Maharana Pratap 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 4th March 2014 Written Update

Jalal says, leave me way. Pratap says, no way, i will not. YOu respect meera ma thats why you saved. Jalal says, i respect meera maa thats why i will not fight, but i want to do some men type work. Pratap says, if you want to do brave work then come with me. Jalal says, why will i trust you. Pratap says, we are in meera mata’s land. Jalal says, we will definitely face each other, once in a life.
Pratap bring jalal to a game. Pratap fight with ashvrohini. Shamsuddin says, jalal knows this is our enemies land but why he leave us. Pratap leave the game and bring hunter. Pratap accept the challenge with soldier and says, if i will win then you will not receive any tax from trade fair. Pratap beat the soldier.
Pratap gives turbon to soldier and says give it to kaka. Jalal caught all the soldier and says, throw them outside of village.
People declare pratap as winner but jalal stops them. Shamsuddin comes and says, please come with me. Remember your mother promise. Jalal says, i had called him for fight then i will not step back my feet.
Jalal and pratap starts their game. Jalal says, this round is your last round. Pratap says, lets see. Pratap says, have you seen it. You didt think that your bhalal gets damaged. Third round start. Jalal comes from same lane. Pratap says, i doesnt matter for me. Pratap gets injured. Pratap says, i think it was just a game. Jalal says, this is not only game. Pratap beat jalal.

Precap:- Pratap says, mewar is in danger please come with me.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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  1. Maharana Pratap is very successful series with great plots, great acting by almost every actor no matter what the roll they are playing.
    But my complain is that whoever is writing these written episodes has no concept of English language. His/her knowledge of English language is not even of a first grader. Even a four year old kid knows English language better this writer.
    PLEASE hire some one else to write “written Episodes”so that it makes some sense what is being written.

  2. I used to see this sh0w at 2 pm.but don’t kn0w why this sh0w is n0t repeating at 2 pm.please repeat it at 2 pm again.i am a huge fan of this sh0w. 🙁

  3. Thanks Very Much For the update <3 this show!

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