by making you lose? HK replies that Pratap has sent him here. It is the same thing if he or Pratap fights with him. fight with me, make me lose and you can easily think then that you have defeated Pratap. ZS accepts the challenge.

The fight begins. ZS and his twin start their game like always. HK finally tracks both the twins at the same time. I knew that you are two not one. You both are cowards. I will tell your secret to Pratap and the whole world. The twin scares him that this will only happen if he stays alive. Pratap calls out for HK right them so the twin brother hides.

Pratap questions HK. I never allowed you to interfere in my work then why did you do this? it is my duty to teach him (ZS) the right lesson. HK tries to tell him about ZS’s truth but Pratap says I already know it. Pratap thinks about his previous fight with ZS and walks closer to him. Pratap wards off an attack from ZS and puts a dagger around his neck. ZS calls it a cheating as this is against the rules. Pratap says I respected all your rules but it is you who has cheated me. He thinks of his last fight again. HK applauds Pratap. He calls out for ZS’s twin brother, warning him to come face to face or Pratap wont spare his brother. The other brother comes out. Pratap accepts it that he knew it already. HK appreciates Pratap only. This is the reason why ZS could stand in front of a brave warrior like you for the entire night. Pratap goes and stands with HK. We too will still win over you two. Plus we don’t need any weapon to fight with you. He throws the dagger away. ZS insists that Pratap has broken the rule but HK reminds him of his own cheating. HK and Pratap talk about friendship that has brought them together. We both are one. They join hands. ZS signals something to his twin.

The fight begins between all four of them. ZS’s twin is using a weapon to hurt HK. Pratap calls out for ZS just when he is about to attack HK.

Patta comes to Jagmal’s room but Jagmal has escaped from the balcony. He is riding on his horse in the jungle (guess heading home).

Pratap beats both the brothers. He holds them both by their necks and then twists them. They both die then and there itself. The soldiers are shocked to see it. Pratap tells them to spare all the cows if they don’t want Mewar to get their state under their control. The soldiers agree. HK says we both got successful in our plans. You got your cows while I got my friend. Pratap nods.

Jagmal reaches his palace finally.

Patta informs Pratap that Jagmal has run away. Pratap is taken aback.

Precap: DB tells US that Pratap has taken Jagmal and gun with him. they hear the emergency bell. They are shocked to see Jagmal ringing the bell. They ask him about the one who has hurt him. Jagmal takes Pratap’s name. DB and US are shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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