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Akbar asks Badshah shah that why did he came so close to him without his permission and after knowing all of this why did you do this. Badshah says that because I want Bijoiya and so do you and I also know about your joined past with it. Akbar orders to take Badshah to the doctor and keep this man alive.
Ajabde instructs the gardners and affirms them of their of protection and growth in the production. She also makes a request and they gratefully accept it. Pata comes and informs them about the details about the devali mela and all the people coming. Ajabde tells Balvan to leave and then tells Pata that she has called him for a purpose and informs that she wants Pratab to be a part of the army. Pata is shocked to hear what Ajabde has to say.
Pratab is sitting on a tree with chakrapani

, Chackranpani says that how did they agree so quickly for you. Pratab says that he has belief that they would have accepted him on his trust, Chackranapani says that didn’t they started to trust you a lot these days. Pratab looks at him and Chakranapani apologizes for his mistake. Pratab throws an arrow and brings a fruit down and tells him that you are right. As I have trust in all of them.

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Pata is still shocked and questions Ajabde and Pratab’s lovalty. Ajabde says that she is certain of Pratab’s loyalty as she saw him when he was alone giving his bracelet. Pata says that this is no excuse and this is also possible that he wanted to do this just so that he could win you over and get in the place. Ajabde says that she has read his eyes and believes in what she saw, and doesn’t wants to know anything else. Pata says that he thinks that you are taking a rational decision; Ajabde says that she has no choice and must give the command to someone, and wants Pata to be still with him. Pata still disagrees but in the end agrees and says that if Pratab tried to be oversmart then I will correct him on the instance. Ajabde says that then I must worry for him.
Pratab takes out the arrows from the tree’s branch and is about to leave with Chackranapani. Pata comes and says that you only entered the army a while ago and have finished the preparations as well. Pratab says that the time was short so he had to take measure and time was not a luxury. Pata says that you don’t need to make weapons anymore as you are a commander now, Chackranapani is about to talk when Pratab shuts him and thanks Pata.
Goar is asking Dhaman of the amount of the animals and fields and writes the details of them down. Rani comes and asks Dhaman of what happened of the weapons he was supposed to transfer, Dhaman confirms that the parcel has reached Bijoiya and says that the men will do their work. Men working under Dhaman kill a man after plundering him. They also have to injure Pratab for which they will be given any asked amount. Rani wants Dhaman to do the work on time and with precision or otherwise he knows her fury. Dhaman says that the moment for that will not come, she agrees and says that when the messages are not transferred to Bijoiya is becoming very difficult for her. She says that also Pratab is there is Bijoiya and tells him to do something which will bring Pratab out of Bijoiya. Dhaman says that this will happen and leaves.
Rani goes to Gaor and says that why are working on the life on Dhaman and says that you are wasting your time. Goar says that since you are making a lot of things come to work so should I have a controller. He says that as soon as Dhaman shows his talents I will control him with this. Rani says that to read you mind is almost impossible to read your mind while Goar says that this is why we have our positions.
Pata introduces Pratab to the soldiers of the army and tells them that Pratab will be your leader. They are shocked to hear the name but he says that this is not the same man and only the name matches and nothing else. Pratab comes and knows all the fighters and their talents and their father’s name. He says that today is your first day and gives them the schedule. Pata is shocked and says that how do you know so much about them, Pratab says that we are fighters and we are meant to live and die together. Pata says that a little more instructios and you will learn all about us. Pratab says that you are here and Pata confirms that he will be.
Chakranapani asks Pratab that these men will help you fight Afghano and the same army will fight the Chitor. Pratab disagrees and says that after fighting a war with me this army will follow to what I saw. Chackranpani is confused when Pratab says that he will remove Bijoiya from the land marks.
Pata goes and tells Ajabde about what happened earlier. Ajabde is also shocked to hear this but tells Pata to not measure a person according to cast or creed but to the deeds he does. She explains as this used to happen to her and remembers to how she was treated. Ajabde says that I know how it feels and it’s not a crime to be normal. Pata says that he didn’t mean this and says that he only said this because he never saw anything like it and you have started to trust him a lot. Ajabde says that she has to go to an auction when Pata stops her and says that if you trust him so much why you don’t tell him the truth about yourself.

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  1. Jyoti Chotrani

    Hello sona . I am JYOTI
    I want to tell you that there are some mistakes in this update so can you write this update carefully from next time
    We viewers want the best update from you and Pooja .
    So from next time take care
    Anyways thank you for the written update Sona

  2. Sona,
    This update is not accurate and it may be because of lack of control over English language. Some of he things do not make sense at all or improperly described. It is better not to write the update than writye it in a haphazard manner.

  3. The pre cap?? I need more pre cap than the episode plz

  4. Sana, I’m sure you’ll only get better over time! I’m happy with a basic jist of what happened today — so thank you for that.

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