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Both the men are ready with their weapons. Akbar looks on happily as Burga Khan (sorry was so confused with his name yesterday finally got it right. Sorry!) breaks the weapon in two pieces and throws it away. Akbar thinks that only he knows the results of this fight here. This fight will end with Pratap’s death. When the result is anyways final then why should Pratap’s mom wait till the end to know it? It will be like cheating her. He tells his accomplice to go and inform Prataps’ mom about the results. His guy leaves.

Pratap recalls his Guru’s words that he has to fight with this beast to save himself. Burga Khan advances towards him. Pratap tries to attack him but he only falls on the floor because of the impact. He tries using his weapon but Burga Khan breaks it as well. Pratap yet

again fails in any of his attempts to hurt him.

Phool is worried who to support. What would have Ajabde done if she was in my place? What am I doing? Why am I thinking about her all the time when she is not here? Have I become too dependent on her for everything? No, it isn’t so. I am Marwar’s princess. I don’t need her. Just then Ajabde comes there. Phool is in tears to see her there. Ajabde says you can run away from yourself but you will need me all the time just like I do. Phool is curious how she came here. Ajabde says I never went away from your heart. You will remain in dilemma till the time you will think about this situation about making a choice between two people you love. its not about people but about right and wrong, about dharma and adharma. Your bade daata is wrong. You must side with dharma. Phool cannot go against her bade daata. Ajabde tells her to recall how she faced Akbar once. You are yet again going against him not your bade daata. Phool is still caught in confusion. She continues talking to Ajabde but realises that it was her imagination. What’s happening to me? I must save him but how will I reach there?

Burga Khan continues to have an upper hand in the fight. All of Pratap’s attempts to attack him fail. Instead Burga Khan beats him. Marwar’s men and Akbar are happy to see this. First round comes to an end. Burga Khan has won in this round. Pratap is lying unconscious on the ground.

Daasi updates all the Rani’s about the dangal. JB tells them to keep quiet. All these are baseless till my son enters in this palace all well. Right time will bring the right piece of info along with it. DB feels that the daasi is telling the truth but goes quiet when JB stares at her.

Phool has disguised herself and is looking for a way to fool her soldiers and get out from her pavilion. On the other hand, Burga Khan is happy at his win and so is Akbar.

Phool comes to meet Pratap but gets to know that he has already gone to participate in the dangal. She runs towards the competition area.

Akbar wants Pratap to get up. How can you lose like this? Suddenly Pratap opens his eyes. He recalls what he had experienced at the war. Akbar composes himself as soon as he sees him thus. Pratap remembers what his Guru had taught him yesterday about trying to determine the weak point of your opponent. He starts attacking Burga Khan at all the possible places but in the end is thrown away by him. Uday Singh is worried for his son.

Phool is shown to be running towards the dangal area. Pratap finally finds the weak point of Burga Khan and continuously hurts him there. Akbar and Maldev ji are taken aback to see this whereas his Guru and dad are happy to see this. Second round comes to an end with a draw between both the participants.

While running, Phool recalls Akbar’s words that he thinks of Pratap to be his enemy.

Burga Khan gets those vicious nails. He understands what he is supposed to do. Third round is announced. The participants will fight till either of them dies while fighting. Pratap ducks all the times when Burga Khan tries to attack him. Pratap recalls his Guru’s technique about lerning to control the centre point of his forehead. He starts hurting Burga Khan badly. Burga Khan hurts him on his neck with his nails. Pratap feels dizzy and falls on the ground unconscious. Burga Khan celebrates his victory. Phool reaches there and rushes to Pratap. She feeds him water and tells him about the poisonous nails. Pratap realises why Burga Khan was trying to attack him using his nails. Pratap has to get up till he referee counts five or Burga Khan will be declared a winner.

Pratap gets up and using his full force attacks Burga Khan on his heart. He dies. Pratap wins. Akbar is disappointed / angry and so is Raja Maldev. Everyone chants praises of Pratap. Akbar leaves from there. Uday Singh tells Maldev that his son has defeated a beast like Burga Khan. We should discuss about the conditions now. Pratap wants to say something. He has won this competition but they should know that rules haven’t been followed in this competition. Maldev declines but Pratap says you know what I am trying to say. Maldev accepts that Burga Khan was sent by Akbar. Pratap asks about the poisonous nails in Burga Khan’s hands. Uday Singh is angry to know this. Maldev feigns innocence that he dint knew anything about it. UDay Singh wants an explanation. I always thought that it is our personal matter but why did you involve Akbar in this. Maldev says he dint ask for it. it all happened when Raghvendra backed off. I simply accepted Akbar’s proposal for making Burga Khan fight against Pratap. I hate him just like you do. He maintains that he had no clue about the vicious nails. Pratap has anyways won this competition. I accept defeat. Marwar accepts Mewar’s rules. He announces in front of everyone that he is putting his sword in Pratap’s feet as he has won. Rawat ji praises Pratap and everyone joins him.

