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Akbar says I am ready to accept all your terms and conditions only if US comes and surrenders himself to us. I am sure you will give this message to Pratap. Dodhiya ji says the peace discussion whas failed so we will tell you the message from Jaimal ji. They tell him Jaimal’s message – I am the commander of this place. How can the enemy even think of entering in our motherland! My king has handed over the key to me. They thank him and turn to go. HK points out that they were before Shehanshah. You should have paid respects to him. Akbar is happy with HK’s act. But what should I do with the two of you after the war? Dodhiya ji says we will not surrender. We will die in the war but will not give up. We will fight till our last breath. Do our last rites properly if possible. A soldier mutters that

we will show you how they will bury them. Akbar slaps him. You guys can only talk. You cannot do anything. We have no men here. Do what they want us to do. Pratap came in our camo base and went back from here alive. Think how to defeat these brave hearts!

Pratap notices the citizens trying to manage with whatever little they have. He has tears in his eeys. Ajabde gives him water. He wonders till when they will survive through this. The condition is such that we cannot give a newborn baby milk! If the condition remains this then! She reasons that he is thinking about peace. Pratap shares that Akbar has refused it. He is making preps. We have nothing, neither food nor weapons. We are falling short of both the things. Ajabde has full faith that their soldiers can fight empty stomach. Pratap knows it. That has happened many times before as well but what about their family? We cannot stretch it too far. If a King wants his citizens, his soldiers to fight for him, then he too should take good care of them. I am failing in this. She says it is the circumstances. Anyone else would have surrendered / given up in your place. It is the love of your citizens for you that keeps them going.

Ajabde sends a soldier to collect all the food items from every house in Pratap’s name. We will collect it, cook it together and share it amongst everyone. The ladies sit down to cook. A lady tells another lady not to use too much wood. We might need it for Jauhar tomorrow. Ajabde comes there. Are we scared? The lady denies. we are only concerned about our children. We wont back out from our duties. Ajabde is proud of them. You spoke like a true Rajputani. Tomorrow we will show them what we stand for – our ideals, our sacrifice. She chants Jai Ekling ji with them. Pratap watches them and is amazed. Ajabde joins him. Everyone has come together in your name. They all are cooking together and will eat together. The food is little less but no one will sleep empty stomach tonight. He is sure no one can defeat them if this unity stands in their country. All the differences go away if people stand together. No Mughal can defeat this unity!

Next morning, IK observes Akbar’s camp base. The soldier says no one will think about attacking us tonight. IK points out that Akbar will be thinking of the very same thing right now. It is the silence before the storm. Pratap comes there and greets them. He has also brought food for them. IK assures him that no one can dare step inside their fort till they are here. They haven’t forgotten the yesterday’s episode till now. Pratap knows that Akbar is aware of the condition inside the fort (less food). He also knows that we don’t have a solution for this problem.

Akbar sits down to eat. This food can make the Rajputs hungry. They will surrender to us then.

Pratap looks out from his binoculars. Akbar is having food outside his tent along with his chief soldiers. IK too observes them. These Mughals are enjoying food. He loads the cannon. Pratap points out that Mughals are out of their reach. This cannon cannot hurt them in any way. IK adjusts the face of the cannon (bends it down a little). The cannon lands right outside Akbar’s tent. They all had dispersed by then. IK smirks. We are hungry and you are feeding onto all that food! Pratap applauds the shot. Akbar looks at the condition of the soldiers. IK sends the food to be distributed among the needy. We will eat before leaving. They join hands and then hug. Pratap hugs him.

Akbar is miffed with Rajputs. I wont spare them now. He calls out for his commanders. He announces that this time he will attack himself. We will enter from the hole in the wall. This is war! This time we will win!

Ajabde and Pratap look down. Pratap can see the storm approaching. The attacks have suddenly stopped. Max Indian Kings have bowed down to that Mughal. Rajputana is not just a piece of land. It is a thought, Rajputana, it is about the will to live freely. Our people have forgotten it as they have got stuck in their lives. Mewar is Mewar. I will keep this thought alive even if I don’t! Rajputana will keep his head high always.

Precap: One of the commanders raise a doubt that they have not been able to do anything to Pratap all this while. How will we do it now? Akbar is sure it will happen this time. We will raise our flag on that fort!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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