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Maharana Pratap 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 9th December 2013 Written Update

Surtan n BK were saling children, surtan was more interested in money n ask his soldiers to keep it safe, BK ask him to concentrate on SV, just then pratap n raghvendra came as buyers in disguise n ask to buy all children at twice the rate paid by other buyers, surtan’s greed in creases, but he wanted to cjheck, pratap showed him sum gold coins n he agrees, they took all kids from there.

In mewar, bhatyani was waiting for udai in his room, as he arrives, she pretends as if collecting her stuff n leaving the room, udai stop him luvingly n gets intimate with her, told her that he was going to arrest SV, jaiwanta came at the moment, she saw them n bhatyani saw her, DB hugs udai to show her n make her jealous, jaiwanta ask udai that she’ll cum later, just then udai noticed her n says that he hvnt noticed her cuming, she says that she came for tillak, DB gave sword to udai n says that she’ll cum with jaiwanta, after he leaves, she taunts jaiwanta that now she’s doing tilak of her hubby to kill her own son n take the tilak plate n leaves.

In bundi, rahvendra n pratap shifts the children to sum save place, raghvendra wants to cum with him but he denies n ask to handle iit alone n take blessings.

In mewar, bhatyani gets one more trick to mentally harass jaiwanta, by discussing abt ptatap n SV n this tym she want all ministers to be thr so that she’ll get sum proofs.

In bundi, surtan n BK gets to know that those buyers was SV, thy sent soldiers to catch them, SV arrives n fight starts.

Precap: Udai came n stops SV

Update Credit to: Amor

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