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The Episode starts with Ram Singh reading Phool’s letter. Phool writes she is not having any anger, as he has taught this to her, but today truth is she is Pratap’s wife, if he does not support Pratap in this tough time, then she will think the brave father she knows has died long time ago. She says the father I know can’t be such coward, you know this war is between good and evil, Dharm and Adharm, whatever you decide, listen to your heart. Bhagwandas comes to him and says I understand, your family is putting emotional pressure on you, even this pressure formed on me when Heer married Akbar, but I have taken decision with my mind and saved my Rajya, today Heer and my Rajya are happy, but your Rajya’s state is not stable, if Marwar supports Akbar, you can protect your Rajya, if you support

Pratap, you will be ruined, there is no one with Pratap, Akbar has everyone, Pratap has few thousand soldiers, and Akbar got 2 lakh soldiers, and about your daughter Phool, if you support Akbar, I will not let Phool be a widow, Phool and Prarap will be alive and in peace, you take decision by mind, not heart. Ram Singh goes.

Akbar says Bheels have trapped my soldiers and killed them, Maan Singh send more soldiers, let me see how long they face our soldiers. Ram Singh tells Chandrasen that his decision is Marwar will support Akbar, not Mewar. Chandrasen asks will he not support Rajputs, Phool and Pratap, Akbar has cheated and killed Ajabde, how low will you all…. Chirawal ji says enough Chandrasen, this is politics, just Ram Singh will know his greed to decide this. Chandrasen says whatever, but this decision made Ram Singh lose his brother and daughter. Ram Singh looks on.

Acharya tells Phool that if Marwar supports us, we can get ready to face Akbar. Phool says I have high hope that Marwar will support us. Amar asks why did any message not come till now. A messenger tells Ram Singh’s decision, that Ram Singh can’t support Mewar in this war. Phool gets shocked and asks Archarya what will we do now, I can’t believe this. Amar leaves angrily.

Multan Khan says Bheels killed our 15000 soldiers through that small passage and throwing stones from mountains. He says we are left in big number, how to ask more soldiers from Akbar. He sees many soldiers coming and thanks Akbar, he asks them to go ahead to attack Bheels. Rana Punja says we will Moghuls. Bheel says many thousands are coming. Rana Punja says mountains saved us, our land will save us again, come after me. Amar rides the horse and leaves palace.

Acharya says I can’t believe how can Ram Singh send this decision. A guard says Amar has run out. Phool asks where will we find him. Acharya asks her not to worry, he will find her. Pratap enters Mewar. The people rejoice as their Rana ji has come. The guard informs this in palace. Pratap reaches the palace.

Phool prays and says this pure sword is from our ancestors, today I want strength and courage to do face this problem, like Rani Jaiwanti Bai and Ajabde, bless me that I do my duty. Pratap walks inside. Dheer Bai and Acharya see him. Phool sees Pratap, as he comes and lifts the ancestral sword. They all look on. Pratap looks at his ancestral and Lord’s idol. He recalls his loved one’s death. His eyes reflect much anger.

Rana Punja says he knows the problems, they have to have their belief, this place is our strength now. Bheel asks how. Rana Punja says this old place is like Bhool Bhulaiyya, we have to kill Moghuls even if we have to cheat them. I know we can’t face 2 lakhs soldiers, but we can create fear in them and lessen them, we will make them stop here, once Rana ji comes back from Ganga and gets time to attack Moghuls, it will be fine. Rana Punja calls one of the best Bheel his diamond and asks him to see his bravery now. He asks them to hide and they will get some weapons to attack Moghuls. We will hide and kill them. The Bheels disperse and hide.

Multan Khan says it seems they have hidden behind this maze walls, we have to find them and kill. The battle continues. Acharya says its time to mourn, we can’t lift weapons for 13 days. Pratap says I knew Ajabde well, her thinking for her land, she will regret if we give our land to Moghul, shall we make Akbar benefit from our traditions, traditions are from us, we are not from our traditions, its valuable if we are alive, if we die, what will be left, tell me.

He says Bheels are fighting in war, you want me to sit here and mourn, I can’t let them get killed, this land is our mother, its our duty to protect our land, we will make new traditions, all family relations will be after our land, start the preparations for Haldi Ghati war.

Pratap gets the news from Bhim Singh, that Amar Singh proved he is his deserving heir, he has tried to do something new all the time in Pratap’s absence.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good episode. missed hakim khan..where is he?
    marwar was under mughals in reality, they could not help pratap anyhow.
    anyways, there are loopholes here.
    dont want the track to get dragged.. keep it close to reality..

    history information abt haldighati battle 1..

  2. PleSe keep show close to reality

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