Maharana Pratap 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mewar’s Capital: Udaipur:

Pratap wants to include Kanak Das in his team of courtesans too. Kanak Das says I am much more capable than what task you are giving me. US wants him to first prove it that he wont follow in his father’s footsteps. Kanak Das agrees to prove it to him. He isn’t so glad though. Jagmal asks Pratap who has been chosen to be the main commander. Jagmal thinks that he will be the one who will be chosen for it. Pratap wants everyone to wait till the inauguration of his arms room. It will be a surprise for you. Jagmal looks angry.

Ajabde is guiding the women in kitchen what to make for Pratap. DB calls her lucky. Generally Rajput men have to marry every now and then for some or the other reason. CK says my brother loves Bhabhi Sa very much so he wont marry

ever again. The little girl says one has to do it for different reasons. DB points out that even though Rana ji is married his love for JIja has not diminished. Rajputs do marry many times mostly for political reasons. Ajabde is in thoughts.

US knows that Jagmal wants to know what responsibility will he be handling. Pratap gives him the responsibility of managing their arts and culture society. Kanak Das smirks at him. Jagmal half heartedly accepts this responsibility from his brother and father. It is time for everyone to take oaths. They recite the oath after Pratap.

Ajbade is absentmindedly making arrangements in the puja. She thinks of the previous discussion in the kitchen. Pratap comes there. He asks her why she dint give him anything to eat. She thought that someone in the kitchen will do it. He points out that there is difference between her and others. He stops her from going. This is only possible because you have been by my side through everything. I am nothing without you. She suggests him to head to the room where everyone is eating food.

US and Amar are enjoying a happy convo / making plans for tomorrow. Pratap and Ajabde come there. US thanks them both for giving him a reason to smile once again. US asks Pratap and Jagmal to join them for food. Pratap has a plan. I want to invite the kings, Samants of neighbouring cities for the inauguration of our new weapons zone. We can initiate the process of joining hands with them against that Mughal. I will throw that Mughal out of Rajputana and India only. It is time to do so as everyone wants the same thing. I just have to encourage them. US shows his disagreement on the idea. The citizens are at peace after so long. I cannot snatch it back from them. Akbar has anyways spread himself too far with his vast army. We cannot face him. Stop seeing this personal dream. Pratap says it is not just his personal dream but of every single Rajput’s! It is good to fight with him instead of giving up. You saw how a Rajput can build an entirely new city after losing his everything. I am capable enough of this. US asks him if he wants him to let this new city destroy. I know the result. I am sure no one will support us. No one will go against Akbar. Everyone has become friends with Akbar. We will caution Akbar through this. I cannot do this. He will be after us once again. Pratap understands his point but wants to try once. No Rajput is happy with the pact. They all are looking for a chance. They will come to our side when they see potential in our idea. US shakes his head. We have seen enough of bloodshed. I will not push my citizens in any new war! Pratap is sure Akbar anyways wont sit peacefully after knowing about their new city. What will we do then? We wont be ready for this. Chittor will see another defeat then. US sticks to his words. Our citizens have seen enough. This plan calls for the next destruction. I wont allow for any new war till I am alive. He holds his chest mid sentence. Everyone rushes to his side.

JB asks about US’s health. VB shares that he is much better now. Vaid ji has suggested to keep him away from any stress. JB thanks Lord. She finds VB tensed. VB says Rana is better than before but what happened should not have happened. it took so much time to get normal but I am feeling bad after seeing the father son duo talking like that. JB says both of them are matured enough. Their judgements wont affect their relationship. The end decision will be the right conclusion. God will do the best for everyone. VB is relieved.

Pratap looks at his father from outside the window. He is pained to see his father thus. He thinks of his father’s words. Ajabde asks him what this is. Why haven’t you spoken to him yet? Why are you looking at him stealthily? Come with me. He is waiting for you. Pratap recalls the situation.

Precap: Akbar wants Maan Singh to find out the weak link in Pratap’s army. I have done enough damage from outside. Now I want to attack him from inside. Jagmal extends his hand to Kanak Das for friendship. I only will become the King of Mewar. I will join hands with Akbar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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