Maharana Pratap 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 7th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pratap eating sweets and asking chakrapani had he Gone to meet Rani Ma. He says yes as she wanted to know hoe is Pratap/ He also says she has become very week.

At the Palace Girja Dai says that Mothers generally prey for the fame of their children and she must be the only mother who is preying says that her child does not become famous . Jaivanta Bai says that she wants her son to live and wants to protect him fro the conspiracies of Dheer bai. His fame should never reach Dheer bai so she has no option to prey for his ordinary life

At the house Pratao asks Chakrapani did he tell the tiger thing to the queen. He says yes.Pratap says he shouldn’t have and now she will be worries.

Chakrapabi says she was worries about something else.Pratap

says what and that he was sure that there was a big reason behind her getting him out of the palace . He asks chakrapani to remember what it was . Chkra pani says that the queen had sais she is not worries because of the tiger but because of his choti Maa. But as chakrapani is about to say that they hear the arrival of Emperor Jalal.
They see the flag of muguls. Chakrapani says that most kings have submitted to muguls. Pratap says they might jave but not Rajputana. His father will never let Muguls enter court
At Chittor Raval ji is trying to persuade Udai sing to welcome Bairam Khan to chitter and Udai is refusing but Raval says its would be wrong policy at the moment. Raval is Bairam is the mentor of Jalaj and he rules on his behalf. But Udai Singh says he is not the King so why should he welcome him

Raval says that Muguls are very powerful and there is no reason to take enemity with them. He reminds Udai what Jalal had done to Hemu. Raval remind Udai that he is a politician and should not her carries away . Udai singh reluctantly sgrees to welcome Bairam Khan considering it is a friendly visit

Pratap and chakrapani standing at a Hill Top staring at Chitoor fort main entrance, The fort door opens to let Bairam Khan in. Pratap is surprised. Chakrapani says why Raval ji is meeting him. Why he is being taken in.

In the court Udai says Bairam is welcome but Bairam says he should have been present at the door but no worries he will get other chances. Udai says our protocol is that only a king goes to welcome a King not a messenger. Bairam says he will the Emperor that Udai was very eager to meet him. Bairam says he has brought a message for him from the emperor which he would like to read, Udai says go ahead.
Pratap is still confusd as to why entry was given to the Muguls

Bairam reads out that Emperor Jalal is now the Mugul emperor, he has heard a lot about Rajputana and its bravery. I sincerely hope that we never meet in battle as iit would be a pity to ruin a great brave race. Thus I would like to extend a hand of friendship towards you. If you accept our flag then you and your people are safe. Bairan says that they want peace and he hopes that Udai accepts peace.
Udai says says that they also have a message for the emperor. Tall him that he is a kid and not to keep his figure on a burning place as all of the figure hand burn. Its time for him to listen to lullabies. Bairam Khan tells him to meet the emperor once. We are not doubting your bravery but don’t make the mistake of taking Jalal no seriously. I am sure you would not want to meet him in battle.

Udai gets angry and says he is a messenger its better iif he goes and has lunch and returns to Delhi. Bairam says he is in a hurry. But how can he go empty handed to Delhi if Jalal will ask what he brought for him then what will he say. Udai tells Raval to give gift It’s a plate full of gold. . But Bairam says it’s a small gift compared to the importance to Udai singh. But still its ok we will take it as a sigh of peace.

Bairam leaves the court but Udai’s words are ringing in his ears.Pratap sees them come out with plates full of jewelry . Pratap and chajrapani are again surprised. Bairam throws the plate in anger.

Precap: Bairam Pratap Face off

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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