Maharana Pratap 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th March 2014 Written Update

Purohit ji stops fighting between pratap and jalal. Pratap says, stop here, i will come back. Pratap wash the legs of meera maa. Meera maa says, why are you doing this. Pratap says, i love this to do that. Pratap says, you always with me and help me to fight with my enemies.
Meera maa says, you came here only to say that. I know why you came here but i cant give it to you. Pratap says, please forgive mewar. Meera maa says, i am thankful to mewar royal family because they engaged me in krishna bhakti. Pratap says, i heard that nobody leave alone from your home. Meera maa says, ok i will come with you. Pratap says, ok now we will go to mewar. Meera maa says, i want to live alone for sometime with my girdhar gopal. Pratap gives thanks to ranaji.
Mamrat ji and hansa came to meet uday singh and JB and gives naming ceremony invitation. Hansa asked, where is pratap, i didnt meet with pratap. JB says, pratap is not here. He gone to dwarika to bring meera mata. Hansa got happy. Purohit ji says to pratap, you go to sleep, you didnt sleep for whole night.
Bhaktjan came and says, why will not meera came for morning prayer. Pratap opens the door and meera maa is not present in the room and see meera maa iktara. Pratap ask, why are standing here raj purohit ji. Purohit ji says, meera goes inside in lord krishna. Pratap says, i am responsible for this. Purohit ji says, its all lord krishna did. Meera maa also waiting for that moment.
pratap bring lord krishna statue.
JB says to hansa, come with me i will show you meera maa temple. Hansa asked about DB. JB says, she is not here. Jalal says, why you hide yourself. I think you as good competitor for mine. Jalal look on pratap and says, why are you crying. Pratap says, meera mata is no more and its all happen due to me because i said her to come back home with me. Jalal moves away from pratap and cry. Pratap says, oh you moved away from me to hide tears from me. Pratap says, how do you know about this pain to lost someone. Jalal says, i also lost my father.

Precap:- Pratap meets with two rajkumari’s.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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