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Maharana Pratap 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Mughals discuss how to enter inside the fort. Our 60k soldiers will enter from the same spot. The Rajputs are limited in number. Around 20k soldiers can die. We have 60k soldiers. We will win.

Pratap too is discussing the situation with his team. We wont be able to win if Akbar enters inside with him entire force. We aren’t so big in numbers. We wont be able to fight with them. He will focus only on this broken wall. Our number of soldiers vary. We will have to change our strategy. Our win depends on our soldiers’ mindset, courage and strength only! Jaimal ji assures him that each Rajput soldier will kill 20 Mughal soldiers atleast. Our soldiers are this brave. They all say Jai Ekling ji.

HK says our soldiers are scared to fight with Pratap. He has IK too on his side now. One

of the commanders raise a doubt that they have not been able to do anything to Pratap all this while. How will we do it now? Akbar is sure it will happen this time. We have 60k soldiers. This time we will enter inside the fort. We will raise our flag on that fort!

The Mughal soldiers discuss about standing in the back. They fear death by the hands of Rajputs. Akbar overhears their convo. He makes everyone stand in a line. We are 60k in number while the Rajputs are very less. The fort’s wall is broken. We will enter inside from that gap only and certainly win. A commander tries to cheer for Akbar but the soldiers are all quiet. Akbar addresses them. My late father had a dream when he came to India. He wanted Mughals to rule this land. We have succeeded too. We only have to win over Mewar. We will do it. We are very close to our ancestral dream. Today can be the golden day when your names can be written in the history for forever. Future generations will remember you for life that you fought for your ancestors! Decide that you will do it and surely you will win. The soldiers cheer in his name.

IK watches them. Akbar is mad to think that the broken wall is the easiest part to get inside the fort. He doesn’t know that we Pathans are here. His soldiers cheer for their victory. Pratap joins them. He talks about practicality. We will be unable to stop the Mughals if they attack on us together. Kall suggests keeping wooden logs in that area. Rawat ji has kept them for Jauhar. IK takes the responsibility of that place. We will guard that place. Keep them for Jauhar. If we lose unfortunately then I don’t want those Mughals to even touch my sisters. Let them be. Pratap and everyone is impressed by his thoughts. I am so proud of you. Pratap and IK share a hug. They notices Mughal soldiers heading towards Pratap.

HK is atop the sound mountain. IK decides to first destroy that particular cannon where HK is. Jaimal ji addresses the soldiers. Swear that not even one of you will sit peacefully till each of you kill atleast 10 Mughal soldiers. The soldiers promise him. Ajabde and a few other ladies come to where Pratap and all men are. She gives aarti to Pratap and her brother IK. I am so lucky to have a brother like you. She ties a rakhi on his hand. He doesn’t have a gift to give to her. I may remain alive or not but I wont let any harm befall your husband. None of my Rajputs sister will be under any threat I promise. She is sure nothing will happen to her brother as well. All the other ladies tie rakhi to the rest of the Pathan soldiers. IK affirms that nothing will happen to her brother. Pratap tells Ajabde to make preps for a grand feast. We will attack on food as soon as we are done fighting with Mughals. IK nods. There is a cannon blast near the fort. Ajabde and the ladies go back inside the palace as that was the beginning of the war! There is another blast next.

Akbar tells his commanders to continue shooting cannons. We will soon enter inside the fort. IK too attacks on Akbar’s camp base. He looks at the rakhi in his hands. IK wont let you reach our house. HK and IK continue with their attacks.

Ajabde tells the daasi’s to bring all the ladies together. A lot many people are injured. We will have to do something.

IK is successful in attacking the cannon atop the sand mountain. Akbar is angry. It is the time to attack! Pratap tells the soldiers that the time has come. We have to throw those Mughals out of our motherland. Jai Ekling ji. They all are near the same wall from where the Mughals had entered previously. A cannon lands near them. Pratap keeps them calm. We have to stop mughals from entering inside our palace at any cost. IK too keeps motivating his soldiers. No Mughal should get inside the fort till we are alive. Akbar’s army is on its way. IK tells Pratap that he will handle the Mughals first. He shoots a cannon at the approaching troops. A lot many soldiers die. Akbar looks at the impact. Pratap applauds IK. Your cannon has cost dearly to Mughals.

Akbar is curious about who this person is who is helping Pratap. His commander updates him about IK. Akbar tells him to kill anyone next time, who refuses to abide by their policies. The Mughal soldiers still continue to march towards Chittor fort. Pratap gets ready for action.

Precap: Akbar shoots a cannon. IK is injured. He tells Pratap to be careful. There is a blast. Everyone is concerned for Pratap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love you praja……. Sharad and Rachna rocks…… In history relationships were so pure…… All cares for each other…?.
    And hate that akbar… He is so cruel…. I am a big fan of the show.. Did not miss even one episode

  2. hey ESHA i 2 am a very big fan of this serial… hope in this serial something gud comes in favour of rajputs

  3. I loved to watch this serial but due to my delivery. I am not able to watch TV but had not missed a single update

  4. chittod siege …history details..rajputs fought back bravely… read.. mughals wanted to leave..

  5. Sandeep Singh

    Very emotional but impractical scene- Ajab de applying tilak on Ismail Khan!!! No muslim in the world will accept tilak on his forehead come what may. The script writer needs to be practical and not get emotional like on-screen characters displayed.

  6. No its not true exemptions are their in this world.Don’t know what’s the truth of that time but 1 out of 1 lac may vary

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