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Maharana Pratap 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A few Mughal soldiers reach Udaipur. A Mewar soldier mocks that they had heard a lot many soldiers will come. You are just a few. The Mughal soldier points out at the Mughal flag hoisted on the fort. Your good days are over now. Very soon we will take over everything. You can show this attitude but not for long. Your lion Pratap has anyways left for jungle. Pratap asks them who says so. This lion of Mewar can come from any corner of the world to protect Mewar.

Jagmal continues to drink. He is content after banishing Pratap. DB comes there. Raimal can hear it in her voice that something is wrong. She shares that Pratap is heading towards the palace along with a few Samants. Jagmal wonders why is Pratap not abiding by father’s last wish. What about Maan Singh’s soldiers? Raimal replies

that they will take time in reaching here.

Pratap gives two options to the Mughal soldiers – either die by my hands or ask that Mughal to change his thought process. We will not deter from shaking Agra. The soldiers run away.

Jagmal calls out for the commander (Dharam Pal). I have sat on the throne as per my late father’s wish. You will save me, right? The commander agrees. Jagmal orders him to deploy his soldiers at all corners. DB is sure JB had said something to Pratap or he will never go against his father’s last wish. He is not that kind of a son. We should have given death sentence to her. She is too smart.

JB cannot understand how US thought of making his last wish. We all knew that Pratap will be the successor. Is DB behind it? She is beyond our imagination. Maybe she played with Rana ji’s letter and changed names somehow. We don’t have anything to prove it at the moment but my inner voice is strongly saying the same thing.

Jagmal looks at the security. Get me Pratap’s body somehow. I will give you gold. DB asks him to sit on the throne. Don’t let anyone take over. Jagmal assures her that they are safe here. He does not appear thus though.

Dharam Pal sent by Jagmal stands before Pratap. Pratap asks his troops not to use any weapon. Dharam Pal asks him to surrender. Pratap reminds him of his dharma. To protect that lifeless throne or the values associated with it? Do our values support this fact that our present king is inviting Mughals to save him or hoisting Mughal flag above our flag? We have always opposed Mughals but today we are hiding under them. Is this our dharma? My training will go waste if you fail to understand the difference. I have always taught you to be a patriot, pick up a weapon to save motherland. Is a person bigger or state? A person or motherland? The decision is yours. I have already made up my mind. Dharam Pal and the soldiers make way for Pratap.

Jagmal can feel Pratap’s presence. I am sure he is coming. He orders the soldiers to close all the doors. He should not enter inside. DB asks him not to let go of the throne. Pratap opens the door of the court. Jagmal wants him to be killed. Mughal soldiers move towards the door when Pratap suggests them to stay out of their personal mater. The soldiers walk out of the courtroom. Jagmal is all panicked. Pratap walks in along with Acharya, Chundavat ji and another commander. DB asks Jagmal to take out his sword. Jagmal sits there all scared.

Chundavats have been responsible for Mewar’s security since ages. Chundavat ji announces Pratap as the new Maharana of Udaipur. DB and Raimal are shocked. Jagmal refuses to get down from the throne. DB tells him that it is futile to hold onto what you have lost. Come down. Jagmal refuses Acharya exercises his rights. He asks Chundavat ji to pull Jagmal down the throne. Chundavat ji is more than happy to do it. Jagmal falls on the floor. Chundavat ji requests Pratap to sit on the throne so his Rajya-abhishek can happen following all the rituals. Pratap walks up to the throne. Pratap refuses to sit on the throne. My Rani Ma was insulted here before the entire court. Till the time she enters in the palace, I will not sit on the throne of Mewar. Acharya knew it already. He has made preps to call the royal family already. The commander asks for justice. Jagmal killed a courtier in the court before all of us. There should be investigation. DB begs for Jagmal’s life. He is young. Forgive him please. Chundavat ji announces that the rajya-abhishek will be tomorrow. DB, Jagmal and Raimal will be held under arrest till then. DB requests Pratap not to punish his Choti Ma and his younger brother in front of the entire court. Pratap tells her to stop her acting. You have broken all your limits. I have seen enough of your emotional drama. I am not going to fall for any of it anymore. I gave you many chances but you made fun of all the mothers in the world. I loved you, respected you with a hope that you will change but no! Chundavat ji’s orders should be diligently taken care of. The soldiers take DB, Jagmal and Raimal with them.

Precap: Akbar plans to attack on Mewar. This will be the biggest war till date – the Haldi Ghati war! Pratap’s rajya-abhishek is done.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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