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A daasi (from Agra) has brought a message for DB from Agra. She was expecting it and is relieved. She reads the message in which Akbar assures DB that he will soon make her dream come true. Don’t give up. Keep doing whatever you can to hurt Pratap and his family. I will come and pull Pratap off the throne with my own hands. DB is glad. We had already made a deal about Pratap’s death.

An eagle drops Akbar’s message to before an old man. He reads it. He comes to a cave where there are many snakes. A lady has been given the task to take care of Pratap. You have to go to Udaipur. She opens her mouth when a snake bites her tongue. I am ready for you Pratap. No one has a solution of my poison!

DB scolds a soldier for not respecting her just because she is under arrest. Change

all these daasi’s. They are good for nothing. Soldier agrees to do it in a while but he threatens to complain to Rana Pratap. The soldier readily agrees. He takes all the daasi’s with him.

Chundavat ji tells JB that she will do the Raj-tilak of Maharana Pratap in future. Pratap gets to know that DB is missing from their room. Pratap orders the soldiers to surround the palace but DB tells him otherwise.

Akbar wants to know the pros and cons of going on this mission. Maan Singh says there is one problem in your plan. If Mirza (an Afghani) goes against us then the end result of the war can go against us. In case Hakim Khan asks them to do so then they will do it. Akbar suggests him to make Hakim Khan his friend by any means.

Hakim Khan is practising shooting cannons. Mirza is there as well. Hakim Khan is glad to know that his friend has become Maharana. I want to save him from Mughals. Mirza readily agrees as he is Hakim Khan’s friend after all. He sends one of his messengers to Udaipur. Tell Maharana that we are with them against their fights against Mughals.

DB explains that she is bound by duty. We all know that Jija has given up on worldly affairs. It will be wrong to give her this burden. I have come to do Pratap’s Raj-Tilak. JB tells her against it. You lost this right the moment you turned your face away from him. You threw him out of Udaipur a while ago along with his family. You should be praised for being daring enough to be back in the court even after doing all the evil acts against Pratap in the past and recently. DB blames Jagmal for everything but JB says he did everything and you supported him. DB replies that she was only respecting Rana ji’s last wish. Everyone has made a mistake by opposing it especially Rana Pratap. Why did he leave for jungle? What if Mughals had attacked us? I took time in understanding Jagmal’s mind. He invited Akbar over to Udaipur. What if Akbar had killed us?

Pratap tells DB to stop acting. I am unable to even call you Choti Ma today. You can say anything but everyone knows your truth. I trusted you because of humanity. I had called you mother but you brought shame to that pious words. You are making stories to prove yourself nice but we all know your truth. I am bound to send you back to your cell and give you the worst punishment. DB insists that she was only fulfilling rana ji’s last wish. JB asks her to stop her drama. Everyone here can see what you have done. If you are still alive and standing here then it is because of Pratap’s values. You snatched everything from him but his values. They were his biggest strength. Today I, Rajmata JB, will tie you in strong rules so you can never make use of Pratap and his good values ever again. You will not just be kept under watch but it will be a strong one. You will have to be invisible. You will neither be addressed as rani or Rajmata. Even a daasi will call you by your name. No cook, daasi, ornaments or anything! You lose the right to talk to Pratap directly. You will have to tell and take permission from the security people before going anywhere. You will wear normal clothes. If you are found talking naything personal to anyone then I will personally look into the matter. DB turns to Pratap. Please tell her that you will not accept any of it. Pratap instead supports his mother. DB accepts his decision. I will prove it how true is my love for your family. JB reminds her that she is Rajmata. It is equally big dharma for me to save the king of Mewar just like it is to pray to Kanha ji. She does Raj-tilak of Pratap. DB vows to gain all her rights back in a few days time!

Chundavat ji asks Maharani ji to sit with Maharana Pratap. There is confusion on everyone’s faces. Ajabde goes to sit down next to Pratap when DB asks her to stop. You are doing what even Rana ji has not done till date. You (JB) is discriminating between Ajabde and Phool. Rana ji gave equal right to everyone before people. He has treated them equally. JB apologizes to Phool for this mistake. Servants bring another chair. Both Ajabde and Phool sit down on each side of Pratap. Raj Purohit ji makes Pratap take the vow. Pratap vows to protect his state till his last breath. I will treat my citizens with respect and do justice. The palace echoes with cheers of Maharana Pratap.

Precap: DB talks to that lady (sent by Akbar). You have to kill him but it should not be an easy death! He pulled my son from the throne! Phool tells Pratap that she feels incomplete without him. I feel like I am caught in a web. She rests her head on Pratap’s shoulder. Ajabde stops at the door when she notices them thus. The lady observes all three of them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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