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Pratap and Guru Raghvendra continue to fight brilliantly. First round comes to an end. Maldev is disappointed with Raghvendra. He doubts it that he dint give his 100%. You are famous for you are strong enough to win over a big army. But I can see that you are unable to win over an ordinary boy like Pratap. Is it that your love for your beloved disciple isn’t letting you fight rightly? Raghvendra announces that he has withdrawn his name from this competition for Raja Maldev doubts my intentions and dedication. It is against my self respect and dignity to prove it in front of anyone. But I seek forgiveness from all of you especially my equally capable competitor Pratap. Uday Singh asks Maldev ji if they can declare the results now. Maldev declines. I haven’t backed off. This competition isn’t

over yet. My second competitor will take over. The rules will be same. Pratap will be declared a winner only if he kills this competitor. Uday Singh accepts it. The fight is dismissed for the day. Guru Raghvendra wishes luck to Pratap who folds his hands before him with respect.

Akbar gets to know the details of today’s match. He also gets to know that Raja Maldev is looking for a guy to fight against Pratap. Akbar smiles. You don’t have to search for a fighter to fight against Pratap anymore.

Dhaman Singh lists down various capable contenders to fight against Pratap but Maldev ji isn’t satisfied with any. I have seen Pratap’s skills. I have to make him loose or Mewar will rule over Mewar. I cannot tolerate it. one of his men have brought a message from Akbar. Dhaman Singh tells him against it as Akbar only wants Marwar and Mewar to fight. Pratap was right. Maldev ji clears it out that they are at war with Mewar here. I anyways don’t agree what Pratap says. It might be that Akbar has thought of something but Uday Singh has made a mistake. He tells his guy to give him the message. Akbar has suggested him Murga Khan. You want Mewar to lose while I want to see Pratap dead. If you agree then we can be together in this. Maldev ji smiles evilly.

Bairam Khan orders his men to release Murga Khan.

Dhaman Singh gives details about Murga Khan to his Raja. He is a devil. He was in his dad’s (Humayun’s) custody earlier. He is very strong and is bought in field when the whole army is incapable of something. Maldev is pleased at Akbar’s mind. We both think alike. Dhaman Singh asks him if he will feel good that he is standing against his own Rajput brother and siding with Akbar. Maldev points it out that there is no brother in war. Its only enemies. My aim is to win this fight. Losing to Pratap will make Marwar bend down in front of Mewar which he will not accept ever.

Precap: Akbar tells his guy Murga Khan to go and kill Pratap. I promise to free you if you eat him up. Murga Khan makes wild gestures which pleases Akbar all the more.

Maldev ji knows Akbar has some other intentions. But right now my focus is on Pratap. I will take care of Akbar afterwards. I will never let him rule over Marwar. Make sure this secret is kept inside these four walls only. Spread his stories everywhere so that people get to know who we are presenting against Pratap. If the scary stories will be out everywhere then it will definitely create a good impact for us. Dhaman Singh nods and leaves to carry out the task assigned to him.

An old man gives some nails to Akbar. They are poisonous and can affect someone badly if someone comes in contact with it. If it is found out some way that it has been used in dangal then the fight will not be dismissed! Bairam Khan tells him to go. He raises his doubts over the same to Akbar. The tables can turn against us. Akbar wants to watch this game silently. If Murga Khan is unable to defeat Pratap till the last round then I will somehow make these nails reach Pratap. Murga Khan’s win will not be considered but Pratap will die. Bairam Khan understands his point. This means you are still adamant about watching dangal in disguise. Akbar nods. I cannot live without watching this day.

Rawat ji tells Uday Singh about Murga Khan. Uday Singh is unable to understand from where Maldev ji found him. Rawat ji is worried about Pratap and Mewar. Uday Singh doesn’t want to put so much of pressure on Pratap. It will be better if we fight with Marwar. Rawat ji talks about them being a Rajput. Uday Singh will talk to Pratap himself.

Pratap is meditating when Uday Singh and Rawat ji come to talk to him. He says that he can make out by looking at their faces that Raja Maldev has been successful in attacking your minds before the fight itself. No one knew about Murga Khan till yesterday. Today his scary stories are known to even a child of Mewar. Maldev ji playing with our minds. It is a well thought out plan of Maldev ji to make us lose even before the fight has even started. Uday Singh is against this but Pratap is adamant. I wont be able to live with this fact that I gave up in front some random unknown guy. I would rather like to die fighting against him. His dad tells him to fight in the war if he wants to but not with Murga Khan. But Pratap makes it clear that he wont back out now and if he wouldn’t allow him for this dangla then he will have to go against him. I can bet that Mewar’s army will side with me only. I am only telling Mewar’s Rana ji to not worry that his son will be in danger. Trust me I will get what I want. Guru Raghvendra comes there and supports Pratap. They are surprised to see him here. Raghvendra has fulfilled his ancestral obligation. Now I can return to being Pratap’s Guru. They all are happy to know this. Uday Singh wants him to make Pratap disagree for the fight. Raghvendra has instead come here to prepare Pratap for this dangal. You have very rare chances to win against that cruel man. We can only try but everything is in God’s hands. Pratap is ready for it.

