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The Episode starts with Patta asking Ajabde to reveal her real identity to Pratap, if she trusts him so much, then why is she wearing such ordinary clothes, why does she not tell her that she is Baiji Lal. She thinks in FB that Pratap hates her. She says no, this is not the time, we have other imp work, the items has to get auctioned and I have an army by it, else we can’t free Bijolia from Afghans. She leaves. The auction starts and many men come there with the gold chains. Bijolia’s silver plate is sold in auction. Ajabde looks on and feels upset. She says she is not here as Bai ji Lal, but as Bijolia’s daughter. She says Maa, I feel like I have auctioned Bijolia’s people’s feelings, hope, life and everyone. She cries and says they have got this by all hardwork all these years. Maa

says they are doing this by their wish, see them, how they are selling it with a smile, for Bijolia’s sake.

She says they are happy like kids. Ajabde says its real sacrifice right. Maa says yes, but you have also given a big sacrifice. Ajabde looks down as her jewelry being sold in auction. The man says its from Mewar’s Rajgharana, which Raja Udai Singh has given to Bai ji lal in her marriage. The people rate it. It gets sold out for 200 gold coins. Ajabde cries seeing her marriage jewelry going. She says she will just come and leaves. Chakrapani asks why is he going. Pratap says Chakrapani that he has to be there at the auction, and asks him to go to Patta’s house to get the reply for the message to his father which he has given to him. He says fine, I will go to Patta’s house.

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Dhaman see this and are happy that Kunwar Pratap is coming in auction. He asks his goons to be ready. Ajabde walks down in front of the Sahukaars. She sees her jewelry being rated. A man says he can give any price for this necklace. She thinks she got it in her marriage. Dhaman says he will keep an eye on Pratap and he will attack him when he gets chance, and the goons should run with the gold, their attack should look a robbery motive. Ajabde closes her eyes seeing the auction. Dhaman and his goons come there and see the auction taking place in the Haveli.

Ajabde sees the gold coins accumulated in the big bag. They see a ring in it. The man says it’s a valuable ring. Pratap arrives there. A man asks can he see the diamond ring and its shine. Ajabde signs yes. Ajabde looks at the ring and thinks in FB that Pratap has gifted her this ring, and they will always be together, as she is returning to Bijolia for few years. The man sees the ring and smiles. He bounces it in air to see its shine. Pratap looks at the ring and thinks he has gifted it to Ajabde. He is shocked. Ajabde feels sad seeing the ring going away.

Pratap holds the ring. Everyone is shocked seeing Pratap. Dhaman approaches Pratap with a knife towards Pratap to kill him. Ajabde and Pratap have an eye stare. Dhaman stabs Pratap. Ajabde shouts Pratap and he bends down. He gets little wounded and starts beating Dhaman. His goons start a fight and rob the gold coins. Ajabde is shocked. Pratap takes out his sword and fights with them. Ajabde asks Bijolia people not to run, as the robbers are looting their money, which they have given to sacrifice for their land, show them when an ordinary man’s respect is looted, he don’t stay quiet, beat them. The people fighting for their right and the goons taste the dust. Pratap kills few goons.

Akbar enjoys Taansen’s song and praises him. Badshah Khan comes to meet him and says he has crossed the limits of Bijolia and have looted a lot. Akbar says you broke Bijolia’s border, but its in Mewar…. Badshah Khan says our good luck was no Mewar soldier came in Bijolia, but nowadays, the people are becoming strong there, I need some soldiers to control Bijolia and then you can conquer Mewar too. Akbar grants him the soldiers, and says no one should know that your army has Moghul army, and everyone will wear Afghani clothes. Badshah Khan says it will happen as you like. He leaves. Akbar signs Taansen to resume singing and loves it.

Maa shouts Ajabde and throws the sword. Ajabde fights to help Pratap. Pratap asks where is your Baiji Lal, is she hiding inside the palace. Ajabde says she has sent me. Pratap moves and his wound’s blood touches her hairline. Pratap asks her not to kill the goon. She says he came to rob. Pratap says no, someone has sent it. The goon says yes, someone has sent me, but dead body can’t leak secrets. He kills himself. Patta comes there and says are you fine Jiji, I came to know about problem here and came here, who were these people. Ajabde says I have failed their intentions, but we have to thank Pratap. Patta thanks Pratap for saving their money and stopping the robbery.

Pratap asks about the blood in her hairline. Everyone say Jai Pratap. Ajabde sees Pratap’s blood in her hairline and thinks about him. She looks at him and his wounded hand. She leaves from there. Pratap smiles and greets everyone. He looks for Ajabde and thinks where did she go. Ajabde comes in the palace and cries. She says what is happening with me and thinks about that moment. She washes her face to get the blood mark off. She says whatever it is, its not right. She says why am I not able to control myself and playing game with my limits, no I can’t do this. She turns and sees Pratap’s angry face as she imagines his hatred for her.

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