Maharana Pratap 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 8th July2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 8th July 2013 Written Update

Shams khan says that he has one last wish, udai ask wat does he mean, shams says that leaving chittor fort is lyk death sentence for him n its hurting him, udai says that he’s not lyking delay in last rituals of rana bahadur n ask him to be fast n it will depend on his wish that whether he’s gng to be fulfilled or not, shams says that he just want to ask a question from pratap n hope that he dnt have any objection, udai nodes.

Shams says that he still remembers how that day pratap saved him, when he has that ancester sword, he can easily kill him, then thr will be no war. Pratap says that, shams was thr guest then n his parents always taught him the duties of a true kshatriye, thy never attack from behind n also on arm less ppl, every1 appreciate pratap.

Scene changed, pratap perform last rituals of rana bahadur like a son. Scene changed, udai singh n pratap return to palace, sajja n jaiwanta welcum them n did aarti one by one, jaiwanta hugs pratap with all luv n care, she then told udai that sajja bravely kills adil khan n save all of them, udai appreciate her efforts n she’s happy. They step inside for celebrations, maan singh has already reached thr.

Celebrations starts, thr was music n celebrations in the court, artists were appreciating warriors efforts by thr singing n dancing, thy were appreciating the ladies bravery. Som came to call pratap to dance with them, jaiwanta ask udai for permission, n he nodes.

Pratap goes n dance with every1, all njoys it, thy took pratap on thr shoulders. Scene changed, bhatyani’s maids told her abt celebrations. Other side, jaiwanta n sajja alongwith kids came to thr room, pratap ask shakti to dance with him, sajja too force him n all kids dance together n dhirbai stops them.

Precap: Dhirbai was missing, udai calls pratap to tell sumthng. :

Update Credit to: Amor

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