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The show starts with Shakti Singh returning to battle field after saving Rana Pratap, & finds Mughal soldiers searching for Rana Pratap’s dead body because Akbar has told until he sees Rana Pratap’s dead body himself he won’t believe that Rana Pratap is dead. Shakti starts to think as to how to make the Mughals believe that Rana Pratap is dead otherwise Pratap won’t be able to hide inside the jungle peacefully & prepare an army. Just then he sees few bodies catch fire & just then Man Singh calls him from behind. He asks Shakti as where he went in between. Shakti informs him that he was there only, some body hit him from behind during the battle because on that he was unconscious for some time, & got up just short while back. He informs Man Singh that

Pratap is dead & he saw Prataps body burning before the accident. A Mughal soldier too backs Shakti by showing Man Singh Pratap’s armor which was half burned.

At Udaipur Jagmal & his Mughal army have breached the fort & fighting the Rajput army. Dheer Bai is watching it from the balcony, she asks the dasi to inform Jagmal about the exact location where Phool & Amar Singh are hiding. Chand overhears it & run to save them. The Mughals spot Phool & Amar they run but a Mughal soldiers chase them & tries to kill them but Chand comes in between & gets killed, Amar also manages ti kill the Mughal soldier. Chand informs Phool & Amar that Dheerbai is a traitor & asks them to escape, & dies. Phool &Amar run from there.

Pratap is injured unconscious but manages to reach a village near Udaipur. The doctor over there starts to treat him but after seeing his wounds & checking his pulse tells that Pratap won’t be alive for too long. His assistant informs him that Mughals have won the battle & Pratap is dead, Jagmal has taken over Udaipur. Now Akbar will crown Jagmal as Rana. He also tells that now we all have accept the fact. Just then Pratap gets up all are shocked, he tells them that he will recapture all of Mewad back & all will live in peace & Mewad will always be independent. One of them asks him his identity & he replies that he is none other than Rana Pratap Singh, all bow in respect before him.

Akbar is informed that Pratap is dead but he cannot believe. He tells every body that he can understand what are they telling & tells them that still his heart tells him that Pratap is alive.

In Udaipur Jagmal & Ranmal chase Phool & Amar they run inside the Kitchen, just then Dheerbai comes there & asks Jagmal about Phool & Amar, they inform her that they saw Phool & Amar run inside the Kitchen, she tells them that there is secret passage from within the kitchen that goes towards the city. She reminds them that it is necessary to kill the both as until Amar is there chances of a revolt in future cannot be ruled out. Jagmal asks Ranmal to go & kill them. Ranmal chases Phool & Amar & is about to kill them, Phool asks him to spare Amar as he is a kid & won’t do anything against them. Ranmal is about to kill Amar but Pratap comes in just then & stops him.

Precap, Akbar crowns Jagmal as Rana & tells him that no one can remove him now & informs that from now on Mewad will be under Mughal rule. Pratap makes it to the jungle, Phool & Amar are also seen. Pratap takes oath in front of Acharya that he will free whole of Mewad.

Update Credit to: shrinath

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