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Maharana Pratap 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The guy is not so keen about helping King Jaimal as he has become friends with Akbar. Pratap explains that Akbar had promised him that he will protect them from Marwar. King Jaimal signed the friendship treaty after accepting that only. Merta was very weak in front of the strong and powerful Marwar. They had no other option. One day that Mughal called King Jaimal in his court and asked him to become an ordinary landlord, meaning his slave.

Akbar proposes King Jaimal to give Merta to him and take care of that land for him henceforth. The rest of the Rajput kings have agreed to my demands. You too should do the same. King Jaimal is angry. How dare you think about it? Jaimal will only bend his head before Ekling ji. I would choose death instead of doing that.

Pratap continues, Akbar got

hold of Jaimal’s state by deceit. Today, Rana Jaimal is jailed in his own state’s jail. The guy is taken aback. I have heard that it isn’t an easy task to catch Rana Jaimal. Pratap nods. Akbar’s special messenger, Peer Mohammad, went to meet King Jaimal. He played a game against the king at the right time. Peer Mohammad had got drugs mixed in King’s food. The Kings and his courtesans pass out after eating the food. Jaimal still fights with the Mughal soldiers in a dizzy state. He too loses conscious eventually so Peer Mohammad puts him in the jail. Jaimal ji is a real patriot. We should get him out of the jail. I had even received a request for help so I have come directly from Chittor. The palace is guarded by so many soldiers. No one can go inside. Whoever tries to go inside gets killed. Peer Mohammad himself keeps an eye on the main gate of the palace. There is one side of the palace from where we can go inside. Mughals have spread gunpowder / landmines in that area. Jaimal’s trusted group of soldiers keep trying all the ways to get inside the palace but in vain. As per my info, it is only you who knows everything about gunpowder and arms. I want you to help us in this task so no other soldier loses his life. Pratap requests him to decide now if he will help him or not.

Chakrapani and Acharya are waiting for Pratap. Pratap comes there just then. He tells them that the man (famous Parkhan Changta) has agreed to help them. They come there so Pratap introduces them all to each other. Pratap has not brought any army with him. Khetu asks him if he is joking. There are 500 soldiers at Merta palace along with Peer Mohammad. Do you want all of us to die? Who are you to think you can defeat PM? I don’t want to die with you. Her father tells her to be quiet. He asks Pratap as to why King Jaimal has only written a message to him only (asking for help). Pratap gives his intro. Khetu’s father immediately folds his hands before him and apologizes to him. pratap says it isn’t necessary. Worry and curiosity were very necessary for you two. This is a secret mission so I came only with two more people. Khetu too apologizes to Pratap.

Akbar decides to stop at a certain place. It wont be right if we take a risk by moving forward anymore. If the soldiers (at Mewar) see us from the palace so they will definitely shoot arrows towards us. We will wait here tonight. . Akbar’s informer tells him that maybe Pratap is not in the palace right now. Akbar decides to move ahead then. We have to gain access of the palace before Pratap returns.

Acharya tells Pratap to proceed towards the palace. Kalla (Jaimal’s relative) will come from that side only. He will meet us while we are on our way. Pratap agrees. He thanks Khetu for her help. Khetu too wants to join them in their mission. Her father is sure she will prove out to be very helpful for them. Pratap hesitantly agrees. They all are about to mount their horses when Khetu drops a small bag. She picks it up hurriedly.

Akbar and his army are quite close to Chittor now. If Pratap is seriously not in the palace then we should move faster so we get hold of it before Pratap returns.

US himself watches the vast army approaching their palace. They think that the Mughals will reach them by sunset time. A soldier too informs him about the same. US and Dodiya ji feel that maybe Akbar has got to know that Pratap is not in the palace right now. We will have to prepare ourselves for any situation. We will have to fight with these Mughals really bravely. US encourages his soldiers to fight for their motherland. We will show them how strong we Rajputs are.

Mughal soldiers are keeping an eye on Pratap and his fellows in the forest. One of the soldiers is about to shoot an arrow at Pratap when Kalla hits him with a dagger. The soldier screams out in pain. Kalla calls Mughals coward. You only know how to cheat or backstab people. The other soldiers come out in the open and cluster around Pratap and his fellowmen.

Precap: Akbar tells his commanders that they should fire cannons at the palace as soon as he is quite close to the palace. Our army’s attacker group should try to enter the palace asap after killing the enemies. US wants this message to reach Pratap asap. Akbar is also worried that if the news is false (about Pratap not being in the palace right now) then it will cost us badly.

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