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Maharana Pratap 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap and Zahir Saka’s fight starting. Zahir Saka disappears. Pratap looks for him, and he comes behind his back. Pratap gets beaten up. Zahir Saka hides and beats him. Pratap fights equally well. Zahir Saka goes in dark. Pratap goes to him and he gets attacked by metal wounds. Pratao recalls the pandit’s words that Zahir Saka goes on one direction and comes out from another, don’t know how but he attacks from different places everytime. Pratap beats Zahir Saka, and gets wounded by him. Zahir Saka and his look alike fool Pratap by using tunnels and appearing one at a time inront of his eyes. Jagmal is tensed and recalls Pratap’s words. Patta comes to him.

Patta asks why did he come here. Jagmal says I was not feeling well. Patta says don’t worry, everything

will be fine. Patta sits there and sharpens his sword. Jagmal gets scared and thinks he can’t get chance to keep his gun along at this time. Jagmal leaves silently. Pratap understands its two attackers. He gets badly wounded by the metal weapon. Zahir Saka and his look alike beat Pratap a lot. Pratap catches one of them and holds his neck. Patta realizes Jagmal is gone and calls out his name.

He says where did he go now, and looks out. Jagmal looks for gun in dark and thinks how will he kill Pratap without gun. He gets the gun and says I won’t let you go anywhere now. Patta comes to him and Jagmal hides the gun. He says he is worried, will Pratap win and come alive. Patta says are you mad to think this, nothing will happen to Pratap, come with me. Pratap holds Zahir Saka, and his look alike with metal hand comes from behind to attack him. The bell rings and Zahir signs no to Saka. (One named Zahir and other Saka, twin brothers)

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Its morning, Patta comes inside and asks Pratap is he fine. The man says sunrise stops this war and it will resume again in night. Pratap leaves. Zahir’s lookalike Saka says it was great if we won today Zahir, I m waiting when we will Pratap, people will be scared of us. Zahir says we did not win the fight yet, its not good to celebrate, no one has stayed alive all night, but Pratap has wounded our bodies now. Zahir says we have to be careful till we kill Pratap, else its risk to our life too. Saka says its good I have seen my blood and hurts himself, I m not afraid. Pratap does his self aid. Patta says I have seen many fights, and this one looks very strange. Pratap recalls how Zakir Saka has attacked him.

He says yes, Zahir Saka has shocked me, after every attack from me, he was double powerful, and had so much speed, appearing from behind, sometimes he looked left handed, but I remember he was right handed. He says I felt I m fighting with two men. Agham Khan comes and says you are thinking right, its not one, they are two in reality. Pratap and Patta are shocked. Jagmal thinks about Pratap and asks his gun to tell him shall I kill Pratap now, but he is very weak now, and its right time, once he becomes fit to safe himself, then he can’t save himself.

Jagmal talks to his inner self and says Pratap took my blame and took me with him, to change me. Jagmal says I m born bad, I need the throne. I will kill him. Dhaman Singh comes and says he can’t kill Pratap, as Dheer Bai has sent him to stop him. Jagmal says I have shot her and I can kill you too. Pratap asks Agham Khan about his arrival. Agham Khan says I made you my friend, I will fight with Zahir Saka and fail him to get my aim done. Pratap says I started the fight and want to end it, I don’t want you to help me. Agham Khan says you are one, they are two. Pratap asks how can you say it being sure. Agham Khan says I have heard it many times, we both will fail them.

Pratap says no, this can’t happen. Agham Khan asks do you still recall my words. Pratap says it will be against my morals, as he is just one for me. Agham Khan says your morals will kill you one day. Pratap says no, my morals make me learn to live life. Dhaman Singh stops Jagmal asking him to give the gun. He makes Jagmal fall and tries to take the gun. Jagmal shoots him. Pratap and everyone hear the sound of bullet. Pratap recalls Dheer Bai was shot by Jagmal and asks where is Jagmal.

Pratap comes there and asks Jagmal to give the gun. Jagmal says no, you will kill me, it will be good if I kill myself. He shoots at himself. Pratap is shocked.

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