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Jagmal welcomes his brother Shakti to the palace. You are my best brother. Shakti says the same thing as he hugs him. He praises him so he gets overconfident. Pratap will spend the rest of his life fighting with the Mughals. We will rule here.

Pratap comes inside Udaipur fort. On the other hand, Shakti gives liquor to Jagmal. Shehanshah has sent it especially for you and your men. He has applauded your efforts. Pratap and his men kill all the Mughal soldiers standing outside. One Mughal soldier notices Amar fighting too. He is about to attack Amar but Pratap intervenes. He falls down while trying to save his son. Pratap checks Amar who says he is perfectly fine. Pratap is badly wounded.

All the courtiers get unconscious. Shakti continues to feed alcohol to Jagmal. Pratap walks in

just then followed by Acharya, Rana Punja, Amar and Chundavat ji. Jagmal sits on the throne in shock. This cannot be! Pratap pulls him down. Jagmal pleads for mercy. He hands over Jagmal to the citizens of Udaipur. They all beat him. Jagmal runs away.

Everyone cheers for Pratap as he comes to court. Pratap thanks his men for freeing Udaipur from Mughals. The credit goes to all of you. No one will look back at us from today onwards. He appoints the ministers of Udaipur. Shakti wants to leave. I have tasted freedom. I have to take care of my area too. Pratap asks him to stay with them but Shakti politely refuses. He leaves.

Akbar gets to know that Pratap has got hold of Udaipur once again. He knows Pratap will never lose Udaipur ever! Haldi Ghaati was our last try. Now we wont do anything! Akbar has thought of something for Jagmal.

Akbar practises sword fighting while Phool feeds him. Pratap comes there. Now I know why Amar is so rebellious. She replies that she was only trying to feed him. Pratap talks of Ajabde but then stops. I should not take her name now and again. You have looked after / protected Amar so nicely. I will be forever indebted to you. You held this family together after Ajabde left us. You loved everyone so much. How do I thank you? She doesn’t mind his talking about Ajabde. I am proud of your love for her. I have got enough already from you. He coughs. She is concerned. He calls it a minor thing. Maybe an old wound opened up again. there is nothing to worry. Phool thinks that she will fill his every wound with love.

Vaid ji suggests Pratap to take bed rest for months. Your wounds are dangerous. Pratap cannot let his citizens get upset once again. we revived a positivity in them after fighting so hard. Promise me you wont say anything to anyone about it. I have to do this at any cost. We have to do this for our motherland. Vaid ji is helpless.

Amar is practising. Pratap comes there. Will you help me in the biggest fight? Are you ready? Amar is thrilled to see his father trusting him. Pratap talks positively to him. I am sure you will become a better fighter than me. Amar shows him Mewar’s key. It is almost like my dreams came true. When do we start planning? Pratap says we have to do it now. Pratap falls down.

Pratap is taken to his room. He thinks of Mewar siege, Jauhar. He is still unconscious. All his life’s moments flash before his eyes. He hears Ajabde calling out for him.

Acharya is angry with Raj vaid ji. You acted like a traitor. Vaid ji shares that he could not break the promise he had made to Rana ji. All the citizens do a yagya to pray for Pratap’s recovery. Vaid ji tells everyone that the wound is too big. Amar shows the key of Mewar fort to an unconscious Pratap. We have to win it back from Mughals. You only asked me to join you. Say something. Mewar’s memories keep flashing before Pratap’s eyes. Everyone is in tears. Amar leaves the key of Mewar in Pratap’s hand.

Precap: Pratap takes a promise from Amar. You will never bow down to Mughals. You have to protect your motherland. Promise me. Amar promises him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Plzzz don’t end the show like this…..Plzz show more of Pratap’s Reign ……Whats the need to end the show in a hurry??In all this the directors have missed out many important details of Rana’s life…..Plzz continue the show…

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No MPratap i wont watch…
    i do dislike coward akbar…heehhhee

  3. plez dont end this show this was my favourite show iwill miss u all

  4. i have always watched this show, i have adjusted my plans, my appointments for this show. MPS has been such a great King and thru this show he now lives in our heart. Please do not end this show.

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