Maharana Pratap 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 8th October 2013 Written Update

Pratap aims a stone at Bairam Khan who catches it in the nick of time and calls out for the offender to appear in front of him. Pratap appears and Bairam Khan asks about his identity before killing him. Pratap answers back that he should think of saving his life instead from a Rajput. Bairam Khan asks him why he attacked from behind cover if he’s indeed a Rajput and Pratap tells him that that’s why he had appeared in from of him. A couple of soldiers attacks Pratap and he tackles them. Bairam Khan then attacks him and a duel follows between the two, which leaves even Bairam Khan suitably impressed at his courage and skills.

A soldier informs Uday Singh about the duel and he rushes to the spot with his ministers and army. Meanwhile Pratap’s sword falls from his hand at one

point of time and Bairam Khan tries to kill him, but Pratap skillfully dodges his attacks and manages to pick up his sword. Bairam Khan is impressed and praises his skills. He aims for his neck next and is stopped in time by Uday Singh.

Uday Singh tells Bairam Khan that he wont let a citizen of Mewar be killed on its soil. Bairam Khan tells him that he will drag out the boy (Pratap) to the outskirts of the kingdom and then kill him. Uday Singh reminds him that he’s still within Mewar borders and can get him and his soldiers killed in a moment if he wishes to. He tells Bairam Khan not to forget his limitations and code of behavior as a messenger of the Mughal Sultanate and create war like situations. Bairam Khan tells him that the Mughal emperor Jalal considered him as his father and would never question his decisions, Uday Singh tells him that in that case, his responsibilities increase manifold – he cant misuse the power and respect bestowed upon him by the emperor. Rawat ji tells him to forget this incident and return to Agra and promises to bury this issue forever so that no one ever comes to know of it. A furious Bairam Khan leaves but not before warning Pratap that he would always remember this insult – anyone who dares to stand up against Bairan Khan doesn’t remain alive for long.

Rani Jayawanta Bai happens to pass by the place and notices the entire scenario. Bairam Khan leaves with his army. Uday Singh faces Pratap but is unable to voice out his feelings. He too leaves with his army. Chakrapani arrives and tells Pratap that if he is so keen on committing suicide then better to warn him in advance. Pratap tells him that the best way for him to stay safe is not to stay with him at all. Chakrapani tells him that it’s not possible and they laugh.

In Mewar palace, Rani Bhatiyani confronts Rani Jayawanta and tells her that she seems to fake her affection for Pratap ..Jayawanta Bai tells her not to abuse her affection. Bhatiyani asks her how could Pratap challenge the person who is regarded the most powerful in the Mughal Sultanate after Jalal? He had violated his life of living like a commoner with this duel and has begun to earn praises from the subjects again. Jayawanta Bai tells her that she knows that she can go to any extent to fulfill her ambitions and achieve her aim. Bhatiyani tells her that she’s pleased to hear this but she cant hear praises of Pratap in the kingdom. She leaves and Jayawanta Bai is worried again.

Uday Singh discusses the incident with his ministers, who tell him how it might affect the political scenario of Mewar since Bairam Khan is not a person to take his insult lightly. Pratap acted like a self-respecting Rajput in front of Bairam Khan but the consequences of his act wouldn’t be pleasant. Uday Singh says that he supports what Pratap did with Bairam Khan, citing that he did what they failed to do for being bonded by courtesy and codes of royal behavior, else he too wanted to teach Bairam Khan a good lesson when he was insulting Rajput honor in the court. All ministers concur with him. A messenger enters and informs Uday Singh that Rani Jayawanta Bai wants to meet him urgently.

Pratap is in his house, making some weapons. Someone knocks at the door and Pratap cautiously opens the door, with the dagger clutched in his hands. Chakrapani enters and asks Pratap to come out. Pratap goes out and see that the villagers had arrived with gifts for him. They tell him that after his duel with Bairam Khan, they were confident that only he could save them from the man-eater tiger. Pratap tells them that he was already planning to hunt it and showed them his newly made weapons for the purpose.

Precap: Bairam Khan is furious at his insult and orders his army to burn down a village to avenge him.

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