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The men sit down to eat. A few men try to misbehave with a lady at the sarai. Acharya stops Pratap from reacting but then allows him as it might otherwise be unjust. Pratap asks the men to leave her. They demand to know who he is. Pratap pushes one of the men and then Chandreasen and Shakti slap a man one by one. Pratap enjoys their sync. He sits down to eat while Shakti and Chandrasen handle all those men. The owner of the sarai is upset. Acharya suggests leaving from there right away. They all turn to go but Pratap pays money to the owner of the sarai before elaving for the damage. The lady stops Pratap. Pleas take me with you. Don’t leave me amidst these people. Shakti doesn’t want her to come with them but Pratap allows her to come with them. She wants them to make her

reach Agra safely. I will be safe there. Pratap nods. She thanks him. Acharya asks for her name. She says Aparna. She is the same lady who was hired by Akbar’s men.

Akbar is very happy to know that Pratap has come to Agra on his own. Our enemies couldn’t get hold of him and our one spy brought him here! Pay your spies well. Give them one or even two subas as gift. Make preps to welcome Pratap in our palace. Pratap has dared to come in our town in disguise. This time he wont get out of here alive!

Aparna suggests taking rest for a while. Shakti is irked as she has been talking continuously. She calls him heartless. Chandrasen agrees with her. She asks Shakti if he does not live with his brother in Udaipur. Shakti asks her many questions. She has never heard of him before she asked him. Who is elder? Shakti tells her to stop. I wont be in this group till she is with us!

Shakti finds something wrong about Aparna. She was in a fight with all the men yester night. We had to leave the sarai because of her and see how she has been questioning us. Akbar hires many spies. Maybe she too is one of them. Who talks like her? Pratap does not find anything wrong in any of her questions. Chandrasen enjoys the cute tussle between Shakti and Aparna. I think she likes you. Pratap too had felt the same but it seems something else. Acharya tells that they are very near the palace. We will have to think of some other way to enter inside the fort. Our stuff is in sarai. Chandrasen suggests causing a small blast near the fort. It will divert the attention of soldiers and we will enter easily. Acharya negates. It will only garner attention towards us. Many armies are already there inside the fort. Aparna points out to a group of traders that keep coming to Agra. We can change our disguise and enter inside. I have even worked like labourers inside. She shows her hand to Shakti. He looks away. She was about to stumble so he holds her hand. They share an eye lock. She teases him about it. Shakti repeats her idea.

Akbar asks Maan Singh to deploy more number of people. They seem a little less. Maan Singh points out that lot many spies is hidden. The latest news has reached them too. Akbar looks through his binoculars and notices Pratap. The guest is here. Wont you go to welcome him? Maan Singh leaves.

The gates of Agra fort are opened to allow the traders in. The soldiers at the gate check their documents. Acharya observes the soldiers hiding behind the bushes inside the fort and so does Pratap. Acharya and Pratap discuss about it in hushed tones. We will have to be alert. Shakti too is thoughtful. The clothes are being checked too. Our weapons will be detected this way. Chandrasen nods. Aparna walks forward along with her horse. Shakti thinks of the last night’s incident. It was her plan! Pratap says what has to happen will happen. Maan Singh is coming. He orders the soldiers to arrest everyone and take them to the palace. Aparna tells Maan Singh that he does not have to arrest everyone. I will identify them for you. Maan Singh thanks her. She greets him. Chandrasen regrets not listening to Shakti. She points out at all 4 of the men. They all get arrested. Maan Singh finds it amusing that only 4 of them came to fight with Shehanshah. Aparna you will be paid well. She is still here which irks Maan Singh. He sends her to the guest house. She looks at Shakti Singh and Pratap once before leaving for the guest house. The horses are to be taken away to the stable while the men will be taken to the court.

Precap: Pratap is in the disguise of a Mughal soldier. Akbar talks about how he wants to kill him. Pratap attacks him but Akbar brings forward another soldier who dies in the process. More soldiers gather around them. Pratap escapes from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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