Maharana Pratap 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar Singh reaches palace and calls out for his grandfather. Amar Singh comes running to him. Rawat ji shares that Mughal army has reached Mewar with Akbar himself leading the troops. He has come here finally to attack us / fight with us. US is shocked. Pratap too is not in Chittor. He has gone to Merta to help King Jaimal. We will safeguard this castle till the time he returns. Rawat ji tells him that Akbar is heading to Chittor with approx 3k soldiers. We can arrange 1k soldiers for now. US tells him to deploy their best guards to safeguard the castle. In the meantime you can arrange for the rest of the soldiers. We wont leave those Mughals. They say encouraging slogans. He sends his courtesans to gather all those people in the court asap. They leave to carry out the task assigned to them. Amar

Singh too wants to fight with the Mughals. I was hunting when I came face to face with them. I made one of their soldiers fall from his horse and ran all the way to this place. US appreciates him. But make sure you don’t leave this palace without his permission. Amar Singh nods. US is tensed as Pratap is not in the castle at this very time!

Pratap is on his way to find some special kind of herbs / tree. He reaches a place which is all decked up with beautiful flowers and fruits. A girl tries to pluck a fruit but is unable to do so. Pratap aims his dagger at the fruit and helps her. She is not happy about it. I was not trying to get this particular fruit. Secondly, I don’t need anyone’s help. I myself am capable enough. She aims that particular fruit and gets it in one go. Pratap is impressed with her aim. She turns to go when he asks her about a particular tree. A very special person lives near these trees. I have to meet him. She misguides him about the location and smirks when he leaves.

Akbar is curious about the kid (Amar Singh). The commander is sure that the kid might be from the royal family of Mewar; someone who has been taught all the rules (of fighting) since his childhood. Our soldiers are looking for him but have not been able to track him down. Shall we proceed further? Akbar looks at Mewar’s castle and its flag through his telescope. Let’s go!

Pratap follows the directions given by that girl. he returns to the very same place. The girl smiles hearing his horse’s hoofs. Pratap politely asks for her help again. She agrees to help him this time. I will walk and guide you.

US explains the complete plan of action to his courtesans. The soldiers pick up their weapons and get ready to fight. Pratap and the girl are still on their way to that place. US orders a courtesan (Todiya ji) to gather all the family members, servants asap.

Akbar stops his army at a distance and checks on the castle once again. He decides to give a break to everyone. We will rest here for a while. His commanders suggest him to continue heading towards the palace. There is no reaction from Mewar so far. It will be better if we continue walking and stop at a far better location which is close to the castle. Akbar knows that it isn’t as easy as it seems to you. I have seen the movements at the palace. Something is going on there.

Soldiers take their positions. Their commander in chief motivates them to live and die for their motherland only. If the attackers come near us then we will attack with them arrows as and when they come in our range. No Mughal should go back alive.

The girl (Khetu) brings Pratap to the right place this time. The man, whom Pratap wanted to meet, turns out to be her father only.

Everyone gathers up in the court except Jagmal. Jagmal comes there just then. he greets his father and apologizes for coming late. US tells them about Akbar reaching up to the main entrance of their castle to attack them. The thing to worry is that Pratap is not here at this very moment. For security reasons, I order all of you not to take Pratap’s name at all. No one will either talk about him. Only the people from the palace know that he is not here right now so it is my order that no one can leave the palace now. No one will be even allowed to talk to anyone about it. Everyone will stay inside the palace only. No one will go out. He gives special instruction to Jagmal. US is tensed.

Precap: US wants this message to reach Pratap asap. If Akbar finds out that Pratap is not here right now then he will become stronger. Akbar’s informer tells him that maybe Pratap is not in the palace right now. Akbar decides to move ahead then. We have to gain access to the palace before Pratap returns.

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