Maldev has defeated many big enemies with his sword. I am keeping it in your feet today. Pratap stops him. he turns to his dad. Are you not happy with the win? Uday Singh wanted to hear this only. He gives him the right to make the last decision. But he will have to share it with everyone first. Pratap tells Maldev ji that Mewar has always given importance to freedom and self respect. We can die but cannot bend down in front of anyone. Those who love their freedom so much know about others love for their freedom as well. I don’t want to snatch anybody’s freedom. I don’t even want to rule over any other state. I only want you to live as freely as we and the other states of Rajpuatna do. We must unite when we have to fight against any foreign invaders. I don’t want anything else. I would not let it happen then you, being an elder, should keep your sword in front of me. I expect it from you that Marwa will fight with Mewar against any foreign invaders. Maldev ji agrees that Marwar will fight against Akbar from Mewar’s side. Rawat ji chants praises of Mewar and Ekling ji.

Mughal soldiers are full of praises for Pratap for the way he fought with Burga Khan. Akbar kills that soldier right then. He cannot tolerate anyone praising Pratap. Bairam Khan tells him to control his anger. You are Shehan Shah-e-hind. Akbar cannot understand how Pratap is saved every single time. Bairam Khan tells him not to take it to his heart. Nasir and his army lost, Burga Khan lost then why are you getting so personal about it? Akbar is hell bent on killing Pratap himself. This only will provide peace to my late father’s soul.

Phool sits down to write a letter to Ajabde. Just then Pratap comes to meet her. she is surprised to see him there and apologizes instead which confuses him. she couldn’t speak against her bade daata that he knew about the vicious nails. He tells her not to feel embarrassed over anything. You came in disguise to tell me the truth. I have come here to thank you for that only. If you wouldn’t have done that then maybe Burga Khan would have killed me by now. She stops him from saying anything like that. He adds that there might be differences between them in the past but he is indebted to her for forever for what she did today. He turns to leave from there and finds Maldev ji standing there. He explains that he wasn’t completely at fault in what all happened between them. Pratap agrees but he adds that he somehow gave Mughals a chance to create rift between us. Maldev says that he will take time to understand politics. Till the time Akbar will think about dividing us Rajputs till then such problems will arise. Who will you fight with and till when? Today the danger was because of me and tomorrow it can be someone else. Akbar is our enemy and we have to win over him. Pratap recalls all the past happenings and gets thinking. Maldev says with time Akbar’s ploys will increase. One day he will succeed. Pratap affirms that they will have to win against Akbar to bring peace in Rajputana.

A few Mughal soldiers advance toward Mewar. Mewar soldiers take their place all set to fight in case needed. They bring something in a tray. They quietly leave after keeping it on the ground before the soldiers. They take it inside and one of the daasi brings it for the Rani’s to see. Mughal soldiers threw it at our gates. No one has seen what it is. DB reads out the letter (from Akbar) that came with it. Anyone who tries to fight with us will be meted with the same fate. Ladies are worried thinking what if it is something related to their Rana ji. The cloth is completely soaked in blood. DB raises doubts what it its related to Pratap.

Akbar is told that his special message has been sent to Pratap’s mom. Akbar is happy. I am sure its impact will be what I want. Bairam Khan is sure it will anger Pratap all the more. You shouldn’t have done something with his mother like that. Akbar wants this only. He will come to fight with me what else! He goes inside his palace. Bairam Khan tells his soldiers not to let anyone inside without his permission. The palace gates are closed.

JB tells DB that her heart is still racing. It cannot be something related to Pratap. Nothing can happen to him or my heart wouldn’t have been beating like this. JB removes the cloth and faints. All the ladies rush to her side.

Precap: Pratap is angry at Mughals for the unforgiveable crime. Akbar wants to defeat Chittor in his own kingdom or else he is ready to forsake his everything. Pratap is heading towards Akbar’s place to give him a fitting reply.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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