Maharana Pratap 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap leaves with his troops to find BK.

BK is offering aazan. His soldiers find out that a very big troop of Mughals is following them. We have to leave this place right away. BK isn’t surprised. They wouldn’t have waited to attack us. But if they are waiting here, then who are they waiting for? BK thinks for a while and realises that the Mughals are waiting for Afghanis. Jalal wants me to die by Afghanis hands so he is not blamed for my murder. He is impressed with Jalal’s move. He takes out his sword next. I wont die as a coward. I am a fighter and will die like one.

Peer Mohammad cannot attack. Plus he knows that they wont remain alive if they attack BK and his troops. I wonder where the Afghans are! Right then they notice a huge army of Afghan troops heading towards

where BK is.

A soldier suggests BK to run away but BK denies. it is my chance / day to write a chapter about BK’s bravery is India’s history today. I will show Afghanis how strong BK is. You guys can leave if you want to save your lives. BK’s loyal soldiers deny. We have been with you always. We wont leave you. we will fight with you against Afghans. BK feels good. They take out their swords and march towards Afghanis. The fight begins. BK kills a lot many Afghani soldiers.The leader of Afghanis is successfully in stabbing BK from the back. BK still continues to fight against all of them singlehandedly. Peer Mohammad is relieved to see him thus. But his happiness is short lived. He is shocked to see Pratap reaching there just then. BK is glad to see him. I knew that you will come! BK resumes fighting. Pratap, Chakrapani and Patta kill all the Afghanis. Pratap even covers BK from the back so no one is able to hurt him again. we have to leave from here asap. They fight together. Peer Mohammad is tensed now. Another soldier is successful in wounding BK again (yet again from behind). BK thinks of younger Jalal. There was an incident when some people had come to kidnap / arrest Jalal. He had called out for his Khan Baba. BK had killed all of them. Jalal hugs his Khan Baba. There is another attack on BK. He thinks of Jalal’s father giving him the responsibility to train Jalal. Another attack and BK screams in pain. Peer Mohammad is happy.

BK thinks of how he had trained Jalal, made him stronger; pushed him harder to fight; how he had made a promise to young Jalal that he will never leave his side; the first time when he had made Jalal kill someone. Soldiers continue to hurt him and he calls out for Pratap. Pratap rushes to his side immediately. Afghanis decide to run back as BK is about to die anytime now. Pratap shows it to BK. We have won. Pratap notices Peer Mohammad. He tells BK about him. BK nods. He was my disciple. Everyone has become my enemy but Allah watches everything. He will teach them all a lesson one day. I knew you would come as you are a brave man so you know how to respect another brave man, understanding them without saying anything. I am only sad about one thing. I tried to defeat you and Mewar all my life. Pratap agrees to listen to everything that he has to say once he gets fine but BK knows that his time is near. Now my soul will talk to you. Remember it, my soul will always protect you! You are a true warrior who fights for his state, his citizens, and his motherland. When India’s history will be written, your name will be on top, from amongst all the other kings and warriors. I am very sad that I brought up a wrong guy like my own son. I wish I too had a son like you in his place. I wish Allah had made me your guardian / mentor instead of Akbar’s. India would have been a different place today then. He breathes his last in Pratap’s lap. Pratap is very sad and so are all the others. Pratap promises BK that he wont let his death go waste. I swear by you, Akbar will have to pay for this.

Peer Mohammad brings BK’s clothes (wounded, battered, and slashed). Akbar too thinks of his happier times with his Khan Baba. Mahamanga touches them and recalls how BK had insulted her. Sad, you would have been alive today if you had not disrespected me that day. You don’t know to what extent I can go to to seek my revenge. You are no more to even see that. Peer Mohammad tells Akbar that Pratap was with BK in his last moments. He had come there to save Pratap. Akbar asks him why was Pratap with his Khan Baba. He has no right to interfere in our personal matters.

Pratap says it isn’t a personal matter. If anyone kills a brave warrior like BK while he is on his way to Haj then it is not a personal matter at all. BK was not just a brave warrior but the Guru of that Mughal (Akbar). It is not our values to kill our own Guru. Rawat ji explains to him that they have given an open challenge to Akbar now. He anyways hates you and Mewar. We have actually added fuel to the fire. Pratap is not scared of him at all. I can do this again if I have to protect my values / traditions. That Mughal cannot play with our motherland or its traditions! This is a coward act and he will be punished for it. This is unforgivable. Epi ends on the split screen of Pratap and Akbar.

Precap: Peer Mohammad brings marriage proposal for Maan (from Akbar). The Rajputs are angry. Akbar has done so as Pratap has refused to bend down before them so I will destroy Pratap and Mewar completely now. Mughal army has reached Mewar and Akbar himself is leading the troops.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I love pratap because of his braveness

  2. Sandeep Singh

    This is utter stupidity and nonsense by Sony TV. Peer Mohammad Khan never tailed BK, even pratap may not have tried to help him. Actual truth is that BK was killed by Haji Khan Mewati at a desolate place and not at a battle ground like this.

  3. true…….
    they think what ever they potrait thats true bolke….vch is not ……

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