Maharana Pratap 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tells Rawat ji that he is not scared of him at all. I can do this again if I have to protect my values / traditions. That Mughal cannot play with our motherland or its traditions! This is a coward act and he will be punished for it. This is unforgivable. Akbar too vows to punish Pratap. His values will cost him very dearly now. Mahamanga points out that after this particular incident, people’s faith has decreased. Akbar is surprised.

Rawat ji explains that everyone is talking about this incident only. People feel that if Akbar can be so ruthless with his own Guru then he can do the same with us too. This point will go against Akbar in the future.

Akbar is confident that no one is daring enough to go against him. I wont change my style for these nobody’s even if anyone dares

to challenge me. Rukaiyya asks him how he will change his style then. Mahamanga and Peer Mohammad leave from there. Akbar scolds Rukaiyya for he has told her many times to stay away from his political matters yet you don’t understand it. Rukaiyya walks up to him. Be a little scared of Allah atleast. Getting your mentor killed is a sin. Think, to what extent you will go to fulfil your dreams and desires. Akbar picks up BK’s clothes and tells her to come with him. They come to Salima’s room. He goes inside and tells Rukaiyya to wait outside only. He notices the Salima’s face. So you got to hear about it (BK’s death). Now you know that I can do anything to get you. Rukaiyya is heartbroken. Salima only wanted a proof. She holds BK’s clothes. He tells her to make preps for their Nikah now. Salima is happy. she stops him on his way. You will have to wait atleast 40 days for me for some customs to get over. He agrees to wait for her for 40 days. Rukaiyya leaves from there in tears. Salima is impressed by his style.

After a few months:
All the royal family members head to Kuldevi’s temple to seek blessings for Ajabde and Pratap’s son. All the citizens of Chittor have gathered to witness it. US names the baby Amar Singh.

Salima is all decked up as a bride. She smiles thinking about her wedding as she waits for Akbar. Akbar sits down next to her and continues to look at her. She is glad that they finally got together even after so much difficulties. He refuses to wait anymore so she blows out the candle. Akbar got what he wanted. He married Salima and now he had only one wish – to rule over India! He needed the support of Rajput’s for this. He started marrying the daughters of Rajput kings one by one to get a hold of Rajputana. On the other hand, Pratap understood his move. That Mughal is a coward. But he had no idea that Akbar was going to play the same game with Pratap too.

Peer Mohammad brings marriage proposal for Maan (from Akbar). The Rajputs get angry. Peer Mohammad returned alive from Mewar as he was just a messenger for Akbar. Rajputs never kill a cow, a Brahmin or a messenger. Pratap got Maan married to Gwalior’s prince. Akbar couldn’t take this insult. Uzbeks got inspired from Pratap and they revolted against Akbar (in Jaunpur and Marwah). Akbar was very much worried but then he mercilessly fought over with them and won. I can still understand the enmity of my enemies but my own people have started going against me. It is all happening because of Pratap and Mewar. Pratap has refused to bow down before me so every small guy in my empire has started to go against me. Now I will destroy both Pratap and Mewar completely. He had understood that the entire Rajputana will be his once he gets control of Mewar. He will eventually be able to fulfil his dream of ruling India.

8 years later:
Little Amar Singh is in the jungle. He is watching a deer keenly from a distance. He gets ready to aim with his bow but then the deer gets alert and runs away. pratap too starts running after it / chasing it but loses track of it. He hears the sound of approaching elephants. He notices Akbar’s big army heading towards Chittor. The soldiers are chanting praises of Akbar.

22 October 1567
Akbar and his army come face to face with Little Amar Singh. Akbar’s commanders tell him to move aside but then think of getting him killed by his elephants. The kid is a Rajput after all. Why should we let him grow up to become a challenge for us in future? A soldier steps forward to kill him but Amar Singh holds the reigns of that soldier’s horse in time. The soldier falls on the ground. Amar Singh keeps his foot on that soldier’s back then. He smiles looking at the commanders. They order few soldiers to catch Amar Singh. Amar Singh starts running. He jumps and climbs on to his horse. The soldiers continue to chase him. he decides to send a message to US asap.

Amar Singh reaches palace and calls out for his grandfather. Amar Singh comes running to him. Rawat ji shares that Mughal army has reached Mewar with Akbar himself leading the troops. He has come here finally to attack us / fight with us. Epi ends on the split screen of Akbar, Mewar and the Mughal flag.

Precap: US wants this message to reach Pratap asap. If Akbar finds out that Pratap is not here right now then he will become stronger. Akbar’s informer tells him that maybe Pratap is not in the palace right now. Akbar decides to move ahead then. We have to gain access to the palace before Pratap returns.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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