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More Mughal soldier enter in the fort as there is a bigger hold now. They are suddenly attacked by someone. Mughals stop in their tracks in shock. Pratap notices Afghani soldiers shooting at the Mughal soldiers (sorry for the typo error). He smiles at his friend. The Afghani soldiers take position atop the fort and shoot at Mughal soldiers. Jaimal ji is glad that his trust lived. I had full faith that Ismail Khan will reach here one day to help us. All the Mughal soldiers die. HK stops in his tracks with his troops. Pratap and IK stand face to face. Pratap thinks of their last meeting. IK apologizes to Pratap. I am sorry I was late. You faced Mughals so bravely. You had said that this is our motherland too. We had to come and join you for our motherland’s sake.

Akbar wonders who Pratap’s

new friend is. What does he think that he will win with his friend? He wont be able to change anything. Increase the attacks. Now I will handle the cannons.

IK too has brought his cannons. He positions them towards the Sand Mountain and set fire to the cannon. Akbar is on his way towards the sand mountain. He is about to reach there when there is a blast. Akbar looks up angrily. HK retreats with his troops. Pratap stops everyone from attacking Mughals. We Rajputs don’t attack anyone from behind. IK applauds his outlook. Your bravery has inspired us. They chant praises in the name of Pratap while Pratap thanks Ekling ji.

Akbar is angry at his commanders from returning empty handed. Surajmal stops him from killing them. it will go against us only. Akbar is irked.

Pratap hugs IK. I will be forever indebted to you for helping us. You have played a very important role. IK doesn’t want him to embarrass him this way. You have kept Mughals at bay for this long. It isn’t an easy thing. Jaimal ji remarks that this friendship of Rajputs and Pathans will be remembered for long. A soldier comes to inform them that Ajabde is waiting for Pratap. Pratap excuses himself and leaves with Patta.

Ajabde does Pratap’s aarti while Patta’s wife too does her husband’s aarti. Pratap finds Ajabde a little tensed. You wanted to say something? Ajabde says a few Mughal soldiers entered inside our food store and lit fire. We have very less food stock now. It will last only a day. Now we have our guests too. What will we say to them? Pratap nods. We cannot keep our guests hungry. We will have to make some arrangements. I and my commanders will stay hungry today. Everyone feels bad.

IK cannot eat if Pratap stays hungry. You call me your brother so we too wont eat. Pratap says I will feel bad that our guests will stay hungry. Please don’t deprive us from the chance of serving our guests. IK agrees but on a condition. We will share it amongst ourselves. Paratp agrees. Everyone is touched.

Pratap looks at the hurt soldiers / citizens. Ajabde says it will be thousands. A guy calls out for Pratap. The couple rushes to him. The guy is in pain but still is happy as Pratap is by his side. All the citizens are not in a very good condition but they still have full faith in Pratap. You will take care of us. Pratap feels bad. They are my responsibility. I will have to do something. A kid is screaming in pain while Vaid ji tends to her. Ajabde sits by her side. The kid requests Ajabde to save him. He has been hit by a bullet. The kid breathes his last. Ajabde and Pratap close their eyes sadly. Pratap recalls Tulsidas ji’s words. He looks at his hands and all the scenes of the war flash before him. He rushes out from there with Ajabde following her. He tells her that he cannot take it anymore. It is my responsibility to take care of my citizens. I will have to stop this war at any cost. Ajabde reasons that Akbar has called back his soldiers. Pratap knows that it is just for tonight. We have nothing, no soldiers, no weapons, nothing! How will we face such a big army? What will happen to our innocent citizens? Why should they bear any kind of pain or hunger? I have to save them from all this. I will have to put a stop to this war. I will have to do something!

Surajmal suggests Akbar to go back to Agra but Akbar is in no mood to do so. It’s been 4 months but we dint get anything! How will I face the world, my late father if I agree? What will I do to Pratap? Surajmal has no answer but knows that they couldn’t think of anything in these 4 months. A soldier comes to inform Akbar that 2 messengers have come from Chittor. They have been sent by Pratap. Akbar tells him to bring them in. It’s Dodhiya ji and Ishar Das ji. They tell Akbar that Pratap wants this war to end. You can take as much money as you want as compensation. Akbar smirks. Surajmal calls it tempting and profitable. We can think about it. Akbar introduces them to HK. US had cut his finger. I am ready to accept all your terms and conditions only if US comes and surrenders himself to us. I am sure you will give this message to Pratap. Dodhiya ji says we have been given a right to take a decision on our own. Your condition isn’t possible. Akbar refuses to put an end to this war then. we want the key of the fort. Surajmal is tensed.

Precap: Akbar still demands US and the key of the fort from his hands. IK shoots a cannon right outside Akbar’s tent. Everyone at the base camp is tensed. Akbar announces that this time he will attack himself. This is war!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Why there is no comments

  2. There are hundreds of comments for all fiction serials even for that saas bahu stupid type serial but no one is there for our country’s real hero

    1. Agreed pratapji was d hero of his time. But his descendants didn’t continued his fight. And sat in moghals lap. The very son of ajabde and pratap

  3. No one have few minutes for our proud hero

  4. Pratap was the hero of india. He was chosen by god. Ajabde as a wife polish his bravery

  5. Actually people would to watch d serial if it had better screenplay and script. And u might agree that pratap story is known toAll. And director was dragging in dat. If it would have been executed better might b d show would have been greatest hit.
    Like privithvi raj chauhan.
    I used to ride 6kms in 10 mts on bicycle so DAT I don’t miss it. But it had quality. In rajat’s acting. And even d screenplay.

  6. Sandeep Singh

    Will somebody tell me how could afghanis suddenly enter the fort when it was tightly surrounded by Mughals..i don’t believe they would known about the secret tunnel as alternative way…there should be some logic in turn of events in such a storyline

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