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The Episode starts with Ajabde washing her face over and over again. She looks up and turns. She is shocked seeing Pratap’s face full of hatred for her. Its her imagination and he disappears. She thinks about Pratap holding the ring and how his blood filled her hairline. She thinks of the moments spent between then till now. She thinks Pratap stayed here for her as he trusts her. She hears his words and sees him everywhere. She shouts no and holds her head. She faints by the wave of thoughts. Rani Dheer Bai scolds Dhaman and asks him to get the message from Bijolia. She hears a messenger came with a message for Rawat ji. She says he is sent by Pratap’s friend Chakrapani, lets see what message he got.

Udai Singh comes and greets the pandit ji. The pandit ji says he got the message for

Rawat ji. Dheer Bai talks to him and asks when did he start being a messenger. Patta asks Pratap whom is he finding. Pratap asks about his Jija, as blood was coming from her forehead. Patta says no, she is fine, but you are wounded and calls Ved ji. Pratap says no, I m fine. Patta says fine, keep this memories, it will remind you some sweet moments, and leaves. Pratap thinks his blood got on Ajabde’s forehead. He thinks he has to be focused and has to meet Rawat ji and share the problems occurring here.

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The pandit ji says he went to Rawat ji’s house to do puja, and his family has sent this message and said its personal and I should give him. Dheer Bai says she will give it. The pandit ji says I will wait. She says I won’t let you wait. He gives her. Dheer Bai starts opening it. Udai Singh asks what is she doing, it might have personal message. She says no, it can have urgent message too, as his family maybe in danger. The pandit says no, his family is fine. She says no, it can be, you are pandit ji, not a messenger. Udai Singh says yes, you are right, read it. Rawat ji comes there. The pandit gets glad. He says he got personal message for him, take it. Dheer Bai hands it over to him. The pandit ji says its from your home and gives him. Rawat ji takes it and starts moving.

Dheer Bai says read it here, as we all are worried for your family, but as your wish. Udai Singh says yes, I want to know is everyone fine there. Rawat ji reads the letter of Pratap about Bijolia being in high danger and he can’t trust anyone in Mewar Rajgharana, someone is planning against Bijolia. He asks Rawat ji to meet him and keep this message confidential and not tell to Udai Singh, as he will get angry and take action, I can’t tell him now. Udai Singh asks is everything fine. Rawat ji says yes, some family and personal message, if you permit, can I go now. Udai Singh smiles and says go. Rawat ji greets them and leaves. Dheer Bai looks on.

Badshah Khan trains the Moghul soldiers for attacking Bijolia. Badshan Khan asks them not to show stunts, and this won’t affect him. They gossip about him. Badshah Khan hears the man and calls him. He asks what did he say. The man says nothing. Badshah Khan hit on his chest affecting his heart and he falls and dies. Akbar looks on and says Badshah Khan……………

Ajabde gets conscious and wakes up. Saubhagvati asks her to take rest. Ajabde asks did anyone tell Maa that I fainted. Saubhagvati says no. Ajabde says thanks, if Maa knew this, she would have been much worried. Saubhagvati asks how did she faint, what happened to her. Ajabde thinks and says nothing, I was tired by the war. She says call everyone here, I have to do much work. She looks at her forehead in the mirror and sees the blood mark gone. Badshah Khan apologizes to Akbar and says this man has insulted me. Akbar asks him to continue. His minister says why are we giving importance to this foolish Afghan soldier.

Akbar says he is Shams Khan’s son, who wants to take revenge for his dad’s death from Pratap. He asks how do you know this, I did not understand this. Akbar says you will understand it very soon. Pratap is shown going to meet someone. Its Rawat ji and he greets him. Rawat ji sees his wound and says I think you are getting good chance to sharpen your sword here in Bijolia. Pratap says yes, if everything at Mewar fine. Rawat ji says ys, why does Bijolia want to get apart from Mewar. Pratap tells everything what Patta and Ajabde told him. He says about Bai ji lal….. Rawat ji asks who is this Bai ji lal. Ajabde….. Rawat ji is shocked.

Ajabde tells Patta that she has sacrificed her jewelry and I have been able to get gold coins, I want to give Bijolia people my pride and my freedom. Pratap says Ajabde wants Bijolia to get free from Mewar and I won’t let this happen. Ajabde says nothing can come between our freedom now. Patta asks what will be our next step. She says yes, you have done good spread of this fair, and I m sure people will come to sell arms and we will buy it. Patta says he will manage alone. She says we should trust Pratap. Rawat ji says you know this won’t happen, as everyone respects Ajabde here. Pratap says he won’t let this happen and he will come in between this freedom fight and keep Bijolia united with Mewar, I will come in between Bai ji Lal and Bijolia’s freedom.

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