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Chundavat ji tells Pratap about the rituals that he has to follow now. You will have to play holi with your Samant’s and then go on hunting. That is the time when you will also select a chief minister for the court. Pratap does not like hunting but Chundavat explains that he is a Maharana now. This ritual tells everyone that the king of Mewar is over the loss that he has recently experienced. It will also hint that you are strong enough to face anyone. Only those are free to immerse themselves in sorrows that hold no royal responsibility. We cannot afford to spend our time thinking about our losses. Pratap agrees.

In her room, DB sits wearing simple clothes. JB’s words echo in her head. A daasi comes to tell her about Tara Bai’s arrival. Tara Bai tells her that she is here only. DB

looks at her in surprise. Be free. Leave all your worries to me. No one can my flexible body from going anywhere. A snake appears on her shoulder. DB is shocked to see Tara Bai enjoying the bite of the snake. You have double responsibility. Kill Pratap and create rift between both his Rani’s. He pulled my son from the throne! I will make him cry. I will divert his attention and worry him to the core. It will be easier for you too. Amar comes to tell DB that she did not do right. But it was good. Badi Rani Ma says humans make mistakes. I too believe her. He asks her about Tara Bai. DB replies that she is Phool’s special daasi. Tara Bai remarks that maybe he does not love his Choti Ma very much. He retorts that he loves both his mothers equally. She asks for his assistance in making his CHoti Ma meet his father in private. She is feeling bad about it. She also has a plan for the same.

The Afghani soldier dies when too many bees attack him at once. The Mughal soldiers take the message that he was carrying with him. Maan Singh reads it for Akbar. Mirza has extended his hand for friendship to Pratap in the same. Akbar thinks that they will never win this Haldi Ghaati war if Mirza supports Pratap. Get ready to attack on Mirza.

Pratap asks Chundavat ji to invite all the Samant’s for Holi. I will select a minister for me there only. Amar comes running there. Come with me to Choti Ma’s room. I have to show you something. Pratap tries to dismiss him but Amar says you have forgotten me since you have become Rana. Pratap gives in.

Ajabde gifts a beautiful anklet to Phool that she has specially made for her. Phool loves it. Mewar’s Maharani is the one who rules the heart of Maharaj and that is you. Amar drags his Choti Ma to her room.

Phool is surprised to see all the photos of Pratap (made by her) in her room. Who dared to do it? Tara Bai says I did it. I was with you in Marwar since years. Your father has sent me here with all your stuff. Phool scolds Tara Bai for putting all the photos openly like this. What if someone sees them? Tara Bai reasons that they are her love for her husband only. There is no harm if anyone sees it. I have also brought all the letters that you wrote to Pratap back then but still haven’t sent them. One letter falls from her hands. Pratap enters just then. He looks at the photos. Pratap picks it up. Tara Bai excuses herself. Phool begins to go but Pratap stop her.

Ajabde realises that Phool forgot the anklet here only.

Pratap is surprised to know Phool’s love for him. She replies that I said it to you already in my childhood but I dint want to interfere in your and Ajabde’s life. We are back on the same phase right now. Pratap apologizes to her. Ajabde was, is and will always be my first love. Phool knows it already but she cannot make her heart understand it. I always feel incomplete without you even when I know that I will never get it. I feel like I am caught in a web. Help me as a friend if you can. She rests her head on Pratap’s shoulder. Ajabde stops at the door when she notices them thus. Pratap assures Phool that he will find a solution to this. I promise you. Ajabde thinks of Phool’s words a few minutes ago. DB observes all three of them. She adds fuel to fire. I think you should give space to Pratap and Phool. I know how difficult it is for someone to see your husband with someone else. It will be all the more tough for you as you were alone till now. But now Phool is here. You will have to change yourself soon. Ajabde advises her to stop interfering in the personal lives too. She has left the anklet outside Phool’s room in a pot by mistake.

Pratap understands the pain that he has given to Phool. I wish I could do something. She is glad to be with him atleast as his wife. This is more than what I had ever wished for! I will remove these photos. He goes to make preps for tomorrow’s celebration after handing the letter back to her. Phool looks at one of his photos. She thinks of his words. She notices the anklet outside when she begins to take down the paintings. Ajabde was here?

Akbar’s troops are in Mirza’s territory. Akbar wants to attack tomorrow only. Let the army rest for the night. Maan Singh reads DB’s message to Akbar. She thanks him for trusting her. I had given up but your message was like a bright light in the darkness. I have deployed a Vish Kanya after Pratap. Akbar is impressed with DB’s tactics. He hopes she wins.

Precap: Pratap is celebrating Holi. Tara Bai mixes poison in one of the glasses. Pratap picks up the same glass from the tray.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Only the first wife of the Maharana is called Maharani while his other wives are just called Rani. So only Ajabde is the Maharani while Phool is just Rani.

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