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Pratap turns to go but Rani Durgawati stops them. I will also come with you. Pratap asks his Jija not to think that anyone of them doubt her skills, bravery. We have full faith that you can defeat any of us. The problem is our traditional outlook. It says that we should solve our sister’s problem without seeking her help. This rakhi is the problem as it means that it is our dharma to save you and your family. We want to bring back your sister safely to you. We want you to protect Gondwana like always. I have also brought Ajabde and Amar with me. They will take care of you in my absence. She replies that she will never be able to forgive herself if anything happens to him. What will I say to Amar or Ajabde? Ajabde says don’t worry about me. we have been brought up such that if anything

happens to these brave hearts while fighting for their motherland. Amar Singh affirms. We will be proud. Shakti adds that he never goes on any mission with the motive to die. I only go to win! This time too I will return safely after fulfilling my mission. Pratap nods. We will be successful! Rani Durgawati does their aarti.

A spy in the disguise of a vendor very smartly tries to extract info on what’s happening inside the palace. He gets to know that Pratap has come to Gondwana along with his two friends. He will give a fitting reply to Akbar and save our dignity. The vendor / spy leaves.

Pratap changes his look. He is now ready in the disguise of a money lender / creditor. Chandrasen, Acharya and Shakti too change their appearances. Ajabde praises Pratap. Rani Durgawati has packed some items for Pratap. All the men pick up one bag each so their look is perfect. Rani Durgawati tells his commander to make sure no one finds out that Pratap has left for Agra. Our courtiers too shouldn’t find it. He wonders what if Rani Kamlawati gives up before Pratap reaches there. Rani Durgawati tells him to keep quiet if he cannot say something good. He reasons that she isn’t as brave as her. Rani Durgawati is well aware of her sister’s nature. She dismisses him. Rani Durgawati mentally hopes that her sister does not give up before Pratap reaches there.

Rani Kamlawati wants to drink water but finds it too salty. She is feeling tormented. She calls out for someone. Maan Singh comes there. You have been brought up with all the luxuries. You wont be able to bear our tortures. Sign this letter. That’s all that you have to do! He reads the gist of the letter to her once again. Rani Kamlawati picks up the letter and burns it. This makes Maan Singh all the angrier. Hr orders the soldiers to light more torches here so the heat increases. It will make her thirsty and she will eventually come to us for help. More Mashals are being lit. Rani Kamlawati coughs. Maan Singh remarks that everyone wants to be brave but not everyone can be brave. You will understand my point now. He receives a message from his spy in Gondwana. Kamlawati is having trouble as the temperature in her cell has risen.

The Mughal army is all set to combat with Pratap and his army. Maan Singh hints what if Pratap does not attack on them. He shares the message from his spy. Pratap has left for Agra along with two other people. Our spy or anyone in Gondwana has seen no special movement in Gondwana. The Mughal commander thinks that Gondwana has probably agreed to bow down before us. Akbar shushes him. Pratap has made no move to free his jija’s sister so far. Is it that he has some secret plan to attack us and free Kamlawati so he can take her with him? Yes, this can be it! Pratap has understood my mind too well. I too am fed up of fighting a war. It will be fun to do something different this time. Alert our army in Gondwana. I want every update on Pratap’s movements.

Rani Durgawati is telling the story of her battle against Afghans to Amar when a soldier interrupts her. He has brought a bloodied cloth and message for her from Agra. Commander shares the message from Agra with her. If you don’t surrender before us then next time we will send Kamlawati’s head to you. Another courtier asks her to think one more time. Will Pratap’s plan be enough to get Kamlawati out safely? She trusts her brother and the men that he has chosen for the mission. If he fails then my sister’s head will reach me in this very plate only. I will think that my sister has become a martyr!

Pratap suggests his men to rest if they want to as they have been travelling since long. Shakti says he isn’t tired. He can travel for longer time and not get tired of it. Chandrasen remarks that you don’t identify a brave warrior by the longer time period that he travels for but for his skill that he displays in the war zone. Shakti asks him how many fights has he fought till date. Acharya calms them down. We should stop for the night even if we are tired or not. They stop to look at Agra’s entrance. Pratap thinks of the Mewar siege. Acharya advises him to keep calm so they can use his anger at the point where it is needed. Chandrasen talks about a sarai where the money lenders generally stay for the night. We will enter inside Agra along with them. All the men agree.

The spy has gotten inside the Gondwana fort. He hopes that he gets a chance to enter inside the palace too so he can get some useful info for Akbar. Ajabde and Rani Durgawati come out. Rani Durgawati talks about the spies inside her city. This is a major problem. Ajabde assures her that everything will be fine as Pratap is on his way. This is what is troubling Rani Durgawati. He has left with his team in the disguise of money lenders. He has taken such a big risk for my sister. Can I not do something for him? The spy overhears their convo.

Pratap reaches sarai along with his brethren. He pays money at the counter and asks the man to get him some food and lodging for the night. The man curiously asks them about their whereabouts. Pratap replies that they want to go to Agra. The man asks more questions hearing which Shakti angrily holds his neck. Pratap signals him so Shakti leaves him. You will find all my answers in my eyes. The man shakes his head and leaves to bring food. Chandrasen asks Shakti if he has been here before. Shakti declines. Pratap adds that people remember their ancestors when Shakti holds their necks. Chandrasen reminds him that their mission is very important. The secret is dependent on our getting mixed in the crowd easily. Shakti points out that the sarai is full of goons and spies at the moment. They should understand this much that they shouldn’t try to meddle in our affairs. Acharya reminds them both that their enemy’s name is neither Chandrasen nor Shakti but Akbar. The men nod.

Akbar’s network is alerted by a chain of spies. One of the men meet a lady (her face isn’t shown). He tells her that she has to take Pratap to Jahanpanah. He pays her some gold coins. Epi ends on the split screen of Akbar and Pratap.

Precap: The lady is at the sarai. She does something because of which Pratap and his brethren beat many people there. She requests them all to take her with them. Drop me till Agra. I will be safe there. Pratap allows her. Akbar vows to kill Pratap this time!

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