Maharana Pratap 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 6th March 2014 Written Update

JB show meera mata temple to hansa and hansa gets very happy. JB says, i love to live with meera maa. Hansa says, i am very happy to meet with meera maa with my whole family. JB says, dont say that you have complete family. Your elder daughter is not here. Jalal says, what will meera say to you when you met with her at last time. Hansa says, really pratap is very talented. JB says, your daughter ajabdey is also really talented. Hansa gets upset then JB says, why are you upset. Hansa says, ajab will not come in front of Rao mamrat ji. Hansa tells the story of her daughter and rao mamrat ji thinks ajabdey is bad luck for him.
Jalal offers sugarcane to pratap. Pratap says, no. Purohit says, who is this boy?? Pratap says, i dont know but it doesnt matter who is he. Jalal says to shamsuddin,

dont give me instruction for whom will i make friendship? Jalal says, i will stay here in evening. Pratap says, i will also try to say this.
Hansa tells about her daughter and her friend. Uday singh informed to JB and hansa that meera bhabi has taken samadhi and she will not return to mewar. Jalal ask to shamduddin about rajput troop. Shamsuddin says, this marwar’s queen. Jalala sees the queen. Both the queen looking herself into mirror and jalal see both of them and gets very happy. Jalal says, how could you live without to see the amazing view. Jalal says, neither you see nor mine see that amazing view. JB and uday singh gets tensed about pratap. Hansa says, if we will provide different environment to pratap then he will not feeling alone. Pratap ask to shamsuddin, will jalal gets up? shamsuddin says to himself, he is sahan-sa- hind, he will not run after time. Pratap and ajabdeyi goes to take bath.
ajabdeyi says, where is my necklace. go and find it.
jalal says, you wake up early morning. Pratap says, do you wake up in late morning. Jalal says, i will see dream then i will try to acquire it. Ful bai says to her brother, i want to go to take bath in the river water. Jalal takes bath and at that time ful bai comes to take bath.
Here pratap and raj purohit pray to God.
FUl bai’s brother challenge to jalal. Purohit ji tells the pratap about marriage life. Tansen reaches there and says to him, let him go. Tansen says, your are now undercover so please dont show your power. Tansen says, sorry to that person. Pratap ask to jalal, what was you saying for seeking. Jalal angrily says, nothing and goes into his tent.
Pratap look at the necklace.

Precap:- Mamrat ji inform to uday singh that jalal is changing his dresscode in a secret way and uday singh ask for pratap. Jalal and pratap tells their identity to each other.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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