VB comes to meet Saubhagyawati. VB will not have a respectful place in her palace till the time this war is on. We have to stop this war somehow. Uma Devi points out that she should have thought about it before going in Uday Singh’s pavilion. Go from here now or it might create problems for us. VB agrees to wait till the puja is done. Uma Devi is adamant. VB tells her that she wants them to be together so as to stop the fight but Uma Devi instead pushes her. she lands in the feet of other Rani’s. JB helps VB in standing up. You have no right to insult Mewar’s Rani. Uma devi taunts her on her love for Saamant girls be it as their DIL’s or sautan. You are very intelligent then why don’t you give some to Uday Singh ji? DB reminds her she shouldn’t insult her husband again. I am only helping Jija in taking this girl (VB) back home. It wont be good if you will say something against our family. She makes it clear to her that she wont hear anything against her family or her husband. We should look above everyone else and join hands. Anything can happen in this dangal. Have you thought of its consequences? If Mewar wins then you will become a widow and if Marwar wins then we will become widows. Uma Devi shakes her head. DB repeats her words. It will be us who will be crying. JB agrees with DB. We should think like real Rajputani women. We must pray for peace. Ram Singh’s wife is hurt over Pratap’s act yet she is ready to be with them.

Daasi comes to tell them about the dangal tomorrow. Uma Devi isn’t sure if she will be able to make up her Raja ji’s mind before the dangal.

Maldev ji is waiting for Murga Khan. Just then a cart reaches him from Ajmer. Murga Khan opens his eyes as one of the soldiers bang his shield at the cage he is in.

Pratap is practising for the dangal tomorrow. Raghvendra tells him to forget everything that he has taught him including all the rules as well. You have to fight without any rules. You cannot face Murga Khan by thinking about self respect, dignity and integrity. You will have to think of yourself as an ordinary / common man. He is a beast and you will have to fight with him to save yourself.

Murga Khan breaks open his cage with his feet. The soldier lands up at a distance by the impact.

Pratap and Raghvendra continue their practise. Raghvendra points out that Murga Khan isn’t as speedy as him. You have to find out his weak point and attack him there. He tells him to attack on the sack’s heart with an open hand. Pratap obliges while Raghvendra continues to charge him up.

Murga Khan bites one of the soldiers as Maldev looks on. He puts the other soldier in cage. He advances towards Maldev who welcomes him open heartedly while all the other soldiers move aside in fear. Maldev is happy to see his strength. I can bet now that Mewar will be ours.

Raghvendra changes the trick. He tells Pratap to lie down on his back. Raghvendra puts his finger on the centre of his forehead. He tells Pratap to try to get up. If you win over this then you will win over anyone.

Phool comes to meet her bade daata. Don’t be so hard hearted. How will Pratap fight with that cruel man? Maldev isn’t ready to forgive Pratap for hurting his granddaughter. Phool tells him to stop this dangal if he worries so much for her. I wont be able to take it if anything happens to Pratap. He cannot back off now. Don’t say anything which is against Marwar and I am unable to fulfil it. it doesn’t suit you being Mrawar’s princess. Dhaman Singh comes to talk to him so he tells Phool to go to her room. She obliges. Dhaman Singh tells him about the special nails. Maldev knows that Akbar is going to all the lengths to kill his enemy. Dhaman Singh wants to stop this dangal but Maldev tells him to focus on Marwar’s win. This war is in our favour but we don’t know its result yet. I only want Marwar to win. Akbar is behind it not us. I want Marwar to win at any cost. Phool has heard everything and is shocked.

Pratap seeks his Guru’s, dad’s blessings. They all have faith in him. pratap makes a request to him. I don’t want any news to reach to Rani Ma till the result is declared. Uday Singh agrees.

Murga Khan comes there. Everyone is somewhat scared to see him except Pratap who looks him in the eye. Pratap observes him carefully. Akbar too comes to see the match in disguise. The dangal is announced. Both the men are ready with their weapons.

Precap: Akbar thinks that only he knows the results of this fight here. This fight will end with Pratap’s death. Phool wants to save Pratap at any cost. The dangal continues. Murga Khan beats Pratap. Phool is running towards the fighting area in disguise.

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